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    Dark Pit

    I'm incarnating my therm/dark right now. Going to take pyronic - was initially planning Radial to stack stuns with dark pit. Mobs do seem to be melting a bit quickly for that to make a difference, would it make more sense to just go for Core for the damage? Dark pit has felt very underwhelming 😅
  2. Not sure how much recharge is too much on this character tbh. I feel like the more melt armor, soul drain, and blackstar are up, the better!
  3. I didn't take blackstar mostly because I couldn't figure out how to fit it in a slot it appropriately. Your other points make a lot of sense and would spare me the slots to do that however. Plus it has felt silly jumping in just for soul drain, would make sense to follow up with blackstar. The shields I was just overslotting for set bonuses. Guess the bonuses from all of those slots aren't really paying out in the end the more I think about it. You're right about the global recharge as well. My biggest thing playing this character right now is that I want melt arm
  4. Hi! I haven't made a build for literally 12 years at this point. Started playing again a week or 2 ago and ended up with this pairing as my first to start nearing 50. Have mostly been randomly placing slots so am going to respec into something more solid. Really truly don't know what I'm doing building anymore. I wanted to go for ranged defense originally but adding Consumption and Drain maybe I should have just been going for standard s/l defense instead. Obviously I gave up trying for ranged defense anyway and just tried to get AOE near the cap at least. Like I said, it's
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