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  1. Types of fun I usually optimize for in MMOs: Ludonarrative harmony. How well do my actions and aesthetics line up with my character at a gameplay level. Just world fantasy. I enjoy imagining a setting where the world is markedly less unjust than our own and I can contribute to that. Rewards for smart build planning. Dynamic gameplay that encourages full utilization of the game and your abilities. Pleasing aesthetics Content engagement levels. I enjoy having both relatively brainless content you can cheese while half thinking about work and highly inv
  2. Thank you very much for your contribution! I should have a review of my own going up in the next few weeks but your opinions seem dead-on or well-supported to me!
  3. The accept text for the Exploration Tip mission tied to the Hive Mind badge says, Oppose buzz of the Hive Mind. It should instead say Oppose the buzz of the Hive Mind.
  4. Croatoa tips, Jack's Wrath tip. Second line of the poem: Make for yourself, a circumstance most die! It should probably be Make for yourself, a circumstance most dire!
  5. Faultline Exploration Tip mish for Escape Artist If one underestimates Arachnos and their reach, they will regret it. not high priority but the grammar here is overly vague, by using "their" and "they" consecutively to refer to two different nouns. Suggested fixes: If you underestimate Arachnos and their reach, you will regret it. or If one underestimates Arachnos (and their reach), they will regret it.
  6. Faultline Exploration Tips, the initial page of the contact window it currently reads "They serve the purpose of both attracting donations for the costly construction project, but also spreading awareness of the area's state of affairs." Instead it should read, "They serve the purpose of not only attracting donations for the costly construction project, but also spreading awareness of the area's state of affairs." or "They serve the purpose of both attracting donations for the costly construction project, and also spreading awareness
  7. I'm with you on ITF, though I think Apex and TIn Mage have the best overall task force design I've seen; short and sweet, not a lot of filler fights, you need to think a reasonable amount unless people are way overgeared (though at this point overgearing is a bit too common). Market Crash is also nicely done if a bit too easy.
  8. Honestly, I apologize for starting up with my "yeah not a big red side fan". It was off-topic, I knew it was off-topic, I was talking just to talk but I was part of kind of an avalanche of negativity. I genuinely think having a regular planning thing is a great idea for increased interest and community-building and I wish the best to it. The only thing I think is genuinely not a good idea would be the suggestion in the middle about altering task forces but no one really ran with that. Taking pictures and all that, find a jazzy name, I'll try to make a logo as my way of apology (th
  9. Last post because I'm done: I'm saying Energy Blast in its present form is not fun. It is brainless, random, frustrating, underperforming, and counterintuitive. A global KB to KD switch isn't my preferred solution because it actually doesn't fix any of that except the underperformance/frustration and it removes the visceral joy of launching fools to be pitied halfway across the neighborhood. But at least it would only have three of those negative characteristics instead of five. I'm not interested in arguing about it with someone who doesn't play the set and
  10. How is it not repeatedly when Power Push on Sentinels (and Doms, but they can mitigate this) is rotational? Power Push on blasters/corrs/defenders is not and consequently, as awkward as energy blast can get on those, they're still not nearly as bad. Honestly, you might be trying to be open minded here, but I actually get along much better with most of the people who are hard disagreeing? I'm not sure what you think being close-minded looks like. I have more common ground with people who play the same powersets and have different views than this interaction has been. And frankly I
  11. Naraka, whether or not you're trying to, you're being consistently belittling in your responses. I'm taking the time to explain my points; I'd appreciate it if you didn't simply assert the opposite is true or that a point is moot or fabricated. If you're in a situation where you actually need consistent mitigation or damage, yeah, wasting 2 seconds repeatedly is not an effective use of mitigation or damage, since that's also the time period that you've taken the single enemy out. That's barely a net positive if you have teammates still up and can be a hard net negative if you're so
  12. AFAIK* nothing currently creates negative stealth at all. If such does exist it'd probably be used as part of a mission effect or an unusual enemy attack. * meaning, "a quick look on the wiki" mostly.
  13. I don't think a global switch is a good solution, as I think I've said multiple times. At this point I've simply opened up to it being 'good enough'. But virtually any steps the HC devs take in the direction of addressing KB and powerset design with their general level of quality is something I will be happy with, I think.
  14. I want *consistency* and I want *choice*. Explosive Blast and Energy Torrent are slot machines that fail at consistent mitigation. Power Push on Sentinels is pushing an enemy out of your own short reach, forcing you to do movement or use Aim for a range boost, both of which are times you're not doing anything else, yet it's designed to be rotational. Nova does great mitigation and good damage at significant personal risk to a blaster who isn't majorly IOed out or coordinating with a tank; with a tank, if you don't either finish them or have some way to keep the scatter, the tank is going to be
  15. Yeah, okay, play an Energy Blast Sentinel to your 40s without the IO and tell me "this feels fun and intuitive" I mean if you do and you genuinely feel that way, then more power to you, and I notice you have very different opinions. But I don't think that's likely. Going to further point out that the professional developers of the game certainly seem more likely to agree with me than you on this since every powerset designed after Energy Blast behaves at most like Energy Blast does with that IO, even the second set designed entirely around knocks, *and* get
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