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  1. What price fun? I really enjoyed my DP/SR. Jumps right in, takes alphas with applomb, deaths are extremely rare, and I love the gunfu animations. Fun solo, and even more fun in teams. Jump in next to the brute or tank, let off your nuke and jump about throwing cones, and AoEs around. I love the way SR lets you concentrate on the shootin' and takes care of your defense and endurance for you 🙂 Morbidly satisfying to be the last man standing after a double mob pull. Still only on IOs at 40, and while I am sure there are better combos, this one has plenty enough of everything to stave off my altitis for a while 😄 *edit* Sadly after 50 I got a bit bored with this guy. Was great fun getting there, but post 50 the lack of damage in comparison to my equally tough (but more expensive) blaster really shows. Everyone is tough and putting out more damage, or doing more debuffs. Might be more of a sentinal issue thant this build though.
  2. I've been trying this build - got to 37 with a few of the cheaper procs slotted. Not rolled a 'troller since the old CoH so I don't have much to compare with. I have to say this is a fun build, Plant seems pretty powerful anyway. Being a wimp I have been soloing -1 +8 maps with double XP to make up the difference. Walk up, to a mob, throw Spores, pop down a Poison Trap, chuck Seeds of Confusion, then the AoE Immob (can't remember name) Chaos ensues. I then lurk around the edge, throwing in some holds and envenom into lieutenants which fire off pleasing random proc damage. It's the sort of build you find yourself looking for big mobs to play with. Cheers for the Build - it ain't cheap, but it is fun :D
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