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  1. At least I know I'm not doing it wrong, thanks. I'll make a macro for them (and the shut up and wait macro for my bots MM will be a godsend too, as suggested in the linked thread!).
  2. So, I have a Mastermind with Mercs. I wanted to bind a key to make them all stand at ease. I typed in the following: /petsayall <em atease> I expected they would all stand at ease, but instead they all SAID "<em atease>" I asked about it in chat, and someone typed out the same command, which I then copied and pasted into the chat bar, and THAT made them stand at ease. The text was IDENTICAL, so I have no idea why it wouldn't work when I typed the whole thing in. So, I pasted the command again, but added a bind command: /bind numpad3 petsayall <em atease>
  3. I see what you did there... 😎
  4. I have a couple of Blasters now. One is Fire/Fire (based on Human Torch), the other is Beam Rifle/Atomic (based on Reed Richards).
  5. Ya, Veles has been tough on some of my characters (Defenders and especially Controllers, since he's immune to controls, which are the Controller's only defense). My Tankers had no real trouble with him, and the Brutes did pretty well... but I've been playing Tankers since time immemorial, and know what I'm doing there. Blasters, not so much.
  6. Ya, that came as kind of a rude shock to me, too.
  7. I'm 25 and a few months. Ok, 331 months, but a few is 3 or more according to Oxford Dictionary, so I'm not lying.
  8. Ultimo

    Hm, boy.

    Not that far. They conned yellow, so they would have been +1.
  9. I use Hover on most of my ranged characters (Defenders and Sentinels, mainly), but it's not appropriate for this particular character (based on Reed Richards, who doesn't fly...). I do also have a Fire/Fire Blaster, but his healing aura makes everything better. He still takes damage like the new guy, but recovers fast enough to be able to stay in the fight. He does have Hover.
  10. My usual strategy has been to use Combat Jumping to do flybys. I will start out of range, then leap past, firing as I go, and land out of range again. Trouble is, the enemy gets to shoot me as I pass, too. Bosses and the like will frequently do half or more of my health in one shot, so it makes it difficult to survive when my best shots will do only a tenth of theirs. I know I can use inspirations, but as I said before, I don't think it should be necessary to use them, as not every class has to. It suggests an imbalance to me (though, the game has been around a long, long time,
  11. Ultimo

    Hm, boy.

    The Atomic Manipulation set has a toggle that provides protection against knocks and the like. I expect that will help. There wasn't anywhere to go, except back out of the mission. They were the first enemies, right inside the door. Of course, I didn't have any opportunity to interact with the door because of the repeated knockdowns. Just bad luck, it happens.
  12. It's all I use. I can't afford all the bells and whistles. I've just been wondering. My Blaster is only L20 now, but he has GREAT difficulty even taking on three minions, let alone bosses. I'm supposed to take on Veles in that KR mission line, but I'm not even bothering to try at this point, he's just going to immediately obliterate me. I took on that previous boss (Chernobog?), but it required a full tray of purples and greens, and I STILL came out of it at about 2% health. It's why I wondered what people experienced with the class do.
  13. In the past, I've usually played more sturdy characters... Tankers, mainly. I've never really played Blasters or Controllers much... and I'm finding them a bit mysterious. Blasters have NO defense to speak of, and rely on killing enemies before they can do much damage. Controllers (and the like) depend on locking down foes, so they don't take damage... because they also have no defense to speak of. So what do you do when you're facing foes you can't kill quickly, or lock down, like bosses or elite bosses? My Tankers have never really had a problem with those kind
  14. Ultimo

    Hm, boy.

    Ya, I figured the debuff was pretty minimal. Still, came as a rude shock to be completely unable to handle 3 minions.
  15. Ultimo

    Hm, boy.

    So, started a mission on my newish Blaster. He's Beam Rifle/Atomic Manipulation. So I sniper shot one of the three minions just inside the door (Skulls). I went through ALL my attacks, all hit, but failed to defeat the ONE minion I was shooting. Very strange. One of them then shot me with a shotgun, which knocked me down. As I stood up, he shot me again, which knocked me down. As I stood up, he shot me again, which knocked me down. While all this was going on, the Gunner was shooting at me and the Brawler was hitting me while I was being juggled. I had the -tohit
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