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  1. Wow, woops. Thanks all! I was sure I'd upgraded them but uh, I've got bad eyes I guess
  2. Title says it: I split superior vigilant assault for 3 enh's into 2 powers and am only getting the set bonuses once. Expected behaviour: Increased end by 7.2 Increased recharge by 20% Actual: Increased end by 3.6 Increased recharge by 10% Screencaps:
  3. Yea, I went garish for the retro look, and conceptually he's like a space Nascar driver so it fits haha. Maybe I'll give him a gritty reboot costume at some point with some class 😂
  4. Cosmo Rocket! Spacecar Racer by day, crime fighter by the same day! (DP/Martial Blaster)
  5. Inspired by Wukong, here's my Staff/Nin Stalker: Simian Trickster! (Name WIP)
  6. I was thinking an Elec/Martial blaster, with the Elec turned white.
  7. For sure! Just tossing my 2 cents in.
  8. IMO MoG is extremely important for Regen. Regen's decently survivable if you can absorb the alpha, but you can get dropped pretty easily without much in-set defense or res. MoG means you can absorb alphas much easier.
  9. Update, it also does the same on the DUST cannon Beam Rifle customization.
  10. Thunduress: Storm/Sonic Defender! And Yukon Grey: Shield/KM Scrapper!
  11. So far I've only noticed with the fire and ice and tech knight pieces. Shader quality: medium and lower produces this result:
  12. I love my I'll/TA! I went for a budget build with moderate recharge and capped ranged defense, and am hoping the spiritual alpha gets my PA close enough to perma.
  13. Real easy in my experience, though mine is only a few days old now. The first 3 attacks are really quick, so you can spam them to keep power siphon stacked. Also, I can confirm the scrapper ATO doesn't allow CS to reset power siphon, but with that combined with its longer recharge/animation time, it procs it very reliably. CS to burst often makes burst Crit everything for some very decent AoE damage.
  14. Oooh Archery! Is rain of arrows a pseudpet? It was my understanding that most DoTs scourge chance is calculated at cast, and not recalculated over time? Or are DoTs preferable because they'll (essentially) tick twice as fast once they're in the scourge range?
  15. How do Son and Psi interact with Scourge? I know Fire/* and Ice/* do well because of their rain powers, and Water/* with whirlpool, but I'm not sure about Son/* and Psi/*
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