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  1. Thanks again for the support from professionals in outlining this promiscuous data policy. And those trying to humorously mend the trust that others have broken. Unfortunately, two years and dozens of Incarnates on 3 servers may be history. Haven't played Homecoming since my last post and not sure when or if I will. Minimizing communication in an insecure and unfriendly environment will be a minimum in the future. In a cartoonish morality tale, the sycophants can fortunately be quite funny.
  2. I am very grateful for the support and kindness. My intensity is only necessary because of the dogged insistence on avoiding the point. And the ways my position is being maligned -- mostly with hackneyed corporate rhetoric. (Thanks nonetheless to my fellow plebes for being relatively gentle thus far). To paraphrase @Tyrannical, our sensitive personal information is not being used in the strictest capacity necessary to protect the game and its users. It is instead being used as a short cut for recruitment. That alone is a slippery slope that invites a host of problems. A
  3. Many will undoubtedly find your first explanation to be sympathetic and logical. But you then explicitly admit how the Homecoming implementation of this policy is exactly as @Tyrannical and I have stated. We chose to put our reputations on the line not just for the sake of decency, but the integrity of Homecoming as a whole. That you would, from a position of authority, attempt to dismiss our substantive objection with a joke is typically corporate. To double down with a non-apology and other obvious or otherwise irrelevant statements is too, but sadly unprofessional an
  4. Thus does the unthinkable become commonplace. You blithely gloss over Homecoming's adoption of the most corrosive and dehumanizing of corporate policies. Your policy turns every communication we have every made with COH friends into a potential liability. Fodder for any person designated by management, even the least qualified and most biased. A cause for disqualification from employment (see economic devastation). And a standard impossible to equally enforce, particularly upon upper management. The flippancy with which you dismiss my objection suggests the
  5. Here is the first step of the application link above -- a prerequisite for Homecoming consideration for a volunteer position. I have really wanted to add volunteer work for Homecoming to my monetary support to date. Being an IT professional, it appears I check off almost all "boxes" before consideration of my decades long resume, with abundant references and security clearances. To my knowledge, I am compliant with the Code of Conduct. An imperfect but otherwise better than average player and community member. But I take strong exception with the s
  6. I marked my many positive reactions to the brilliant wish lists. My first aim is to thank everyone for their constructive efforts. That being said, the premise of the thread is "leading the witness". Since negotiations have apparently proceeded to this point, I will join @Castrum in being the messengers of adverse news: I may want nothing from a "licensed" game, given the current state of "IP". The vast majority of agreements with which I am familiar make the licensee almost as subservient as a subsidiary, without the benefits of actually being one. A one way street t
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