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  1. The problem is when one has been on the internet so long is that one has also invariably lost their assumption of good faith long long ago.
  2. I mean, that's not totally unreasonable. If you cut down on the recharge time, they're still up fast while you solve the too many buttons problem.
  3. I'm still at a loss as to why consolidating two powers that do the same thing is a problem, when we're in the same thread discussing that we might have too many buttons.
  4. What's the difference between Pocket D having its own button and Pocket D being on the LRT list? An extra click?
  5. Which actually reminds me of something I was thinking over last night. Since Titan Weapons and Energy Melee now get their combos without requiring a hit check, is it in the works for the same to be applied to all the other sets that require hit checks for their combos? Going back to @Galaxy Brain's charts, my Street Justice and Staff Fighting alts can definitely use a little more love!
  6. Played around a little with this on my tank tonight. 90 degree arc, seven foot radius. I was able to get two Nemmies lined up at attention in one shot, I imagine I might get a couple more in bigger taunted spawns. EC still hits like a truck - 50% harder than DT - so it'll make spawn clearing a little faster. Only downside will be affecting my Superior Gauntleted Fist procs, might have to think if its worth swapping my ATO slotting.
  7. I'll have to test tomorrow, but I'm fairly certain that scrapper ET still does crit damage.
  8. The scrapper / stalker crit's not negated on ET. You get crit damage and bonus healing.
  9. That was me when I two-shot a +3 Fake Nemmie with TF -> ET yesterday.
  10. I put together my old elec/TW build from live, loaded him up with incarnates, and gave him a test run in PI. I wasn't interested in numbers or times, I just wanted to get a good feel on the set. And, yeah, it runs a lot smoother now. Being able to hold up a steady attack chain is a huge improvement over janky missed momentum moments, even more so on a tank where more attacks means more aggro. I may have to bring this guy back on Everlasting now.
  11. I get the notion that this makes the set more gimmicky, but press button -> receive bonus is about as minimally gimmicky as you can get. Signed, an occasional FFXIV DNC 😵
  12. Five minutes to pick up the Atlas Park exploration medallion. LRT takes me to the transit station, which is just a short jump from the base portal. Okay, this is reasonable. LRT, however, has a ten minute cooldown. 😐 I think @Xanatos got it right with the recharge adjustments on the first page. Not sure why any of these should go beyond 30/90 seconds.
  13. Okay, but I still feel that "We're doing this so as to be courteous to other players" should be the primary argument here.
  14. Another thing that's missed, is that Indomitable has a sizeable population and that PvPers do exist even if they're not here on the forums or other servers. EDIT: And if you do want to make PvP more viable down the road, steps like these were necessary.
  15. One thought: Move the portal for Atlas Park closer to City Hall, like at the SE corner of the plaza where you start the Posi 1 mission. That way the base portal is right there. Might be a good idea to go through all the portals and revise where they're located too, a lot of them don't make sense. Steel Canyon putting you on the north edge of the map? EDIT: Also Ouro -> Atlas -> Base Portal seems like it'd be quicker and wouldn't require the accolade. EDIT2: D'oh, I forgot that part of the patch notes where they moved the beacons! 🤪 Teach me to go posting ideas when I'm half-awake.
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