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  1. Yes, those are Archetype Origin enhanceents. ATOs.
  2. If this is about ATOs, then you get the bonus from both sets. The only way you wouldn't get a benefit from a slotted set is from the Rule of 5: If you have more than five instances that same bonus.
  3. Daily runs on Everlasting, plus a continual stream of Tinpexes in LFG.
  4. The top performers will be the easiest ones to steamroll, a quick check of the AE will prove it. What you're talking about would have to be dev-level choices and work, stuff like what @Piecemeal's putting together. I wouldn't leave it to a fan vote.
  5. Ideally, I just bank mine because there's a possibility there will be other - possibly incarnate - things to spend threads on. I have T3 in everything by maybe vet level 12 at the latest. By the mid-late 20s I have T4 in everything. Do content, join Everlasting TFs, its not hard to finish it all off and in good time too.
  6. A secret frequency that somehow is full of villains with fire-based powers. 🤔 Each existing group has its own lore and backstory that you can discover in game via exploration, plaques, missions, task forces, et al. For new groups, I'd prefer they have all that rather than simply being a group of easily forgotten radio randos.
  7. That you came here to provoke a reaction. And you did. Congratulations. Now welcome to my ignore list.
  8. Hence WP/MA. One tap of Storm Kick and mine is defense capped to everything except Psionic, if I remember right. And then you have the resists and the regen and the higher HP... Update: I was right. only 41% Psionic and 18% Toxic. 😄
  9. Hey wait, Actionette (Rad/Atomic) is a rolling -def machine. I'm not transferring her to Excel, though, don't want to risk someone ninja-ing her name.
  10. Now that I figured out that I can get better screenshots via multiboxing, have a better pic of Actionette in a rare moment of rest:
  11. The real money was in buying and flipping rare oranges at first, then purples once you had enough money. I was able to outfit two of my 50s with purple IO'd builds before sunset, but boy howdy the tracking I had to do on spreadsheets... oof.
  12. Just how many Maurice White inspired Earth/Storm/Fires do we have out there.
  13. Whoever's doing that ain't makin' nearly as much of a profit as they used to do on Live, I can tell you that: EDIT: Old school flipping worked because, not only did we not have converters that could raise supply, the required salvage was also in high demand. Now with all the salvage in the same pool, that's also no longer a problem. Thus old school flipping is deader than Elvis.
  14. My next project is an Earth/Earth so feel free to send them to me. 😄
  15. Everyone will roll one, most will wind up on a shelf, and that'll be it. Not enough return on dev time investiment. What you want are less specialized, and more general archetypes.
  16. I'm still amazed commons sell for under 250. I always list mine at 249.
  17. Maybe this is a discussion for another new topic, but I can't bring myself to razing alts I've found disappointing. I've put some time and effort into them, and there's always the possibility the disappointing bits get improved down the road. (Staff fighting and controllers, hint hint. 😉 )
  18. I'll repeat that before AE can be used as a content generator, we'll need a tag to sort out stories from farms. With every fire farm having eleventy billion five star ratings, its near impossible to find anything that isn't dev choiced in there.
  19. So basically you're just spouting horse hockey. Good to know.
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