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  1. Anyone have any builds or build advice for an Ice Armor/ Radiation Melee Tanker? Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there an updated badge list? I seem to be missing a bunch. There are new badges from the Homecoming team?
  3. Have there been any posts on good afk methods to farm badges like Immortal, Empath, Jailed, Cataclysmic?
  4. BeowulfinIA

    Connected badge

    I can confirm that Vince Dubrowski also does not have a side mission for the second door mission.
  5. Yes I understand that. To unlock his arc you must do the others though. I have done all three in various orders and haven't gotten the badge.
  6. Is there a trick to this badge? I have done all three arcs associated with badge according to the wiki and the Google docs sheet and I still cant get it.
  7. You have an tip for avoiding Director 11 proxy mines?
  8. I have been looking but I have not seen any guides for "Master of" badges. The wiki has strategies for some of the older task forces but few for the incarnate trails. Anyone have links or their own strategies for each of the Master badges sets?
  9. HI Knightward. We will be badge hunting on Excelsior. Come join us!
  10. BeowulfinIA

    Badge Patrol

    I am already all in on my Badge addiction. I want those Masters badges so bad. What server are you on? I will probably make a badge channel after I get to 50.
  11. I think the freespecs that were available originally could be done by typing /respec.
  12. Yes I was looking for this. Thanks!
  13. I am having an issue logging in after the two new shards came online. I login and choose my character and I get a message saying my character is still logging out. Please wait a second and try again. I wait and try again and it says I am still logged in. I then get a message saying I have been kicked. Error Code 104672489. Anyone have any ideas for a resolution?
  14. I don't suppose anyone knows if day jobs are active?
  15. This was posted by FORCE in another section https://mega.nz/?fbclid=IwAR0rmlnNIYacjYxmY5972fjvjSwYkx5f_i1CpVXx3dw6L9rzbPZujBe372k#!qFEFTCLQ!XkqDAVafa_48bl7xYa0WFkqGNBVDXApSnpm6Keie3e8
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