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  1. @Frostics Do you think that proc'ed up x-ray beam and Negatron slam can replace Positron Cell in a single target chain? I'm one of those crazies that likes electric armor over scorp shield for thematic reasons and I replace Positron Cell with shocking bolt. @Sovera I definitely agree that the controllerish aspects of Rad/Atomic is really nice. Does your Rad/Rad sentinel manage somewhat comparable ST? I've been tempted to make one. I would like to point out that 40% tax is the tax you pay for not being fire. 😛 All the other T9s have the same base damage.
  2. I'm not sure you can since many of the procs are unique IOs, you'd only get Unbreakable Constraint and Gladiator's Javelin into Positron Cell (if you're procing up Cosmic Burst). I think with the recharge this build has, you'd just use 3 attacks which makes me think you'd use X-Ray beam as your 3rd attack as it has nearly double the base damage as Positron Cell. That could also be proc'ed up and if you need the def, Superior Winter's bite can be moved into Positron Cell. Edit: Missed that you could use Ghost Widow's embrace and gladiator's net to make up for the proc loss. Makes it a bit of a toss up between using X-Ray Beam and Positron Cell as your 3rd attack I think since that means Positron Cell can fit 4 non-unique damage procs and X-Ray beam can only fit 3. I'd guess RNG likely favors X-Ray Beam.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why proc up Positron Cell over Cosmic Burst? Cosmic burst is a much harder hitting attack and you can slot in a Touch of Lady Grey proc to make up a bit for losing the Unbreakable constraint proc. Cosmic burst stuns so it's a decent control too.
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