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  1. Brutes can get 10% melee defense and 12.5% s&l defense from their ATOs; scrappers can get 5% melee defense and 10% s&l from theirs. It's not a world of difference, but it's a difference.
  2. I realize I misspoke and that my Rad/Bio monster is a Brute, so I apologize for that. I find it a lot easier to build defenses on a brute than a scrapper, but the scrapper version will be muy offensive. Here is my brute build: And here is a very quick stab at a scrapper build. I think I'd need to put more work on the defenses before I would commit to this build though.
  3. I'm kind of with you here. I've gotten Jingo Updog Esq. Junior (DP/Ninja blaster) up to level 34, and it's kind of hard to really want to take her any further. Both Dual Pistols and Broadsword/Katana feel to me to be meh sets, and I'm not getting much synergy other than theme (but it's a great theme: a Revolutionary War-era super-patriot). In terms of flash and style, I expect to eventually use The Lotus Drops as a PBAoE debuff/soft control button (Avalanche knockdown, Overwhelming Force knockdown, Achilles Heel -res, Fury of the Glad -res, 2x Nucleolus). That should be enterta
  4. Don't forget Dr. G, Paragon City's famous basketball player.
  5. Yes, you can convert lvl 30s back and forth between Analyze Weakness and Shield Breaker. But that's the only level of overlap.
  6. @UberGuy (all hail UberGuy) has done a fair amount of work on this. See this thread:
  7. You know, you can make some pretty great builds with these power sets so long as you really embrace the knockback and disregard the rikti monkeys your teammates.
  8. Huh, interesting! I assume this is on two accounts logged in at the same time rather than listing on one alt, logging off, then logging on on a different alt?
  9. I did not know that and I do not see them listed anywhere in the Merit Vendor. Where are they listed?
  10. That depends on (and I've never tried this) whether or not bids over a certain amount stack. You've noticed that if you have a bid for something and you bid the same amount again, your bid is replaced by a bid for 2x that item. I don't think that works on every item though, and I don't know if you can get a stack to total over 2bn. If not, then 200*2bn + 100*0.999999999bn + 2bn?
  11. Only 999,999,999 inf per email. So per account, you can have 99,999,999,900 stored in email. You have 1,000 character slots per shard for total of 5,000. Each character can hold 2bn, and has up to 200 market slots. Lots. And then you can have an unlimited number of accounts. So unlimited lots.
  12. Staff gets you 15+% melee defense from Guarded Spin, which should be up pretty much constantly. You get a nice resistance bonus from using the finisher on Sky Splitter. My attitude has been to go offensively, and I really enjoyed my bio/staff tanker (and, well, my staff/bio everything else too). It's a lot more difficult to be immortal, but for the most part, you are definitely immortal enough, IMO.
  13. Ooh, thanks for the reminder. Gotta set the noob traps!
  14. Also, people like round numbers, and it is *possible* that other bids for 70k got filled but not yours because there may have been a whole lot of them. Price is the first tie breaker (higher price should always transact before lower price), but after that it gets murky and apparently partly random.
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