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  1. I mean, those are good ideas but not in any way related to my actual question. All I wanted to know was whether or not getting +damage set bonuses was a waste of time. Sounds like it is.
  2. Sorry for the relatively vague title, but I'm not in front of my PC (I browse the internet on my phone while winding down for bed) & I can't find any info for Sentinel's Bio Armor anywhere on the net. I'll also apologize for being a bit fuzzy on the numbers for what I'm discussing, but the last thing I did in-game was take the power when I trained up to 35 & thus I didn't play around with it a lot other than briefly checking the numeric results of each toggle... ANYWAY, the 2nd to last power in /Bio gives a small-ish amount of Resistance by default (6% I think, so pretty solid for a Sentinel passive) & says that it gives additional bonuses depending on the current Adaptation. The listed bonuses are as follows: Defensive Adaptation gives additional resistance, Efficient Adaptation gives a bonus to max end, and Offensive Adaptation says it's bonus is +range. My general... confusion, I guess is for the Efficient & Offensive bonuses. The resistance bonus from Defensive was very small, but the power already gives a decent resistance bonus & just about any resistance is generally useful. However I was extremely underwhelmed when I looked at the combat info window & saw the bonus for Efficient. The following may be wrong, but IIRC, the bonus increases a character's maximum endurance by a fraction of a percent. That just doesn't seem like it'd do much of anything. Moving on to the bonus from Offensive; after repeatedly toggling it on & off and switching bewteen the other Adaptations, I can only conclude that either the bonus is bugged or doesn't show up in the info tracker properly. As far as the bugged portion, it might be that the effect is just completely broken & does nothing, it might be that the power's bonus was somehow overwritten by the + range bonuses from my 2 Sentinel ATOs sets, or it might not actually be bugged at all & the effect just isn't shown. That in itself could be a bug, but it could also just be a result of an alternative style of implementing +range that I'm not aware of.. Is anyone else in a position to examine these effects? This might need to be moved or created again in the bug report forums instead, but I wanted to check with other folks to make sure it wasn't an isolated issue.
  3. Title is the question. It was pointed out in a different thread that Frankenslotting your pets was a good idea, partially because putting 2 pieces of Mark of Supremacy in each of the main pet powers would give you subsantial +rech for comparatively little slot investment. After having done that, I'm now trying to figure out what to put in the OTHER 4 slots of all the pet powers. (My character is Thugs/Time, so he's got Gang War to mule all of the auras). My first thought was that I would simply do the same thing with Command of the Mastermind (since I'd bought it before I thought about the frankenslotting) for 3 bonuses of 2% damage boosts, but I wasn't sure if a +damage set bonus would do anything, since my understanding was that few (if any) set bonuses affect pets. On one hand, I thought that no set bonuses affected pets, but on the other it seems very silly that the devs would make an MM ATO with a bonus that was almost completely useless. As such, I asked about it in the help channel & got both yes & no answers, so I figured I'd take it to the forums & see what yall had to say. Thanks for any replies.
  4. I mean, that's all very fancy but IDC at all about 99% of what you listed off & TBQH I think most of that 99% is a waste of effort. Why would I need a keybind specifically to put an individual pet on passive? If I want a pet on passive, I want ALL my pets on passive. I also don't think individual attack commands are neccessary, since I can't think of any real situations where I want to split DPS like that. The inspirations & buffing bits might be useful, but even then I don't have enough buttons within easy reach to assign specific buttons for that when I can just use the mouse for it. Perhaps I've misunderstood how it works, but the reason I don't want to use the bind files is because I don't want to take my hand off of my mouse to use the numpad (TBH IDK how anyone could play like this...), and while I do have a Razer Naga, my abnormally short thumbs mean the only buttons within easy reach are the 6 at the "back". With that in mind, there is no ergonomically efficient way for me to use the binds, since I can't reach all the keys they use. All I really want, or could really even use well in this situation, is a command to move my T1 & T2 pets to a spot.
  5. So I remember back on live I had a little note file that I'd saved with a custom set of macros for pet control that I'd then further modify for the specific sets. Having thought COH was gone forever, and not playing MMs in a while before that, I have long since deleted it. I'd like to try re-creating some of them, and the primary reason why is Thugs. Thugs obviously has the T3 pet being a melee attacker & the T1 & T2 pets are best used from range. This part of the equation may have changed, but when I was last playing Thugs the Bruiser's AI was terrible, and to get ANY proper usage out of him you needed to manually command him to move into melee range. This one seems easy to set, dragging the applicable command out of the Advanced Mode interface. The one that I'm drawing a blank on how to set up is actually a macro that would move only the Punks, Enforcers, & the Arsonist around the battlefield (in order to set up the best angles for their cones & to try to keep the Arsonist out of melee). Obviously I don't want the bruiser included in that cause he doesn't need to leave melee range. As such, an all pet command wouldn't work out. Anyone got suggestions? I swear there were more things that I was thinking I wanted a macro for, but of course I can't remember them now. If I remember any more I'll bring them up...
  6. This is certainly true, but I mostly brought it up because the higher-tier Rikti seem even more resistant to S/L than most other mobs at those levels. Anyway, I was mostly bringing it up as a "keep this in mind" rather than a suggestion for more testing.
  7. Given your powerset & choice of target, these %s may be a bit skewed. Near as I can tell the non-minion Rikti (especially the bosses, but it's not clear from your post if this was a boss Mentalist or the Lt. version) have noticeable amounts of S/L resistance, & as was mentioned Toxic is almost never resisted. Since the bonus toxic damage seems to be a % of the base damage of a power rather than a % of the actual damage done by it, the actual increase for most mobs may be smaller than this testing indicates (because the Mentalist is resisting a significant amount of the lethal damage while having little to no resistance to the toxic).
  8. I'd like to disagree a bit with your input on Offensive Adaptation. In addition to the +25% damage mod it gives +7.5% to-hit AND it adds an effect to your attacks that causes bonus Toxic damage. I'm not sure on the #s for Sentinels, but for Scrappers the Toxic dmg is about 10% of the base damage. -7.5 resistance to all damage is a comparatively higher cost for Sentinels than other ATs given our lower base #s, but barring an odd situation where you're the primary tank for a large group I think Offensive Adaptation is well worth it. In a bit of a different vein, for whatever reason, BR/Bio felt significantly weaker than my Dark & Water /Bio Sents. My anecdotal assumption from my time playing him is that BR doesn't look like it gets as big of a boost from the +toxic portion of Offensive Adaptation, probably due to how the set is balanced around the Disintegration mechanic & as such the base damage of the abilities (& thus the toxic damage) is lower, but I have no empirical evidence for this. It could also simply be due to the fact that the other options have better defensive bonuses in their kits (Water has significant KD, Slows, & a self-heal in its main rotation, while Dark has a lot of to-hit Debuffs, a short hold, & a bit of Knockdown itself), or it could just be that the AOE doesn't seem very strong without some Disintegration luck... IDK. But he felt significantly less damaging than the other 2.
  9. I'm not really a programmer, but a thought occurred to me based on your word choice & I figured I'd bring it up; would it be easier to implement the effects as parts of the adaptation & then have them toggle on/off based on whether the other abilities are on? In theory it would be simpler than having to change every power individually for each adaptation. Of course this primarily applies to the passive self-effects of the toggles, but those were my primary concern so that's fine with me. You may already be doing this, but I thought it was worth bringing up in case it hadn't been considered & might make things easier.
  10. OK, TYVM. The current version seems to have fixed the Refractor Beam issue, but Bio Armor is still funky (or more specifically the Adaptations are) for both Scrappers & Sentinels. Bear in mind that I haven't checked any of the #s for accuracy, I'm just toggling things on & off to see if they have any effect on the "View Totals" window. For Scrappers, toggling on Def. Adaptation doesn't seem to do anything except apply the self -damage. Efficient Adaptation seems to affect the things it's supposed to, so it seems OK. Offensive Adaptation seems to've been partially resolved, as it now shows +damage & +To-hit modifiers, but it doesn't add the bonus toxic damage into the damage calculations. Sentinel's version doesn't seem to have been changed, as it has the issue with Off. Adaptation that I originally posted about (has no shown effect except the self -res), Def. Adaptation seems to only apply the self -dam, and Eff. Adaptation doesn't seem to do ANYTHING. This might all be low priority, but a large part of my original questions had to do with trying to find the right version, and if nothing else y'all have pointed me in the right direction for that. Thanks!
  11. Honestly that's part of my confusion. People keep talking about 2.6 & I must be real out of the loop somehow. The main window says it's 2.23. I DL'd it off the front page a few days ago, and just DL'd it again to double check, still 2.23. How do people get ahold of the 2.6?
  12. Something I'd clarification on, does it auto-update every time it's started up? Or do I need to keep downloading updates off of the first post? Edit: is there a list of what's been updated? My primary concern is that Offensive Adaptation in Bio Armor doesn't seem to do anything in mids except apply the -7.5 resistance, at least as far as I can tell. Another one that springs to mind is the Sentinel Beam Rifle's unique targeted AOE ability (Refractor something-or-other) will only take ranged ST sets. It may or may not also have incorrect description text, cause I think it has the description text for the Snipe ability it replaces from the other ATs sets.
  13. What was poorly conceived was much more how they went about creating multiplayer Fallout than any issues with the basic idea of having a multiplayer Fallout game. They basically took a genre (RUST clones) that was over-saturated & wasn't super popular with their core fanbase, put a FO skin over it & thought it'd sell a gajillion copies. If it were more akin to a traditional RPG w/ real NPCs, towns, etc. it might've worked. Even something like a combination of Borderlands co-op with a Fallout skin would've been a much better option. As it was they created an empty game that was fundamentally built around the settlement building system from FO4 (which wasn't super popular to begin with) and thus it flopped massively.
  14. I'll believe TES6 is a financial flop when I see it, and not before. There's an exceptionally vocal portion of internet fandom that shits all over Bethesda constantly, & Fallout 76 was a terrible idea from the get-go, but they've released 99 million versions of Skyrim because people keep buying them. Until TES6 crashes & burns you can color me skeptical that the majority of gamers care about most of the things that Bethesda keeps getting mocked for. As to the death of the Fantasy genre, you may very well be right, & I'll really miss it. But that doesn't really have much effect on what we're specifically discussing. For whatever reason, people who like MMOs like medieval fantasy. Maybe that will change in the long-term, perhaps it already would've if there were more interest in the MMO genre currently. But TBQH, I think MMOs are going to go the way of the dodo much faster than Fantasy RPGs. Still, even if things have changed or would change, at the time when WoW & CoX were competing MMOs & RPGs = fantasy settings, and to this day fantasy-based MMOs seem much more widespread & successful than any other genre of MMO. Just like I said last time, the question isn't at all about what "most people" like, it's about what the people who like to play MMOs like, or more specifically what they liked from 2005-2012. For whatever reason, that seems to be medieval fantasy. /shrug
  15. Almost all of the "superhero mania" in mainstream culture is really just driven by the MCU stuff. If that falters, expect superheroes to largely disappear. It's not like superheroes movies didn't exist until Iron Man. They did, quite a bit, and remained niche. What's not niche is MCU, but don't expect it to bleed over to superheroes as a genre. The DCEU has done rather well for itself after finding its stride at last and banishing away the influence of Snyder, and both Marvel and DC's television efforts have proven to be highly successful. Meanwhile swords and sorcery fantasy's last big attempt at the box office was the Hobbit Trilogy and the Warcraft movie; the former of which made money but sucked, the latter of which was only saved from box office failure by China. My hero academia is also the current new hotness in Shonen Anime with a highly active and deeply involved fandom, and One Punch man was also a significant phenomenom in Anime circles; meanwhile most western fantasy influenced animes just come and go with little long term noteworthiness. The idea that it's just Marvel or that Fantasy is a more popular aesthetic outside of nerd spaces simply doesn't bear with reality. Tabletop and Video Gaming (and non-visual literature) are Gygaxian Fantasy's primary redoubts and always have been. But games traditionally move far fewer units than film (they make more money because unit prices are higher and because of microtransactions, but far more people watch a movie that grossed a billion than played a game that grossed a similar amount). More people watched Aquaman than have ever played world of warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar; the two big tabletop fantasy games (for role playing and wargaming respectively) likely count playerbases in the hundreds of thousands to single digit millions at absolute best. And even in video gaming: swords and sorcery faux-medieval european fantasy is...kind of middling in popularity at most? The current hottest games are by and large set in either modern (or faux-modern/fantastical modern) settings or have a vague sci-fi or outright space fantasy aesthetic. Aesthetics that allow for guns are like; the big thing in gaming and have been for years. I'm not going to disagree with any of your over-arching points, but the habits & interests of people who are likely to play MMOs is really what we're discussing here, not the "overall" popularity of Fantasy vs. Superheroes. Whether Joe Blow on the street likes Superheroes & FPS games more than Fantasy games doesn't really matter if he's not willing to pony up $15 a month to be "allowed" to spend days worth of playing & planning time trying to eke out optimal performance on individual characters. Joe Blow is not the target audience for MMOs, because Joe wants to drop into a game for 30 minutes at a time, shoot some dudes in the face & then quit playing after 2 months & move on to the Next Big Game. MMOs are designed for Nerdy McNerdyson, who wants to devote significant amounts of his time to making his character kick Infinite Ass. Nerdy Mcnerdyson is almost always an RPG enthusiast, because RPGs & MMOs are designed & targeted at the same primary audience. Now, these days there's quite a bit of overlap between genres, but the overwhelming majority of mainstream & even indie games that are promoted as RPGs are either completely medieval fantasy or medieval fantasy + various levels of Steampunk. It's certainly not exclusively so, but think of the following; have you ever seen a Superhero-themed RPG that wasn't an MMO? Cause I can't think of a single one. Maybe someone else can tell me one? So yes, the issue of which genre is more popular & monetarily valuable would undoubtedly go to Superheroes. The problem with applying that to the discussion at hand is that the Venn Diagram of people who like Superheroes & the people who like to play MMOs seems to have much less overlap than the diagram of people who like medieval fantasy & like to play MMOs.
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