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  1. "What if we had bare boobs in game? Haha, jk jk Unless...? JK! JK! Unless...? I'm kidding, I'm kidding! ... Unless...?"
  2. There's something to that if multiple people posted the same easy solution everyone goes right to when faced with the problem. There's no reason coming to the forums and complaining about something if there is a very simple solution, provided by multiple people, that requires nothing but turning off a power, only help back by your own unwillingness to do so.
  3. I'd recommend you not editing your tiny topic after you got a pile of valid responses and then acting like some kinda high-horse riding weirdo next time
  4. What you do is use the pro gamer technique of untoggling your stealth power for 2 minutes while you escort the NPC and it works 100% of the time.
  5. I like it, it'd give the power a use other than an enemy time-out. It'd probably need another form of CC on top of it, perhaps an AoE sleep? Despite how crappy sleep is, Black Hole in its current version still is a form of CC, so removing the annoying phase, it'd need some handy replacement on top of nega-repel.
  6. This is just an inf sink you get nothing from. If your driving motivation is to get your SG members to talk or organize themselves, that's not a problem with the prestige system but with the leadership and/or members and should be resolved by talking. Or finding a more active group.
  7. The locations which offer a day job for logging out in them no longer seem to have an icon indicating such. I think it's a recent bug in the recent patches. Beforehand when you entered a day job location, you had an icon pop up under your health bar along your active powers indicating that (and with information about, if you right-clicked it and checked its info) logging out here will reward you with a specific day job badge, but now it's missing.
  8. Same unadressed issue steming from binds and macros ignoring any command past the $$ divider that started several patches back, as of
  9. This sounds of the basic internet argument of "[thing] works fine for me, so there's no problem with [thing]". There were 16 servers on live, I can tell you how terrible it was to be a non-empath defender on Union around the time of issue 3. Unless you played on all the servers at the same time, you gotta accept people's accounts of their experiences.
  10. Actually reading this mess. Back in the day as a defender, unless you were an empath, you were simply kicked from teams. Sending a tell to a team leader asking to join? A reply comes by of "empath?" and after a while you'd just stop answering since that's all people cared for. Sometimes you'd get invited to teams and hope nobody checks your powersets, because if they did, you had a 50% chance of getting kicked with or without an explanation. Only way to level was to hold onto the few people who ran teams and didn't mind non-empaths, get on Kraken-farming teams in the Abandoned Sewer Trial, and
  11. They're called 'global' for a reason. Right click->edit tab and remove from seeing the channel you don't want to see.
  12. There is a fence missing from Atlas Park, with a plyboard leaning against thin air at [2748.1 -31.8 988.7] Here's what it looks like in Echo Atlas Park, the same original area with physics intact at [2748.4 -32.0 988.2]
  13. You ignored the facts and changed your argument. This is like the third time this pops up, maybe more, you could just read through the piles of threads already made about this exact topic
  14. The update few patches ago broke macros and binds that include more than one command (as well as some internal changes to power names), anything past the first command in a chain doesn't get registered or play out, even though it should. It's even been posted about by GM Impervium, but nothing happened since, really hope it gets fixed.
  15. Greycat, give the contrarian soapboxing a rest for a while. It could work as long as it'd be a completely opt-in system as mentioned above, where to participate or even get popup challenges you have to enable it in the options, and if the code can at all handle it.
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