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  1. skoryy

    Tankers Obsolete?

    Alright, who cast necrothread?
  2. Another Rad/StJ here. Mostly for thematic reasons - think Agent L meets She-Hulk - but also partially for all the -Def. I have several 50s including my beloved brute, but I keep going back to her just because its just so much fun to plow through mobs to the crunch of Spinning Strike and Crushing Uppercut. She's going to be utterly fantastic once the buffs go live. My next project is a remake of my main tank from live who's a little more FotM, but SD/SS fits his Six Million Ruble Man concept better.
  3. Well, feel free to explain why its thematic for tankers to have easier end management than every other AT in the game. Why not scrappers too? Added: Why do you want to buff for thematic reasons, and not game balance? What would you nerf to balance out the buff you want?
  4. Energy Mastery, incarnates, enhancing for end red, hoarding blue skittles... Endurance management is part of the game for everyone.
  5. That would explain why my Ill/Sonic was having a rough go of it. She'll need more purples too.
  6. As someone who writes code professionally...
  7. Honest question, if y'all are tired of caves and task forces, then what exactly are you doing with the new characters you're farming for?
  8. I have mine slotted in Precise Strike, which Mids says has an 83% chance to proc and is used twice in my attack chain. I should also mention that I may have another advantage with Death Shroud, I vaguely remember discussion about damage auras and fury back in live.
  9. Well, if you want to include all that, then let's add in the Superior Brute's Fury proc. Now the brute is maintaining an easy 90~% fury and they're pulling away from the tanker every time.
  10. I rolled up my Rad/StJ, loaded her up with her final full IO build, and gave her a roll against Council at +0/x8. The experience was very... crunchy, I'd like to say. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the orange numbers pop up after every Spinning Strike and Ground Zero, and all the reward dings after I fired one off. I'd need incarnates and superior enhancements to really compare her to my brute main over on Everlasting, I suspect she'd be noticeably slower at +4/x8. Not too much slower, though. And she's gloriously impervious. No bugs I noticed, aside from ATOs and event enhancements not having their superior values while attuned. UPDATE: I upped the difficulty to +2 and went after the Council again. Damage still feels good.
  11. Dark Astoria and incarnate trials are, like, right over there.
  12. I'm counting 256% recharge on 'two level 50 recharge IOs'. I'd like to know where you got these IOs, I can use a few on my alts. Now, I can get double-stacked Fulcrums with two level 50 IOs + Siphon Speed + Hasten. But that's, again, assuming you can get 10 targets twice in a row... The secret is making sure everyone else is there, you hit ten targets, and nobody else who's jumped along hasn't fired off their Judgement, room clearing AoE, or whatnot. If you're micro-managing your runs this way, I don't have a problem with this. Just don't expect the game to be balanced around it.
  13. At some point this week I'll whip up an Inv/SS on Pineapple and see for myself. I'd think as long as Rage has a 'no touchie' circle while you can potentially double stack it, this should be easy to manage.
  14. You do realize like 99% of non-farmers don't play this way, right? I don't think I've ever seen my brute hit the damage cap in her PuGs.
  15. Going with a basic 100% damage buff... Tanks: 0.95 * (1 + 1) = 1.9 Brutes: 0.75 * (1 + 1 + (0 ~ 2)) = 1.5 ~ 3 ... Oh. OK, never mind, I've been doing the math wrong for years. And never had the Brute's Fury proc until HC. Good gravy, brutes can still be still stupid OP. I still think Bruising should still be a thing in some form instead of a straight DPS buff, but I don't think these are horribad changes now.
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