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  1. How about no. Learn to use this utility power to it's fullest and not run it all the time and charge into mobs.
  2. I like going around the old maps. A good log of how they were before the many updates to the game, and good for occasional nostalgia trip. I like 'em. The game's not that big, you can literally run it on a mobile phone, if you look it up on youtube.
  3. In this game, things that are rare are IO's themselves. There is a set for anything useful, and all IO rarities have varying numbers for bonuses, going up with rarity, mainly defense/resistance and accuracy/damage. If you're obsessed with range, then easiest is make a /energy blaster and get range boost to perma. +range is useless compared to things like defense or accuracy, especially when most maps consist of caves or corridors where more range won't help you. If you play at +4, or even through incarnate level content like itrials or DA storyline, even base defense softcap won't be enough to be safe. Even in regular missions you can still be hit and gotta think of building a rounded build, even as a blaster. Those set bonuses are common throughout various IO sets because they are the most vital ones for a pumped-up build and distributed so that no matter your powerset combinaiton you have access to the highest tiers of them.
  4. The update's pretty hype, I'm a bit uncertain about the Siren's Call flip tho >.>
  5. Another on the "Cool, do not fix!" list: Using Danger Sense (Ninjustu) or Focused Senses (Super Reflexes), or anything toggle which uses the 'look left, look right' animation while flying in air, sometimes having to need to be in-combat-stance first, you'll do the animation for Dragon's Tail from Martial Arts instead, and it's fun to click and detoggle and repeat to spinspinspin yourself!
  6. I guess everyone forgot all the vitriol, literal doxxing and death threats being thrown left and right and mailed to everyone who worked hard on bringing this game back from the dead. It's only calm when there's nothing to whine about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I know, right? When a buncha people are trying to force pointless restrictions on things everyone should access too, just roll over. This thread should be locked anytime now anyway.
  8. If you wanna waste your time, YOU make a petition towards the GMs and YOU organize YOURSELVES and beg for a server where everything is gated as back on live. See how few of you there are, and hey, if the GMs agree, YOU get your own server to flex to yourselves and leave the rest of us out of that mess. We want things unlocked, things accessible to all. It's not our problem, it's something you whine about and nobody else wants this. Just cause you wanna flex on people with less time on their hands and who don't wanna treat this as a job, that's on you.
  9. That's something you can do yourself, organize yourself and police yourself, on yourself, no need for implementing an entire system when you can do it yourself
  10. HC (and prior) did the smart thing of unlocking everything and not gating things. I already did my grind back on live, this does not need to be a second job like any other MMO just to get shinies and costume pieces. If you want things gated off, gate them yourself until you reach a certain point in the game, accolades are already there to reward shinies. Consider a scenario: "I have this awesome character idea but I need those costume pieces! Oh, you have to get 1400 badges and complete all the TFs in the game for it? And it only unlocks on one character? Forget it" Bet you wouldn't wanna find yourself on the crap end of that.
  11. Those are great and fit the theme the EAT's have turned to, I may have a bias towards the massive rocket pack, but I still like them!
  12. Making your character unplayable because you wanna try a new AT is a terrible, bad decision and gets a huge NO
  13. And updated with new badges for new (echo) zones, in the same style as original Vidiotmaps >.>
  14. Someone's up their own ass. No, that doesn't matter. Sidenote, you get internet access wherever you go anyway, and nothing puts you above anyone else.
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