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  1. Oh, I have not yet done it on my PB....because...had I done so...I would have labeled this thread, "Solo MoITF with Peacebringer." (snark) I will get around to it eventually, but, lately I have been having more fun using my Warshade. Alien in Black
  2. Congratulations on that. Here are some questions. 1. Were you able to separate Romulus from his nictus healers? Because, as you can see, when that transpired for me earlier yesterday I was able to complete the Task Force much more quickly (1:35:35). 2. What is your Warshade's time? I recall you soloed it on live...but I do not think it was a MoITF. 3. Do you think I could beat your time with my Peacebringer? 🙂 Regards, Mr. AIB
  3. It depends. I'll put it like this...as the total number of enemies goes down my time spent in dwarf goes up.
  4. I have been asked for my build...here it is... http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1757&c=765&a=1530&f=HEX&dc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
  5. You should give soloing a TF a shot. To answer your second question, yes, doing TFs, such as Posi's, does drop your level. In that case it is best to have a build that exemps well. The build I used for this TF works well at every stage of the game. As far as tips for a MoITF, I could offer several. Use inspirations early and often. Keep moving, especially in the 2nd stage. Make sure you stay on top of using hasten, eclipse and mires when they are available. One that is noteworthy is this...unless you are able to separate Rommy from his Nictus AV healing compadres during the final battle it is quite unlikely that you will be able to defeat him without using your lore pets and a lot of inspirations. Even with this approach you will probably only be able to beat him once before your pets fade away and he begins to regen. At this point, spend your time killing the traitors and replenishing your inspirations. Here's something else...AI for all pets (especially dark extractions) has become really bad. So, you will want to keep Rommy off balance by constantly repositioning yourself in such a way so that your pet does not get struck with his AOE attack(s). Repositioning at just the right time is essential. (I used Warworks...and without Victoria I would not have gained the victory.) That's all I have to say about that. 🙂
  6. My fellow Kheldians, I have decided to post this accomplishment for your consideration and, no less importantly, my street cred. Questions, Comments, Criticisms? Kind Regards, AIB P.S. Isn't it great to have the game back?
  7. Apart from the ending sequence, I really like 1:17-1:35...a few misses...phase shifting...then finally a quick 1, 2, 3 for the KO.
  8. Mission accomplished...barely. The action, the music, the drama all of these, and more (thanks Sept) combined to make this video what it is...a masterpiece. If you choose to watch it, be sure to notice the red lettered warnings, regarding CoH shutting down for the last time, at the 10 minute and 5 minute marks. Thanks for posting Doom.
  9. My name is AIB and I approve this event.
  10. Doom the Ham. Who else made an appearance on the video? Roll call!
  11. We may have to do it with Warshades next. Also, my fellow Kheldians, we need to bring back Kheld Fridays!
  12. I like the bonuses, though I am happy that you have determined another way to slot which you find to be satisfactory. I have talked about a few of my choices in a previous post. Here is a link to it... AIB
  13. My name is AIB and I approve this message. P.S. (You might want to put Ragnarok in Fire Breath.)
  14. It looks like you have covered pretty much everything. Joining a team always helps. If soloing one needs the right...build, buffs (e.g. inspirations), abilities, and tactics to get the particular job done. However, job's vary and therein lies the difficulty. Most will find constantly altering their build, buffs, abilities and tactics to match the situation to be too laborious of an undertaking. I think it's important to keep in mind...Whenever you choose for something you choose against something else. AIB
  15. There is much to respond to here. 1. Most players (and builds) are going to experience endurance issues if they are indiscriminately firing off unnecessary powers (e.g. AOEs) over the course of a prolonged battle against a single foe (e.g. an AV or GM). One must always employ a judicious approach in combat to maximize one's potential. 2. If you want to change my build....that's great...at that point...count it as your build. I just hope that you thoroughly enjoy playing it. 3. I could use Ragnarok instead of Positron's blast and this is something that I have been considering. However, keep in mind that whenever you choose for something...you, necessarily, choose against something else. The main reason I have Positron's Blast slotted is because of the boost to range. The extra 10 feet helps me to connect with the maximum number of targets as I am hover blasting. Once again, though, I have seriously been considering this change...but I would not (will not) 5 slot Rag and add the Positron proc...because I place greater value upon the tox/psi resist bonus. 4. I prefer to hover and blast...but that is not always possible. For example...what about the blue cave missions that most of us hate...what about the 2nd mission of the ITF...what about when you hover into a position to get just the right angle so that you can burn (e.g. with breath of fire) the maximum number of enemies but you are...at that point so low to the ground someone takes a swing at you? There are many more examples of which you can probably think...if you would prefer to slot something else in RoFire go for it. (It's also nice to have that power slotted for keeping AVs in place...like Rommie). 5. By slotting Cauterizing in the way you mentioned you missed out on the set bonuses of Preventive...this goes back to the "whenever you choose for something you choose against something else" comment. The Preventive Med proc can save your life. It saved mine while undertaking this solo MoITF...and it can save yours too! However, I also like the Panacea proc...and...the way I have put together my build allows me to retain both. At any rate, I hope that this is helpful. Later Vanden.
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