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  1. These are wonderful, but can you include the names so I know what to save them as?
  2. I am liking the feedback everyone is giving. This is a very good conversation overall. I'm especially interested in three things: (1) Powersets that combine in noteworthy ways, (2) Powersets that are below average (or in need of a rework), and (3) Powersets that are good to the point of feeling like "easy mode" (or in need of a rework).
  3. This is exactly the sort of feedback I was looking for. Can you call out any "Reese's Cups"? That meaning unusually good combinations. For example, if (chosen at random) Super Reflexes and War Mace weren't as good individually but when combined were better. What about combinations that undermine each other?
  4. The live devs wanted to discourage using Pool Powers as your main type of attack. You are punished for having them as a part of your attack chain by a 35% debuff to their damage. As a rule, they only inflict 65% of the damage a regular Powerset attack would inflict. I would like to suggest removing this limitation. Please discuss. I'm curious what the community thinks.
  5. Have any plans to do Origin icons? If you want more callouts, how about Fire Manipulation's [Consume]?
  6. Alignment symbols already exist in high-res since they're used as the dais a character stands on before logging in, right? Maybe we can find those files and post them here?
  7. There is a lot of good info here. I've only played two Masterminds over the years, a (Blue side) Robotics/Poison and a (Red side) Demons/Force Field. They're totally different in many ways. I've seen stable Primary Powerset lists, but the Secondary Powersets seem more debatable. I've heard players suggest you just choose by matching Defense/Resistance combinations of the pets to the buffs in the Secondary. I'd like more info from players with experience on this.
  8. I'm reading and comparing each user's feedback. I would prefer to get two or three more lists.
  9. I think the point is that they're not the only fans. This isn't the sort of work that would be limited to a single project. All of the community's servers could use the animations.
  10. Looking for where this is wrong. Please advise: a tier list Indefatigable Bio Armor Fiery Aura Shield Defense Willpower Dark Melee Dual Blades Fiery Melee Radiation Melee Spines Staff Fighting Street Justice Titan Weapons Above Average Dark Armor Electrical Melee Kinetic Melee Martial Arts Psionic Melee Average Electric Armor Invulnerability Stone Armor Super Reflexes Battle Axe Broad Sword Claws Katana Super Strength War Mace Requires A Rework Ice Armor Regeneration Energy Melee Ice Melee Savage Melee Stone Melee
  11. So they know we have a community of willing and able developers? You'd think they don't want to let anyone else be staff for the game or something.
  12. Names/text can have borders. Could we do something with a border?
  13. There is a pinned thread asking for players with coding experience. We need a thread where any players with 3D model animation experience can volunteer to do this work. (Note: Then if there really isn't anyone who can make them we will know.)
  14. Poison would be much better thematically if the debuffs were all hit-you-like-a-truck good single target debuffs, but they never will be because "that bad guy gets no stats now" isn't easy to balance.
  15. Water keeps getting good word of mouth.
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