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  1. Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml Unable to connect to the remote server :'(
  2. Depends on how many games you play - in my case I might fall through the floors about 4 or 5 times a year :)
  3. Since servers came back up a few minutes ago there is no floors on Indominable - I had to log out using my Goldbrickers jetpack to stay above ground
  4. My fondest memory was of my Illusion/Empathy controller in The Hollows … I would constantly be joining pugs to do Atta and Frostfire missions, over and over … I vastly out-leveled the area doing these and had to be side-kicked to lower my level in order to play them … eventually, in my late level 20's I had to call it quits as no one would team with her … but, at the end of each day, the last 30 minutes before closing down and going to bed, I would hover above the low level areas in The Hollows and rain down Heals on players in trouble, rezzing when necessary. I recall an Atta mission that took us about 4 hours to complete - it was insanely difficult and we kept wiping … eventually it got so late that one of the guys offered to log in 'his 50' and so that's how we completed it. As an Illusion/Emp controller I played as scout/secondary healer - using 'Confuse' on the mobs attacking the squishies I remember learning Mob Aggro Circles in The Hollows … something many new players in other mmo's never learned. I can now run through high level areas in most mmo's without a scratch, without aggroing any mobs, thanks to the lessons learned in The Hollows. I recall a team in The Hollows, a Frostfire mission when I was playing my Empathy/Dark Defender … there was this Blaster that actually listened to me when I asked them to be more careful about drawing aggro … over the course of several weeks this Blaster and I became good friends and we still stay in touch today … he introduced his best friend to the game and to me and his friend became my friend - a lovely guy whom I am in touch with daily on Steam, he always makes me laugh. He is just as overjoyed at being able to play CoX again. (Both of them live in Sweden and I am UK) City of Heroes is the first mmo I felt comfortable joining PUGs … after CoX I played solo in other mmo's/games … until The Division 2 - these 2 games are the only games I feel comfortable joining PUGs
  5. I am fully aware of this … and I appreciate this. The original post is merely asking for a GM only topic for Maintenance/Server Status to keep us informed - whilst I am simply asking them to be aware that there are different Time Zones to take into consideration. For the guys running the servers, their 1am is our 9am. Players are sitting down looking forward to play. So, to alleviate some of this frustration I am simply asking the team to be aware of this time difference.
  6. The game is currently NOT working … the last post on Discord says:- "As you can see, we're having some rather severe technical issues that are causing the current server outage we're experiencing. Unfortunately, at this time, it's late enough that a fix is not likely to be able to be implemented tonight - most of our team is exhausted and needs sleep. I would advise you all to get some good rest and come back tomorrow fresh, at which point we should have some further updates on the situation by then! Get some good sleep everyone, and let's meet up tomorrow. I'll bring cookies." Problem is that was posted at 8:45am (UK) / 9:45am European time … which to the server guys is 12:45AM … so don't expect anything working before 6pm tonight, their 9am - they are 8 hours behind us in the uk, 9 hours behind Europe.
  7. I 'third' this motion - it would go a long way to alleviating peoples frustration. I am constantly refreshing both this forum and the Discord server to see if anything is being posted … waiting in queues queues for hours only to get kicked when we hit #1 would sting much less if we knew what was going on. Can we also be aware of Time Difference - when you guys are packing up and going to bed we in Europe are wide awake and sitting at our computers … ready to play. The last message from Tempest on the Discourse server is time-stamped 8:45am (UK) / 9:45am the rest of europe - says everyone is going to bed and they'll try again tomorrow … IT IS Tomorrow here … we're all sitting here not able to get into the game we love and we don't have a clue why … your 9am is our 6pm. Please take this into consideration.
  8. This really does not work … just got kicked … now 404 of 444 on Excelsior … EDIT: I was in the queue for 35 minutes (now 2:17am UK) … finally got to character screen, click 'next' to enter world … LOST CONNECTION TO DB SERVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Having the exact same error … on both the new servers … so I gave up and am now in a queue for Excelsior … I had Error Code: 1301477265
  10. I had a Mapserver disconnect twice this afternoon and both times upon relogging (immediately after) I was put in a 900+ queue
  11. Towards the end of Star Wars Galaxies I went back for nostalgia … but it was not the game I had remembered … it looked and felt 'clunky' … City of Heroes/Villains is EXACTLY as I recall … this literally feels like I have gone back 10 years … THANK YOU team … looking forward to more stable servers at some point, but grateful to be able to play … even if it's only for a short while before a Mapserver and subsequent queue.
  12. Same … I'm wondering whether or not they decided to not implement it due to strain on servers. No DXP here.
  13. I would simply be glad to get back in to play … if the DXP is part of the issue then I would be just as happy if they cancelled that … I just want to play … a couple more servers are probably needed … they need to find a way for us to donate so they can get them Queued on Torchbearer, 49 of 1264 … 45 minutes so far :(
  14. Technically the servers are up … they are just under too much load … I'm in a Queue for Torchbearer, now at 89 of 1161 … have been in a queue for 30+ minutes … I suspect servers are going to collapse completely in a short while though, They had to cancel the Costume thing as the servers are no longer able to handle it. Today's patch did some severe damage.
  15. I just figured if the servers are only up a couple hours a day, a few weeks should equate a weekend :)
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