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  1. I totally agree. Mine is only in mid 20s, and it feels broken how powerful it seems.
  2. I rolled a Cold/Ice defender that fit my concept, and it's doing just great. I think that you'll find that it's REALLY hard to make a bad decision in CoX. So what if you eke out a few extra bips of damage on one build versus another? I've literally got dozens (ok, maybe a dozen) of builds that make no sense. War Axe/SD as a brute (scrapper is apparently optimal)! A Mind/Poison controller! It's madness! And they all work. Except my broadsword/inv scrapper. Broadsword is just too sucky!
  3. I'll be the first to admit that massive inf accumulation is meaningless. Then again, so is DPS in the pylon challenge thread. It's just one way to keep score in one aspect of the game, and I take a small amount of pride that I'm very good at that aspect of the game. I feel pretty confident that I could start a brand new alt and be able to start from zero and have him purpled and wintered out within 24-48 hours. Maybe even faster, in the time I could get him PLed to 50? Shrug. That and $4 gets me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I also think that if one understands the markets, there really is no such thing as a billion inf build, or even a 500mm inf build. Even now, when I want to buy one thing, I buy 5-10 of them, slot one, and sell the rest for a significant profit. I remember during Live, just before I left, I was in a SG (I want to say it was Liberty server? Whatever the #2 was in population) that got to the largest SG on the server simply from burning inf for prestige. Boy, people on the forums got so mad! But at least on Live, there was a use for inf. Here on HC, where the devs bend over backward to make sure that anyone can have anything they want for minimal effort, I'm really searching for things to do with my imaginary currency.
  4. Depending on how much prep work you do, 5-15 minutes per marketing alt. For example, one of my alts that plays "rare roulette". I'll open /AH, collect all sales from last login. Collect 50 recipes, 150 pieces of salvage, 250 converters that I put bids on last time. Open the crafting table I bought from the P2W vendor for 10mm. Craft my 50. Convert my 50. List my 50. Put in my bids for 50 more recipes and 150 more pieces of salvage and 250 more converters. Playing rare roulette probably takes more time than working a specific niche.
  5. Well, if you are really into it, you can make north of 1 bn an hour on the AH. You can't necessarily make 1bn in any given hour (from 2pm to 3pm EST). And you can't necessarily make 10bn in 10 given hours (2pm to midnight EST). If you were in a Run Lola Run situation, I'd farm for inf. But if you want to make real money with a lot of zeroes that means nothing--marketing is your niche.
  6. What are the holes of a WP/staff tanker? It’s very survivable, but maybe a little lacking in the damage department. id consider a beam rifle / sonic corrupter.
  7. This is why we can't have nice things.
  8. I'm normally a terrible hoarder, both in games and in real life. Fungibility changed that completely for me in Homecoming. Once I got over my fears of anyone trying to corner the salvage market, I sell it when I can and I buy it when I need it or will need it soon(tm). Sometimes I'll buy a few thousand of salvage if I think someone's trying to make a run (I was very suspicious of whoever was buying tens of thousands of yellow salvage at 860), but in general I'll take my chances. In general, I like to store my things in the AH. Not necessarily in MY AH slots. I'll get other people to hold them for me until I want to buy them! STORE YOUR STORES IN THE STORE.
  9. I think it's unlikely, but I'd like to amass 100 bn in inf by Labor Day.
  10. I have four major markets and a bunch of minor ones. I consider myself in control of one of them: about 200-500 trade a day and I am buying or selling 95%+ of the trades. It’s kind of a pain, since I need 120 slots free to keep bids and offers up. The rest of them I’m content with skimming the cream of 50-250 sales a day. Controlling the supply of a market is trivial. If you named an IO, someone could probably provide 100 in an hour and 1000 in a day and 10000 in three days. At most. Finding buyers for that 100, or 1000, or 10000 is my personal bugaboo. I’m just trying to bask in my imaginary currency while I can. I realized that I have until Labor Day to accrue my riches.
  11. I'm sticking with a heart. I'm comfortable with my emotions.
  12. This is true, but my fading eyes mean that I try to craft things under my level +3. I find it harder to read the numbers when they are red.
  13. If you want to play the market, which I encourage, then choosing something like boosters or converters to trade for inf makes sense. Trade it, then use the inf to buy the item you want on the AH. For ease and simplicity, you are not going to fail if you use merits to buy enhancements, particularly winter os or purples, that you plan to use for yourself. Both merits and inf are easy to come by, so there’s no point in stressing out if you didn’t get to your end point the cheapest way possible.
  14. I don't think I ever played stalkers on Live, but I'm enjoying them a lot here. I've got a staff/bio in the mid 20s, a stj/sr in the teens and a bs/sd in the teens. The staff is definitely my favorite. I'm a little disappointed in the stj -- damage is really lackluster in comparison to the other two, but I think it will mature as it levels.
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