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  1. Title is set on a single toon. I’d assume the power is as well and not account wide.
  2. Possible semi dumb question, but will profiles be taken into account for the mutation contest in any fashion?
  3. Trinket popping in to say Thanks for hosting the fun!
  4. For some reason, I never caught that there was no radio in the contacts list. Talked to Azuria and she introduced a new contact. Talked to Becktrees and, lo' and behold, he gave a scanner. Now all the Detectives are where they belong, banished back to their proper contact tab. Somehow that initial contact got dumped, which happened shortly around one of the updates, or I forgot that I hadn't talked to him initially. Thank you for pointing out the missing/absent scanner and leading to the fix!
  5. All Detectives appear in the Active contacts tab. No scanner missions have been done in most of the zones, yet the detectives still appear in the Active contacts tab. Talking to the detectives does not move them into their proper tab and none of them have any progress towards a bank mission. It is only happening on one character, Trixie Lyse, but none of the others. Anyone know of anything that could be done on my end to get them out of the active tab?
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