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  1. Are you willing to make high resolution versions of the generic icons?
  2. There is a typo in the name of Earth Assault's [Power Boost]. Just letting you know.
  3. There are a set of grey "archetype" icons that are available on the wiki. The devs COULD totally make those available!
  4. I get your argument. As long as all of the "ultimates" feel useful and badass I don't care if some of them feel more like Manipulation than Blast. I would rather the different Powersets have different and distinct flavors. Sometimes that means breaking the rules (like replacing the usual Taunt with a Fear or whatever). Balance them, sure, but let them be different and distinct in unique ways.
  5. C.o.H. was inspired by Champions Hero System. They even both use Endurance.
  6. Maybe instead of nerfing Luck of the Gambler we can add an alternative that you have to build somewhat differently to benefit from.
  7. Here were three quotes I found within a minute or so of looking. Thank you, @Doc_Scorpion, for being a standup human being. @DR_Mechano @Bossk_Hogg
  8. On the contrary. Everything that isn't a player-controlled mobile element uses a single massive system that scans the locations of all of the mobs and directs their movement. This same system handles aggro and then hands that info off to the mob-specific attack scripts.
  9. You're wrong. The staff said that the A.I. is actually three A.I.s in three different portions. The movement A.I. and the attack A.I. are not the same section of code. While the attacks are handled independently the movement code is not.
  10. I'm honestly shocked by how uninformed this thread seems. We've discussed (in other threads) several of these issues with members of the staff, and quite recently. The melee-bot problem was going to be solved but the A.I. was the problem, not what attacks they give the bots. The melee problem works like this: The game has to have a single A.I. for all of the Mastermind pets. Some of the Powersets for Masterminds use melee pets instead of ranged pets. If you take away the pet's [Brawl] they still walk up to melee range and attack stuff... they just shoot instead of using [Brawl]. Si
  11. The live devs looked at this. They decided they didn't want to encourage no-Auto buffs to be "perma" buffs.
  12. I can tell you the one thing they won't follow through with: Removing [Hasten] entirely in favor of a global Recharge buff. Why? They'd have to tinker with the balance of everything else. Know what should happen? Removing [Hasten] entirely in favor of a global Recharge buff, then doing balance work on everything else that's even indirectly affected.
  13. Can you name a T4 or T5 that needs a speedbump before you get there?
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