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  1. I can imagine that sleeps used in a zerg team setting would be less than ideal, but when soloing or in small teams that understand sleep, it's arguably overpowered.
  2. Another thing I've learned from my recent forays on the red side: There are a lot more difficult enemy groups, starting early on, and there are a lot more EB/AVs than there are on blue side. That's the sort of thing that's easily solved by teaming, but red teams are few and far between...
  3. I feel like I may be missing something. I'm not an expert in endurance drain, but it seems to be working as intended? It's not the fastest way to defeat enemies, but it is much safer than many other ways. For context, I recently started 7 characters and am running them all through the same content redside, currently in their late 20s. One of them is a Elec/Kin Corruptor. I'm not going to claim that he's as good as a TW/Bio scrapper, but he's able to do quite well for himself (certainly much better than the Archery /Pain corruptor). In fact, with bosses, EBs and Heroes (I'm not running AVs) his damage to safety profile is much better than most of the others. Two applications of Short Circuit, maybe three for EBs, with an occasional Ball Lightning keeps them drained and then I slowly punch them to defeat in near complete safety. That low damage/high safety seems to be a fair tradeoff compared to high damage/low safety. Is the problem that it just doesn't do as much damage as other sets? Unless we make all sets equal, there will always be some sets/combos that are stronger than others.
  4. Thanks for responding! This quote sounds like it would be a win-win situation. I, for one, only really care about badges for three reasons: 1. It provides a tangible benefit, like an accolade power or merits. 2. It is a name that I like and fits the theme of my character. 3. It represents an accomplishment that I am proud of. I'd like to understand more about the "gotta catch them all" badge mindset. I mean, if they reduced the "official Badge total" to 1000, or 100, or 10, would people still feel a need to get all the unofficial ones too? I'm guessing that part of it is that getting as many badges as possible represents an accomplishment that the badger is proud of. If it's OCD (which I take seriously, but mine manifests in a different way), then I'd like to understand that mindset as well. I vaguely remember that thread you referenced from November, and that's the sort of thing I was referring to as "vehement" objection. I'm sure there are some pearls of wisdom in there, but as I recall it was 18 pages of people saying, "Your pathology is stupid; my pathology is the correct one," before it got closed. Regardless, I would not re-read that thread even if they gave out a special badge! My willingness to undertake tedious and/or masochistic tasks has its limits!
  5. I have an honest question for the hardcore badgers. i’ve seen some really vehement blowback in the Suggestions forum when the idea of shinies inthe form of badges being given out is suggested. And I’m seeing in these comments Above that some people want more badges, but don’t want them to be difficult or tedious to get. Personally, I like accomplishments, and frankly I like being rewarded for “bragworthy” accomplishments. It seems to me that ibadges are an easy way for the devs to give new rewards without making the game easier for anyone, or by keeping those rewards away from anyone. My question is: what’s so bad about creating new badges that are difficult or tedious to get? Is it somehow exclusionary, or is it an affront to those of us with OCD and a need to catch them all, or other? Help me to see your points! Specifically, with prestige gone, I’d love to see badges for burning inf. 100mm, 1bn, 10bn, 100bn, 1 trillion. They would be difficult or tedious for the average player to get. Heck, the last one would be extremely difficult for even the ebilest. Which is why I’d love to see a brag badge for it. Also, I’d bet the devs would like to see more inf leave the system. Thanks in advance!
  6. At the risk of monologuing... I make all my inf on the AH. Once upon a time I started to write a guide about how to make a billion, but got bored. TL;DR version: To make a billion, find something that makes a million and do it a thousand times. I came up with over 50 general ways to make a few mm inf quickly, and it mainly boils down to the three Cs: Crafting: For whatever reason, you can craft something and sell it for more that the component pieces. Converting: Converters are truly magic. Lots of guides available. CTrading: CBuy at the low end of the range, CSell at the high end of the range. Never forget the vig. The 9:10 ratio defines what your break even is (buy at 900, sell at 1,000, pay 100 in fees). I don't work for under 7:10 and that's only with really high flow and high base value. I usually work for something like 5:10 unless I'm converting when I work for something like 1-2:10.
  7. Don't ever craft a lvl 50 recipe (except purple). Lvl 50 cost 490,400 to craft. Lvl 49 costs less than half that, and crafting costs drop from there. If you need a level 50, craft a lower level, and either sell it and use the proceeds to buy a 50 or buy it from yourself (two different characters).
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnF1OtP2Svk [EDIT: it's "The Spanish Inquisition"]
  9. At a certain point, and I think many of us hit this point a long time ago, we find ourselves in a “post-needs” society. There’s nothing I can spend inf on anymore. So it just becomes a habit of frugality, or a personal challenge to get from point A to point B in as efficient or elegant a way as possible. Sure I could buy something NOW for 25mm, but I’d much rather buy something similar overnight at 17mm and spend 1-4mm making it into the thing I wanted all along. It’s a disease...
  10. I'm surprised that there was no warning. That kind of sucks. I know this is a private server and all, but you would hope that they would give a warning before silencing. I'm not surprised that the topic was shut down though. It's a scary, stressful time for all of us, and I see how it could be a violation of the Code of Conduct since it is very sensitive: Controversial and adult content, including: Sexual, provocative, pornographic, or adult content Violent content Controversial religious content Anything involving controversial real-world individuals or organisations Anything involving sensitive events, both current and historical
  11. The only proper moral answer is 2bn!
  12. Sell it now?!? But I can't wait that long! Is there any way to sell it before I actually list it?
  13. When you think about it, every single trade on the AH is either someone buying it now or selling it now, and they are transacting with someone who posted to sell it soon(tm) or buy it soon(tm). If the "going rate" as you describe is the highest outstanding bid (or the floor), then it doesn't matter if you offer at 1 or if you offer at the HOB - 1. It's still going to instantly transact at the buyer's price. If you want to slow things down, offer it at the HOB + 1. That way, you don't feed the flipper, and you get the first bidder higher than the current HOB.
  14. You lost me with "more". The last thing this game needs is to be made any easier.
  15. I would be over the moon if we could change this to "Make Bid". As far as I know, the only other time that "offer" is used as an order to buy something is in the US residential real estate market -- everywhere else in the world, "offer" is used as an order to sell something. I've made this request to the US residential real estate market many times over the years. Maybe I'll have more luck here. Stay safe, and wash your hands, you little monsters!
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