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  1. Anyone happen to have the name Frost Fairy and willing to release it? The wife and I used to run a rather fun duo of a fire/thermal controller and a fire/fire blaster, Flame Shaman and Flame Fairy. We enjoyed it enough we made another duo based on them but on the Praetorian side, Frost Shaman and Frost Fairy. The ice Dom and Ice blaster combo was great, but live went down while we were in our mid 30s and would love to reroll these characters if we could get the names. Contacting us in game at @Shaman of Night or @Fairy Angel would probably be best, and willing to exchange enh or recipes to swe
  2. I used Null successfully to get rid of the tray with my sorcerer, but then when I swapped over to my brute with mighty leap, the option wasn't there. Does force of will not show up, just sorcery and kheldians?
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