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  1. Grave Slayer - Dominator (Plant Control).mxd Unfortunately I don't yet know how to display the build in post. Please tear this apart it as you please.
  2. If anyone has a spare build or a link to a post I would be grateful...I can't balance the damage and debuff well enough to save my life
  3. ahh fuck...I can't believe I've done this
  4. Mids says this current build will do 470dps with out using any RE debuffs (I get that that isn't super trustworthy because there isn't a great way to gauge damage in game)
  5. This is and it may be obvious to all of you, my first fully done build from scratch. The goal for this build was to constantly maintain 400% recharge at all times or at least the massive majority of that time I chose energy for the force feedback proc and rad emission for the -regen when fighting AV's My hope from posting this here is to figure out what the hell happened to my endurance and why it is in the negatives Looking into the future I see myself having lots of endurance issues so I will be taking cardiac and ageless I'll take the -defense for int
  6. I decided to take up the latest build and here are my results Disclaimer I am not 4/4 in all incarnates yet 3/4 ageless decided to take out musculature for the right side in agility 2/4 rest are the same Fully slotted enhancements I can attack and attack and attack then my endurance goes to shit I do good damage but cross punch isn't dropping +4 Lt's even with double stacked rage I don't know if it is just me messing something up but I put about 700-800 mil into this build and it is 93% complete but endurance and damage are not what it
  7. I'll have to put those in, I am having an end issue at the moment and I just did that stop the ritual arc quest and the Mu guardians were following me, stunning me, healing themselves up and completely draining my end. I got the mission done but I must have sworn at least 3 dozen times in the living room.
  8. Thank you!...If I am a hero would I be able to talk to null the gull then take the vil abilities then swap back and keep them? Edit: would me being mutation have any effect on this?
  9. I've looked online and I haven't found anyone doing a SD/R tanker and thought it would be cool to do a fallout waste lander thing but I am now at the point where I am starting to discover end game and I don't know what to aim for as a final build. If anyone has a preexisting build that I can use as a sample to look off I would be really grateful. Quick side note Oh my god its overwhelming finding direction at 50 you tube has really saved me. Edit: Currently energy management is a big issue. I have 3 end mods in stamina and I still run out of energy if I am fighting for
  10. I haven been trying to get settled in on a build that I can take to the highest tiers of content. My fear is that I will invest a lot of time in to a bad build and then not get into groups because of it. I am requesting help for a top tier build, please help.
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