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  1. You are free to have an opinion, and voice it. After all, that's what forums are for. But the final decision does, and should, rest in the hands of the HC team. If they are wise they'll accept critical feedback, I they are not *shrug* there are other servers to play on.
  2. The servers belong to the Homecoming Team, it is their decision what happens on it.
  3. Maybe someone can help me with some advice. I have a mission in St Martial up the north east side of the neighborhood but I can't find the mission entrance. When I get to the way point I can see it a 50ft or so below me. I recall during Live there were underground tunnels somewhere in this zone but I can't find the entrance to them for the life of me. Could someone help me figure out where I need to go to find my mission? Thanks for any help
  4. Revamped Storyline Arcs - Re-do old arcs using new technology and methods More to do in current zones, instead of creating more zones Outdoor zone events with meaningful rewards
  5. My friend and I are looking for a RP super group to play with. We typically play evenings Eastern Standard time. Don't necessarily need a huge group, just a group with a few dedicated players who like who roleplaying while doing missions or Strike Forces. Message me here or online @OldestOne Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the warning, I'd considered this group after it was suggested to me, but if they don't do anything to curb sexual harassment (or harassment in general) under the guise of "Good Roleplaying" then it isn't a group I want to be part of. Consent, lines and boundaries are an integral part of any roleplaying exchange and need to be respected.
  7. My main character was Oldest One, the Fire/Fire Brute on Virtue. Would love to reconnect with old friends now playing on Homecoming. Even found an old picture a friend drew of my main.
  8. I started on Victory with Jake Summers (Rad defender) and Oldest One.
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