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  1. SG/Base Name: The Vampirum Sanctum Passcode: SANCTUM-12813 Ingame Contact: @Riley Talons Santo Hidden within the Rogue Isles, blood magic and dark dealings coalesce to make an enclave for Vampires. Magic so foul protects and hides the place. One may feel like they are being watched from ever corner. Even from the entrance one realizes this place is not a place for comfort. An individual finds themselves on split paths all heading to the same location: A graveyard... but in the grave... there may be a vile cult of blood sorcerers. (one main level, the alley, with multiple split paths. Rooms extend off the main level with interdimensional portals marked on each door or manhole. Tour would probably be helpful. Place is still a work in progress, but is nearing completion.)
  2. Found some weird glitches. These are the CoT healing and hurting crystals they have strewn about the level. Looks like they went for a more monochrome color palate last night. I figure either way it is clear which is which, given the aura, but the color sure was... interesting. This was during posi 1 tf
  3. I spotted a graphics glitch in Pocket D. Probably two textures (the floor and some beams) conflicting with each other). Location: -165.6, -0.4, -1081.5 Since I dont have a video, the pics are where the two textures flicker and gets stuck. I hope it is enough detail. The usual stuff when two objects are merging into each other and CoX graphics go wacky.
  4. Hi, yes. Can I merge my consciousness with these spooky ghosts?
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