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  1. I don't have any number-crunching to add, just want to say I ran a mission with my 41 TW/Invuln and even though the damage was noticeably lower, the set still feels good. I knew when I was playing on Live that it was overtuned, and now it just feels... tuned.
  2. Sure. My feedback is that it just feels like an awkward change since acid arrow filled the "boss+ debuffing" role before, and now 2 powers changed to make entangling arrow fill the same niche instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess I'll edit my original post to make it more clear.
  3. @Jimmy EMP arrow notes are missing the Mag reduction for the hold portion of the ability, and that it's not a guaranteed hold anymore. The below are my thoughts on the changes that I've played (briefly) so far, from the perspective of an Incarnate Ill/TA controller that has been one of my mains since live TL;DR: Love most of the changes! Though I've gotta say, the -Special and -End Mod don't feel particularly useful things to add? Buffs are buffs though I spose. Keep acid arrow as it is on live, add the new -debuff res to entangling arrow instead. The -RES feels a bit clunky thematically for entangling arrow, considering acid arrow had it removed. 2 powers changed so that entangling arrow could fill the boss+ debuffing niche that acid arrow already had covered. I suggest moving the -debuff res to entangling instead of acid, since that extra debuffing is useful on EB's+, where you'd also bother using a single target immob already as well. Please remove the buff aspect from EMP arrow, and revert the hold portion to as it is on live Reasoning and more in-depth thoughts:
  4. Star Chief - AR/Dark Sentinel Nerve Lass - Mind/Poison troller
  5. Figured I'd make a scarecrow for halloween! Spines/Bio, with the bats/roaches auras.
  6. If you're going to stick with /Regen, I'd say build for S/L defense and recharge. I also think shadow meld from soul mastery is super helpful, you can basically just alternate between it and MoG.
  7. Update! I went for a S/L def/recharge build, and so far so good! I didn't think only 30ish def would make much of a difference, but I was super wrong. Especially when stacked with shadow meld. Also, I went for some extra flavour and went for invoke panic to use as a soft "oh shit" button, which I've actually found to be decent. (Probably not optimal, but thematically it's muy bueno. I did have to drop a travel power for it but 🤷). I'd post a build, but I'm on a Mac these days. Thanks again for all the help! He won't be my strongest character, but hearing that Regen was workable gave me the motivation to try, and he's fun enough! Just won't crank the difficulty lol
  8. Thanks for the build suggestions and thread links, I'll look into them and see what I can do!
  9. Hello scrappers. Masked Mauler was my favourite 50 on live, a DM/Regen scrapper with lots of purples and could somehow survive while pumping out obscene damage. Part of his success was bonkers proccing on the T1/2 attacks (which won't work anymore with the new(?) proc calculations. The other was strictly recharge, making MoG and Shadow Meld nearly cycleable. Here on homecoming, I'm struggling with +0/x8, S/L farms. (Granted, he's only 43 and no meaningful set bonuses, but still. He sometimes goes down so fast that I don't even have time to cast Dull Pain). How do I make DM/Regen work? Should I be building S/L defense? Res? Just hit 50 and stack recharge and it'll be just like the glory days? Please help me with this build. Def and Res armours are easy for me to build for, these regen shenanigans are too much for me. Restrictions: * I want shadow meld to be part of the equation, and preferably both the T1/2 DM attacks (he's a former boxer)
  10. Wow, woops. Thanks all! I was sure I'd upgraded them but uh, I've got bad eyes I guess
  11. Title says it: I split superior vigilant assault for 3 enh's into 2 powers and am only getting the set bonuses once. Expected behaviour: Increased end by 7.2 Increased recharge by 20% Actual: Increased end by 3.6 Increased recharge by 10% Screencaps:
  12. Yea, I went garish for the retro look, and conceptually he's like a space Nascar driver so it fits haha. Maybe I'll give him a gritty reboot costume at some point with some class 😂
  13. Cosmo Rocket! Spacecar Racer by day, crime fighter by the same day! (DP/Martial Blaster)
  14. Inspired by Wukong, here's my Staff/Nin Stalker: Simian Trickster! (Name WIP)
  15. I was thinking an Elec/Martial blaster, with the Elec turned white.
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