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  1. Here's what I have been doing on Reunion: I have a Villain Base called The Estate that is run by Estate Executor. My protagonist, however, is a xxx/FF solo corruptor named Heir Apparent. He (or she (or huge) ) cannot use the AH or the AE, but vendors are fair game. Any items that can be put in storage in the base are good, but you have to put them there, because once Heir Apparent dies, they're deleted without transferring anything. This means that inf goes away, since you cannot store that in a base. The first two heirs passed away relatively early, but the third i
  2. I’m probably younger than people think I am, but I’m definitely old enough to not read through a ten-page thread for someone else! I’m at that cusp that when I tell kids to get off my lawn, I’m no longer doing it ironically. I actually want them to get off my lawn.
  3. FYI, you don't need to do it through Ouro. You can always get Posi 1 and Posi 2 from Positron directly. I think you only need Ouro for the old Positron TF.
  4. Who doesn't?! By the way, very sad that the name "Interrobang" is already taken on Excelsior and Everlasting.
  5. The only waste of time is golf. Anything else is fair game.
  6. You are going to be much better off soloing that later after you've levelled up. I don't remember what the max level of that TF is, but let's call it 16. If you go back and solo it at a higher level (say 30), you get: -- Access to powers you've picked up at the max level +5. So you'd have access to your lvl 18 and 20 power. -- Access to additional slots you've picked up in these powers. You might have a power 3-slotted at 15, but 6-slotted at 30. You get enhancements and set bonuses you may not have had before. -- A greater number of inspiration slots. I'
  7. Here is what has worked for me. People like autonomy. Sure no one is going to delete an email with half a billion inf (or will they?) but I've found that people seem to prefer receiving amounts that they *want* or *need* rather than big blocks to do whatever they want with. The two areas I've had the most success in are: my ongoing giveaway (see my sig for anyone who wants 20mm inf), and periodic contests. In both cases, people know what there is to gain, and willingly participate. So in general, they seem to be pretty happy getting what they were looking for, rathe
  8. Not that I remember, but I wanted to express my feelings for the OF proc and the OF market. I love that proc unabashedly, and I try to fit in into every build I have as soon as possible. Sometimes it's necessary (Umbral Torrent), sometimes it's useful (any damage aura), sometimes it's just plain hysterical when mobs flop for no apparent reason. But it appears to be underutilized (at least in my opinion). It's got limited supply (run the Summer Blockbuster, or spend 100 merits). For a long time, I occasionally skimmed the bottom of that set, converted to the proc, and listed at
  9. I've been revising my own challenge parameters, partly due to commentary on this thread. I'm forbidding AE. I was thinking that it would be a way to get rare salvage, but it's trivial to run a few missions and get enough tickets to buy yourself an Alien Blood Sample. Even easier are the recipe rolls. I've also been looking more at day job bonuses. Most offer a bonus that is so manini that it is worthless, but on a challenge character getting that extra drop is nice. I'm specifically looking at the Day Trader, since Brain Storms will add up over time and I'd like to
  10. It's a great build for EVERYTHING! Least powerful on a scrapper, but bonkers on tanker, brute, or stalker.
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