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  1. What's the problem that you are looking to solve? Make them 50% more powerful? Just curious.
  2. I almost always use Form of the Body. My usual attack chain for groups is Guarded Strike for defense, Mercurial Blow (which has an Achilles Heel in it), Precision Strike, then Eye for the -res debuff.
  3. My mistake, I missed that! I’ve been trying to work my way out of this unexpected cache, and it’s surprisingly easy so far. I just can’t bear to open more than 50-100 packs at a time, but it seems profitable so far. I’ve really only used Avalanche for my builds, but all except Entomb seem to be selling well and to be covering the cost of the pack.
  4. Old Tfs are old. Developers had different motivations then. Now it is a volunteer session. Do you want badges, or exp, or content?
  5. So, I dumped a few thousand rare salvage into the AH. Last time I checked, there were about 10,000 bids all at 100k or less.
  6. Question: If I solo a TF, do I get the bonus if I start when it's a TF of the week, or if I finish, or both?
  7. From the tankiest of tanky tanks to the supportiest of supporty support, there is nothing you can play that will be unable to solo. Maybe you have to choose EBs over AVs; maybe you play +1/x5 rather than +4/x8. It's all good.
  8. I thought it might be nice to set up some sort of give away/exchange. If you have something you'd like to give away, post it here. If you have something you'd like to acquire but there's none in stock, or you don't like the /AH, or you're inf poor, ask and you may receive. I only ask that if you receive something, please use it rather than sell it. I hope this will drive traffic to this sub forum and maybe get more people interested in marketing for themselves. I'll start: I've got a bunch of Miracle +recovery procs I'm looking to give away to a good home. Most of them are unattuned and lvl 30-31. Send me a PM either on these boards or ping me in game @Yomo with your global and I'll send you one via email. Happy hunting!
  9. At level 30, and I’m vaguely discomforted with this build, and I’m not sure why. I’m slotted mainly for offense, and it does a good job of it, but I felt it would be better. Much like I consider escargot to be a delivery system for garlic butter, I consider a staff/ bio scrapper as a delivery system for res damage debuffs. I’m constantly in offensive mode and staff of the body. i feel like my staff brutes (/fire, /regen) feel more survivable and fury helps their damage against mobs. I feel like my staff/bio stalker is more well rounded, and significantly better at single target. I guess I need to work on defenses now as I continue to level. Also, I need to address the value of scrapper criticals on staff. Questions: 1. Does anyone know how the DoT of many staff stacks deals with crits? Is it only the first tick, or does each tick have a %? With sky splitter coming in two parts, same question? 2. Where do you slot Crit Strikes in staff? I would normally put it in a T2 single target so I can leverage the crit % for a T3 single target or a PBAoE. But frankly, I think I would get the most bang for the buck having the crit apply to my T2 single target. I had it briefly in Guarded Spin, but pulled it out when I got to 27 and put Obliteration in there.
  10. I knew a Winter Pack discount was coming, but would never have imagined a Black Friday discount of 60% off. I had parked a lot of influence there in 10mm bids. If I asked nicely, they would probably reverse it, but I’m not a complainer by nature and let’s see what I can do with this from here. i feel bad for anyone who had a bunch of bids for winter os in the high teens. A few months ago I was buying the hold winter os for 12-14mm, spending a few converters and selling them for >20mm. Not enough flow for my tastes so I (luckily) mostly got out of the market.
  11. I would qualify as saying that this is *probably* a display glitch, although Jimmy's comment seems to confirm it. There are definitely real items that have some screwy histories that are not bug related. Lots and lots of very small bids. Never post at a level you aren't willing to receive!
  12. You and me both. I now own several thousand winter packs. The very thought of opening them gives me the "chills".
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