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  1. Have been playing like a madman the last week, haven't gotten around to posting. Geez, so many characters I enjoy playing atm. When you want to bring down one of the most powerful beings in existence, you better bring an OP combination. God-Breaker (WM/Shield Scrapper) Not using a cape because it clips badly with the shoulder pads. Going to switch out the hammer for Rularuu's Fury after I complete the TF.
  2. When you are kind of the Monkey King, but your favorite band is some HipHop from this dimension. Wu Tang Kong (SF/Will Brute)
  3. Continuing with ingame faction influenced toons. When you were a prize winning athlete and fell into the clutches of the Carnival of Shadows. But then exposure to their powers triggered something unusual inside you, so instead of being mindcontrolled and wearing a locked helmet, you end up as: The Escaped Strongman (PM/Invul Brute)
  4. Another entry for the "inspired by ingame factions" category. What happens when you are a Tsoo Sorceror, but your powers start doing strange things, and your buddies become afraid and kick you out? You embrace your inner Tsoo Thunder (MA/Elec Scrapper) and walk your way alone. (It's my dedidated blueside solo toon.)
  5. Staying lighthearted, a possible addition to the "Old people SG", and/or "Influenced by ingame factions SG". Have no fear, Grandpa Goldbricker is here (SJ/Will Brute). (Yes I know he should have been SS, but I already got a SS toon, and still no other concept for SJ, soooo...)
  6. Now for something not so serious. A nice mix of the old and the new, listen to some... Synth-Wave (Kin/Sonic Defender) Running the archetypical synthwave aesthetics colors. Groove on!
  7. From nature, we are going to something a lot more sinister. When you are a Pharao and want to make sure you tomb stays peaceful and quiet for eternity, you get your priests to make you a: Crypt Custodian (TW/Bio Brute) Running /Bio with minimum FX colored to look like sand, four toggles active here. Almost doesn't show up in the screenshot, much better ingame. Weird.
  8. Keeping with the "nature" theme... Gaia's Giant - the forces of nature working in harmony (Nature/Water Defender) Had this costume concept in mind for ages, but was missing the waterfall backpack during Live (came close before shutdown, but no cigar). Max height obviously.
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. Playing on Reunion. Bloodbriar - nature's wrath, made manifest (Spines/Fire Brute) /edit: Thanks for the warm welcome, guys ☺️ This toon was the first character I ever made in CoH, originally it was a redside Plant/Plant Dominator on Zukunft, the dedicated german server way back when. I remade him when I moved to Reunion when the game was still live, but neither version ever made it past L22 (Dominators and I don't mix). Three times is the charm, so it was reborn in its current version as my first toon on Homecoming Reunion (farmer/crafter/AH). I went with pretty pale red flames for the /Fire part, coupled with the dripping blood aura it's a decent effect.
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