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  1. Don't you trip a lot? I would think that would be awkward.
  2. This is a thing a lot of games seem to have problems with... inconsistent scaling. Champions Online is one of the worst. Star Trek Online is too. I mean, they introduced some of the characters to the game from the shows, like Worf. Now, I made my Klingon as tall as was possible, but Worf STILL towers over him. I'm pretty sure Michael Dorn isn't 8 feet tall... Ya, I just wish there was some consistency. They put height measurements on the scaling screen, surely they could USE them? I made a character based on myself. I'm 5'10" but in the game I look like a child, I'm so
  3. Ah, good to know. I thought perhaps the radius was centered on the pet in which the thing was slotted. Makes a difference if it's centered on ME.
  4. Do they all go on one pet, or can I spread them over all three (ie. I would still like to be able to slot some damage/defense/healing enhancers, as appropriate)? I gather I'd need them all on one pet for any set bonus, but each one is a different set... so I should be able to spread them out?
  5. So, a kind sould sent me those four enhancements... but I'm not certain where to put them. They say the can't go in MM pets, but that seems to be the only place it will let me put them... and I'm uncertain what KIND of enhancements they are... they're red, so are they damage enhancements?
  6. Perhaps I need to clarify what I mean by 95% accuracy. My terminology might not be correct. What I mean is, when I look in the combat log, it says the bots have 95% chance to hit (occasionally a bit lower, but never less than 90%). I'm also not sure what procs people are talking about.
  7. So, quick update. I respecced and added in the two Shields... and that made ALL the difference. I'll carry on with this build for now, and respec again later once I can get the fancy IO sets. Thanks for the tips, all!
  8. I'm still not seeing what the benefit is. I mean, 1 accuracy means they're at 95% to hit already, so any more does nothing. They use so little endurance (Protector Bots possibly excepted), and are summoned so infrequently, that giving them endurance reduction seems pointless. Now, if I was giving them extra slots to get set bonuses, I could understand that... but using SOs or simple IOs... 4 is sufficient: 3 damage, 1 accuracy... which leaves me more slots for other things. Not that I'm hard pressed for slots, I suppose. To be clear, I'm not disagreeing with you all, I'
  9. I'm not sure what benefit there is in putting more slots in the pets, unless you're talking about getting set bonuses? I can't afford any of those, certainly not for a L28 character, so I've been using just the SOs for now. They can only benefit from 3 of a kind... so I put 3 damage and one accuracy. One accuracy is more than enough, they're usually at 90%+ to hit, and barely use endurance at all, so I don't understand why you're suggesting endurance reduction. The upgrades I use so rarely, slotting them at all is a bit irrelevant. I slotted for recharge so it would be availabl
  10. Ok, here's a first pass at a revised build. I'll explain some of the reasoning. ALL my characters are based on a concept. Often (usually), they're meant as homages to existing characters in one way or another (eg. The Canadian Shield=Superman, Watch-Man=Batman, Ultimo=Iron Man (more or less)...). Lord Dire is based on Doctor Doom. One of my favourite things is to set the bots on Aggressive, turn on my PFF and then WALK malevolently into the enemy while the bots wipe things out around me. So, the character is designed with Doctor Doom in mind. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn
  11. Protector Bots can project Force Bubbles, so they can take Defense. My usual focus is to get my personal defense as good as possible, as soon as possible (not PFF, as that takes me out of the fight). To that end, my priorities were Dispersion Bubble, Maneuvers, Tough and Weave. The Protector Bots are the only ones with extra abilities, so they get the extra slots. The Battle Bots and Assault Bot are really only about damage, so that's all they get. It's not really necessary to slot them for endurance reduction, unless you plan on recasting them a lot... and I generally don't have
  12. I can try... All SOs now, I focused mainly on defense (Being a FF Mastermind)... I'll see what I can do.
  13. It hasn't been the melee powers. His pets throw these cones of pebbles, and he throws this blue wave spray thing, all AOE ranged attacks... and the bots are instantly wiped. I even tried souping up the Assault bot with three large purple inspirations, 2 medium orange and three small damage.... and he was still oneshotted. Doesn't seem to be any way to engage him. With my PFF, I could go in and take his alpha... but the bots only last about 2 seconds longer.
  14. Dunno... he's doing an awful lot of damage, I thought something in the caves might be buffing him... like I say, every attack is strong enough to oneshot my bots... even the Assault Bot goes down on the first hit. That's not usual.
  15. So, I'm on my Bots/FF Mastermind. I'm doing missions leading up to fighting this guy Calystix the Shaper. He's a red conn elite boss in this mission. So, I buff up my bots, and send them to the attack. He conjures 4 coral critters. They attack ONCE and wipe my bots out. ALL at once, all oneshotted. So, I retreat, resummon and go back. I spread out the bots, and then attack again, expecting to keep them out of the AOEs that oneshotted them. The bots engage and are all immediately oneshotted. My summon powers hadn't even recharged yet. I repeated the process 4 times,
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