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  1. Twilight Grasp power (Dark Miasma and Darkness Affinity) is still broken. If you use power customization that is not the original uncolorable choice, there is no audiovisual indication that the power hit at all, and it acts as if it missed. The power lacks the big green effect on you and allies indicating a heal, and doesn't play the satisfying sound of healing that it should. It's been a bug ever since the patch which tweaked Twilight Grasp to go off of individual AT scaling, as opposed to going off of Defender scaling in all its iterations, and it's been annoying ever since, in middle of a fight it's impossible to tell if your heal worked or not.
  2. After taking the time to read it properly, seem the idea is that Striga arcs would still take place in Striga, you just get to them by boat or chopper, dunno what your problem is
  3. Options are definitely good, and as long as the old power would still be available to go for, there's no reason not to add more to a set! Currently once you get GA there's no reason to keep the other armors, so ways to make them still useful are good. And as a sidenote, there was once a bug which, at least visually, let you run all the armors at once, so that's how it'd all look like
  4. No. You want a balanced difficult game, go somewhere else. Sentinels is what you get when you balance, a boring, average and uninteresting AT. This is a power fantasy and it's meant to be unbalanced and powerful. So in short, no.
  5. Nah, this dumb, use insps and target enemies before slamming your face into them to take out the dangerous ones.
  6. Okay, yeah, it seems like both Color Tintable and Soul Noir customization causes the bug, while base untouched Twilight Grasp still works fine, which is odd because Color tintable on Dark Servant, who also uses the power, still works fine. Still a super annoying but in need of fixing.
  7. lol no you're wrong, if anything they need to be seeded like salvage is
  8. Shock Therapy was fine, people are way overwhiny here anyhow
  9. I'm gonna put this here too because it is a big annoying bug
  10. Since the recent update, the one that changed Dark Miasma's/Dark Affinity's Twilight Grasp to no longer go off of Defender scaling if it's not used by a Defender, it somehow completely broke the power's FX when used with anything but original visuals. It no longer has the AoE green fading glow indicating you and everyone around got healed, and it does not have the satisfying sound effect anymore either, which is really panic-inducing for a healing power that can miss! The only indication anything happened are the brief green numbers above everyone's heads, which are easy to miss in middle of the fight and you would not believe how necessary those audiovisual effects are.
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