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  1. See what Lumi posted on the previous page. They've been posting and playing for over a year now.
  2. Is it me or does anyone else remember that thread was started by a different account name? It was me, Wayback says its the same account.
  3. That's just it, though, you don't have to. Task forces are designed for teams, beating it solo is a challenge created by determined players. Nobody's asking for reverting the changes made to the ITF or for team content to be made soloable. They made their own fun with the ITF and frankly I remain impressed that they have the builds and mental stamina to pull off a Werner Rules ITF. There's nothing wrong with that.
  4. Do I need to repost the 'Quit Having Fun' pic? I personally don't have the patience for soloing a TF. However, if others do and enjoy themselves while doing so and can pull it off - who am I to tell them no?
  5. I always go thematic because I play character concept first and meta second, and extra DPS is extra DPS. I mean, who wouldn't want to instantly summon a giant honkin' mecha to help with smacking around an archvillain? Or in Wolfhound's case, using his lore slot to run a halfway house for reformed half-human monstrosities.
  6. Yes, those are Archetype Origin enhanceents. ATOs.
  7. If this is about ATOs, then you get the bonus from both sets. The only way you wouldn't get a benefit from a slotted set is from the Rule of 5: If you have more than five instances that same bonus.
  8. Daily runs on Everlasting, plus a continual stream of Tinpexes in LFG.
  9. The top performers will be the easiest ones to steamroll, a quick check of the AE will prove it. What you're talking about would have to be dev-level choices and work, stuff like what @Piecemeal's putting together. I wouldn't leave it to a fan vote.
  10. Ideally, I just bank mine because there's a possibility there will be other - possibly incarnate - things to spend threads on. I have T3 in everything by maybe vet level 12 at the latest. By the mid-late 20s I have T4 in everything. Do content, join Everlasting TFs, its not hard to finish it all off and in good time too.
  11. A secret frequency that somehow is full of villains with fire-based powers. 🤔 Each existing group has its own lore and backstory that you can discover in game via exploration, plaques, missions, task forces, et al. For new groups, I'd prefer they have all that rather than simply being a group of easily forgotten radio randos.
  12. That you came here to provoke a reaction. And you did. Congratulations. Now welcome to my ignore list.
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