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  1. good to know for next time, but I'm all done with the event. I only have 1 badge whore-der.
  2. I think it might have been a glitch or because I was in a league at the time. I solo ToTed in the same costume and the Halloween tips started dropping pretty quickly. I was able to get all 7 toting badges including redside. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. DuHast was Originally a hero from day 1. I did take him redside and yellow side for badges out side of the event. at the time the event started he was blueside. I have been ToTing in PI the entire time. the first day I was not in costume, the second day I was. I am pure hero.
  4. I'm just going to copy and paste the issue from when I asked in Discord "in-game-help" channel; regarding Halloween Tips... I looked at the wiki and it says, "This Tip mission is part of the Halloween Event. It is dropped by defeating Trick or Treat enemies while in costume, even if the character already has three Tips. This tip is available only to Primal Earth characters above level 20; it is not available to characters in Praetoria, regardless of level." Fellow ToTers were saying it drops as a treat from the doors. I've been in costume, ToTing and killing and keeping my Tips clear for 3 hours today already have a the badge for having 50 classic costumes (are there more?) and not 1 single Halloween Tip mission has dropped for me! Am I doing something wrong?
  5. I've ran the arc 4 times, each time choosing a different path and still haven't gotten the badge. What am I doing wrong?
  6. This thread is all about Quality of Life feature suggestions Here are a few of mine; 1. Make salvage stacks count as "Per stack" instead of total for SG salvage bins. Right now, its far too easy to run out of room in a SG salvage bin and have to build another. 2. Make SG salvage bins limit cap from 100 to 1,000 3. Make SG storage bins searchable 4. Allow the "/ah" command to be used in bases. 5. Make a new SG object that "pulls" needed salvage from your bins to the crafting table, possibly unlocked with a new badge. 6. Let the players design new base content 7. Re-enable base raids in what ever form its at, just for the fun of it. 8. Have a costume design contest where players submit their own artwork to be voted on and turned into future costume part/set (if you guys have the ability) I'm sure there are TONS of QoL ideas out there, but these are just a few of mine.
  7. my thoughts exactly. with the popularity of this game and how many people have logged on/try to, it's like an organic Denial of Service attack on the servers. even if they didn't do double xp weekend (which is an extremely small change compared to a holiday event), the servers still would be struggling to stay functioning.
  8. Yeah, me too. I had just did a sewer run and ended up DCing shortly after entering KR. I can log in the my first toon just fine, but when I try to log in with the one I DCed with, it boots me back to the log in with a message that that character is already logged on. Either that or "You have been kicked. Error Code: 1169780633"
  9. in the queue for Torchbearer, 205 of 453. still getting the "haven't received a message from the server" message though
  10. I think the "retrieving character list from "(server)" is being used as a placeholder for the queue. everytime I click the "back" button arrow, it says "Are you sure you want to leave your place in the queue?" But it never gets a response from the server and I get the popup that says "You have not received a message from the server (X seconds). would you like to return to the log in screen? Choose no to continue to wait for a response." waiting patiently
  11. update, it working properly again. Thanks guys!
  12. I got the game working, but I wanted CoH to look it's best so I set the graphic settings (in game) to ultra and increased the resolution. Unfortunately, CoH wasn't meant for 4k and I wasn't thinking about that when I put it on the "recommended" setting (3840 x 2160). now I cant access settings on the log in (to the game) because the mouse won't go off screen and the only way I can put in my password, is to tab to that field, type it and hit enter, but cant access the right option to lower the res setting because its off screen. I've tried deleting all the files associated with Tequila (couldn't find any other way to uninstall it) and redownloaded / reinstalled and its the same thing. does anyone know the launch parameter for windowed mode? apparently my searchfoo is weak because I couldn't find anything related to launch parameters, but I know they exist
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