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  1. Nerf [XYZ] needs a boost threads!
  2. Attuned IOS pick a random level within the range they are available and you can’t see what that level is. So a failed conversion occurs when you try to convert, but there is nothing at that random level to convert to.
  3. I cannot guarantee this 100%, but I feel very confident that I have converted by rarity and gotten the same category but in a different set, e.g., converting a Smashing Haymaker by common, getting a Focused Smite.
  4. I don't know how the RNG does the rarity thing. One logical way would be to look at every rare set that this *could* be converted to, choose one, then assign which enhancement in the set it is. Another logical way would be to look at every rare enhancement that this could be converted to and choose one. If it's the former, then you might have a (for example, making this up entirely) 1 in 45 chance of getting a winter's gift, but if it's the latter you would have a lesser chance (since winter's gift only has three enhancements in the set). There may also be observer bias. I tend to notice when I get things that are worthless to me, like winter's gift or snipes, but don't pay as much attention if it's something middling, like a melee damage.
  5. You just don't get it. I don't do it BECAUSE it's overpowered. I do it because I really enjoy, um, being overpowered?
  6. Ears perked up. How in the world did you pul that off? The best I’ve heard quoted is about 2mm a minute, so you are doing over five times that?
  7. I’ve converted a lot. A LOT. I can’t say I’ve seen any evidence that the RNG isn’t statistically fair.
  8. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Entrusted_with_the_Secret_Badge
  9. I am 100% for making more content that is truly rare, or hard to acquire. No one needs IOs at all in order to solo AVs. Why not allow people to strive for something unique?
  10. Has anyone else noticed that supply seems to be dropping and prices rising?
  11. If this were to work, I think you would need to front the buyer the capital, then wait a week or two while she does her magic, then collect your items. You can buy 70-90 enhancements in an hour. You cannot buy 70-90 specific enhancements in an hour. That goes to your aversion of being a price taker. I *think* you know that. I enjoy getting bang for the buck, but if you want to contract this out, I really think you need to offer a lot more upside. Tell you what, I’ll provide a 1bn build for 5bn. And I’ll pay 1.5bn for a 1bn build. That’s market making!
  12. It feels a bit like Tom Sawyer getting his friends to paint his fence, but power to you! I'd be a buyer of this service. Why not let people contract to provide me goods at the lowest price? I'd make out like a bandit reselling to the AH.
  13. I think you just reinforced my point. If you are joining "PLing" teams, you are doing so either because you find it "too [xyz]" to level normally, or because you just enjoy the experience of zerging. That's cool, and it's your choice. I don't understand why people would make that choice. I'm not saying that everyone HAS to play content at normal speeds. I AM saying that I do not understand anyone's contention that "I choose to skip intermediate content because I would prefer to level to 50, then go back and experience said content through Ouro, preferably with T4 incarnates" I surmise that people do it because it's a lot easier, for example, to fight Atta with T4 incarnates, than without but I don't know!
  14. Again, just my opinion. But my ability to profit per enhancement is happening anyway. Why should I want to provide YOU 5x LotG 7.5% when I can provide five, ten, hundreds to the marketplace? I think I would want something to sweeten the pot. Purples/winters -- terrible profit potential. If you bought winters at 10, good for you! Otherwise buy at 20, sell at 25 for net 2.5mm profit per? Meh LotGs -- costs about 3mm per to make them, on average. Why make you 4 as opposed to making a hundred for the AH? ATOs -- buy at 6mm, spend 500k on converting, sell at 10mm (9 after taxes). Again, why not do this in large quatities? etc. It sounds like you have a good grip on marketing. Why again are you looking to outsource it?
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