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  1. Radiologist: "Good news! Your x-rays show ..." Yomo: "Die!" Radiologist: "Ack, ..." Research Assistant: "Hey Professor, we need more time on the supercomputer and ..." Yomo: "Die!" Research Assistant: "Ack, ..."
  2. There are LOADS of them. I’ve been meaning to make a master list of guides on the Guide or the Market forum, so I’ll get on that.
  3. In my opinion, there are two major factors preventing long-term successful market manipulation in HC: 1. You can't fake demand. At the end of the day, if you want to buy 10,000 LotG 7.5%, you either have to use them, sell them, give them away, or delete them. I see plenty of people try to drive a market up by bidding out existing supply, but then they neglect to leave protective bids. And if those bids are too high, I'm going to hit them. My extremely unscientific observations say that there are about 100-200 new lvl 50s being equipped each day. For me, that expresses the lim
  4. Hmm, I haven't seen this at all. I'm buying all I need at 1,000 and selling all I need at 1,000 and I'm not waiting more than a few minutes?
  5. So, I've been leveling my Dark/Atomic blaster in Praetoria/First Ward/Night Ward, and I've been playing her organically, meaning that I'm adding slots and powers where I need/want them rather than focusing on an end build. My initial look at this from a lvl 50 would be as a mostly melee based character, but as of now (at 27) she's been mostly a ranged character. In fact, she plays a lot like a controller, with Positron Cell and Abyssal Gaze as controls while "arresting" with other powers. My thought process on powers: Primary: Gloom or Dark Blast. I disli
  6. This is a very valid point. You can spend ten minutes a day marketing for six days and make a *lot* more than farming for 60 minutes straight. But can you make more farming for 10 hours straight than you can for marketing 10 hours straight? Personally, I'd still be on the side of marketing, but there certainly is a component where you have to wait for "someone else" to supply you with component pieces and to buy your end product. I think I addressed this in my 24-hour challenge thread a while back.
  7. Every time I "arrest" Archon Roget I yell, "Throw the book at him!" Sometimes, someone else on the team says "You mean tome!" and I know I've found one of my people.
  8. I made a suggestion about this a few weeks ago, specifically in terms of Longbow enemies. Crickets. The Current debuff animation is for all intents and purposes invisible .
  9. "Steal Data from Neuron's Labs" I will skip this one every time from here on out.
  10. Just on a hunch... I picked up Nuclear Power Plant on Everlasting. I guess I have to make: Plant/Radiation controller? Plant/Radioactive dominator?? Radiation/Plant blaster???
  11. I like it and usually start it around lvl 12. It's a heckuva lot easier than the redside equivalent of Darrin Wade.
  12. To be fair, even in the real world the nomenclature isn't really accurate. But having "risk arbitrage" as your stated strategy makes it a lot easier to raise capital than calling it "merger speculation." And in theory, you could. Find a counter-party who owns a lot of winter packs and enter into a contract with them where you borrow the packs from them and promise to replace the packs plus a profit a month later. The problem, of course, if finding that counter-party (and enforcing the contract).
  13. Opening lots of any kind of pack is a bit of a godsend for altoholics because everything gets jammed into Character Items, which you can then access at any time on any character on that account, even in an instance. Some things it is great for: Unslotters -- you will never run out of these, ever. So if you need one or two, just grab them and don't bother with the AH. Catalysts -- you don't need these at all until you ding 50, then you need a bunch of them, then you earn one a day forever. Again, save yourself the effort of buying a block of 20. Boosters -- just lik
  14. I kid, I kid. I wouldn't call it arbitrage, as that is defined as riskless and instantaneous (our old friend brainstorm ideas sometimes fit that bill). I'd probably call it market-making, or speculation. I'd say it's 1-5% of my business, and really only stuff that can't be converted. For all intents and purposes, I buy converters in bulk at 50-70k and do the equivalent of selling them for a million each...
  15. This sounds perilously close to what the kids nowadays call "flipping," which is the scourge of Primal Earth, ad makes Ms. Liberty cry...
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