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  1. BR/Energy is *extremely* good if you build to take advantage of Energize.
  2. If Aim without Gaussian's is raising your damage by less than 13.2% then it's not worth using rotationally. But you'd have to be very heavy on proc damage or near cap for that to happen I think. I'd skip Aim if you've got a very click-buff intensive build only, that's my intuition anyway. If you have Gaussian's, it should pretty much always be worth using unless you're buffed out the wazoo in a group.
  3. ...Jeez. First/Night Ward content really is several notches deep into overkill relative to the rest of the non-incarnate game. ...And yet I keep playing these zones on new characters.
  4. I get where you're coming from but the first power option on almost every epic is the best off-troller/dom controls a ranged can ask for. Usually an immob. Due to how all or nothing CC is, and how many are immobs which dovetail with musculature alpha, i would argue it is actually the thing Sentinels best borrow from another AT. I don't ever actually see target caps or taunting happening even though tank stuff is what I most want.
  5. Current version of the build. This one relies on layered defenses: range + kb + resists + regen (hi yes I'm a REGENERATION blaster). Perma-Energize + Perma-Boost Power gives this build sentinel-like survival potential. Weaker on defense than a Sentinel, but paired with higher damage and higher damage caps. It carries with it Ranged Softcap, 55.78% S/L Resist, 31.25% F/C Resist, 11.75% E/N Resist as well as the scaling resist IO; close to blaster cap HP; and 41 HP/s passive regeneration. When it actually is overwhelmed, this build can use Personal Force Field to avoid cascade d
  6. Iiiinteresting, since that data should be drawn directly from what makes the power work. Will have to test that.
  7. Detailed info on non-epic, I think City of Data 2.0 also lists this info
  8. You're right that the Psi epic is a bit overrated because Dominate parses really well in pylons and it's so hard to get a solid idea of combat DPS outside of it in this game. Nevertheless, it's just an exceptionally strong epic pool that every sentinel can take and potentially benefit from. The extra AoEs generally are insufficient to make a huge difference to clear time as far as direct damage; that they allow you as Energy Blast to save slots on KB to KD is something I enormously appreciate but which becomes a lot less important outside of it, imo. The AoE immobs do really anemic damag
  9. It is a bit difficult to tell since some aspects of the power seem to be hidden and thus detailed info doesn't help as much as it should -- however, I notice I am consistently getting grounded by apparitions in First Ward content.
  10. Hey! I remember you. 😆 Yeah, I've been gone a while. Been working on a book and busy with my day job.
  11. yeaaaaaaah. I can do +4/x8 on my Energy/Energy. but that doesn't mean it's actually fun to do it at +4/x8. imo no one but scrappers and brutes should just default to thinking they can +4/x8. A lot of ATs can, but Scrap/Brute is the only one where the majority of combinations make it possible, I'd say (and even then there are definite exceptions). Part of the disappointment with Sents is that they have everything you'd think they need to be one of those, but it turns out they need a bit more than that.
  12. Uhm. Yes. The topic's mentioned Lancer Shot in every iteration (as well as why that's kind of an awkward solution for the content in CoX).
  13. I don't really think this will be a large boost to the endgame power (where this is a big issue) and I have made some edits to further elaborate on the change up-top. It would be a large QoL improvement at low levels, however.
  14. Making the most of Cleave DPS requires both more complex encounter design than is done in CoX outside of incarnate content and a few other endgame exceptions, and much tighter balancing restrictions on classes. I don't think it's a solvable problem in a way that keeps CoX feeling freeform and creative, unfortunately.
  15. I wholeheartedly agree that part of the set's concept is that it is a superb single-target set! It's why I tried to make the suggestion in a way that keeps to the 'cleave DPS' concept rather than makes Beam Rifle an excellent mass killer. As many sentinels can tell you, target cap restrictions are *very* meaningful in this game!
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