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  1. Awesome, good to know, I'll plan accordingly!
  2. I'm curious if you find it necessary to use the energy epic pool? I'm just starting a WP/TW tanker and I've been wondering which epic pool would be best.
  3. I gained 3 or 4 vet levels since hitting 50, they either dropped while gaining those levels or were awarded when he leveled? I'm not sure.
  4. Awesome! I'll check when I get home. I finally got enough shards to craft the materials. Guess I can make more for the next tier using the threads. Thank you!!
  5. So I just hit 50 and have unlocked my incarnate slots. When I went to craft the components for my first incarnate (I chose Agility), I did not see an option to craft the component with incarnate threads, rather it required incarnate shards. Am i missing something? All the guides and YouTube videos show threads being used.
  6. Awesome!! I'll check it out tonight. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there a straightforward way to move influence from a main toon to an alt without handing it off to a friend to transfer? I have a vague recollection there was a way to do it using the AH, but I'm not sure.
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