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  1. Going on a small tour of Praetoria, can't miss Neutropolis' floating trees, grass and car wrecks at loc 6756.5 -49.9 -546.4 Neutropolis' z-fighting dirt at loc 6213.5 -69.5 -1565.7 And the local favorite at Imperial City's Studio 55, one-sided wall at loc -470.0 -318.2 -1153.0
  2. The quantum states of Vendor 73-223 A bizarre map bug seemingly specific to the Neutropolis vendor, a clockwork called Vendor 73-223 whose goal in existence seems to be staring at a wall. Its map vendor icon seems to disappear when you get close to the Lambda Sector facility, although not always. And it comes back when you move from the facility, again, not always. I tried to find the spot where the icon disappears from the map but testing was inconclusive Further, when the icon was missing and I didn't follow the road, the icon remained missing even when fa
  3. It could help to put the spam in one place. And it might even be useful to tab into when you're actually looking for an event.
  4. Seems it might be an issue that each stack is on its own timer, instead of adding up together like Staff Melee or Street Justice combo system works. If that's the case, then yeah, it could do with changing to work cumulatively like those other sets do to be more reliable.
  5. Sounds like someone who got shut down trying for ERP and is being super salty now
  6. Toy Batting! The April Fools temporary power, Toy Bat, deals actual damage to player pets, which allows anyone to kill your pets, albeit extremely slowly, dealing around 5-75 damage per hit, but it does oneshot the little prestige pets that have 11 health. Or seriously damage a lvl 1 mastermind pet.
  7. So here's the suggestion: add the new faction of Freaklok into the AE for us to play with. Those guys look awesome and they only show up in the last mission of the new arc, it'd be awesome if we could use them in our stories as well. Also, dunno how much digging in the spaghetti code it would require, but those guys could be given a few generic lvl 45-50 radio/paper missions with them as the enemy group, just to proliferate them into existence as an actual new villain group. And while we're at it, it'd be AWESOME if we were given access to all those new costume parts th
  8. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/74-forum/ Here's a handy forum that you can ask questions about and learn the ins and outs of buildmaking and slotting to make a perfect build.
  9. Already told you, use breakfrees. If you don't, that's on you.
  10. Oh whoops! I dropped my Clarion Core Epiphany that I use for my 100% mez protection uptime! But I actually keep things in my mail, usually wakies for emergencies. Why not breakfrees? refill your tray when you use your last one. It's all simple solutions you choose to ignore.
  11. If mez protection is the only reason you die, then you might wanna rethink how you build and play the game. What's that over there, is that a breakfree? Problem solved
  12. Ehh? This is a team-based game and everything is balanced around teaming. If you wanna do otherwise on AT's that weren't designed for soloing, you can with the right build and tactics, but then don't be surprised when you struggle. You're weird.
  13. Uhhh, Massively Multiplayer Online game, emphasis on the multiplayer bit. There are solo AT's, which are Scrapper and Brute. Both of them have inbuilt mez resist, so I guess the solution is, if you wanna solo, use those 😕
  14. Carry a few of those with you into missions and you're fine
  15. Nobody seems to mind absorb in Sentinel Regenereration, so putting it in the base set is only gonna do good things to its survivability. Also overhealing, yeah. Moment of Glory was a strange design, but well, take what we can get and the set needs all it can get in terms of defense and resistance. It was even more 'fun' and 'thematic' back when it set your HP to 25% and didn't allow you to heal, but we don't have to look that far.
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