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  1. In 25 minutes it will be 2020 and I will be drinking, oh and I might give the game a little shotty 🙂
  2. Yep that did the trick, well done that man/woman/person of non-distinct fluid sexual persuasion/book 🙂
  3. Yep that did the trick, well done that man/woman/person of non-distinct fluid sexual persuasion 🙂
  4. I opened Tequila, clicked Options and re-validated everything but same message even after that.
  5. Nope, re-opened it a few times. Tried 64 bit (my OS) and 32 bit (just for the hell of it) same message every time. Tried my wife's computer and the same message appears for her too
  6. When I just tried to log in I got this little message "Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20191231_596, client 20191202_560" Where is the latest patch ?
  7. You can definitely re-use the boosted Enh in a respec but not sure it can be used by another toon (same account), and definitely can't be used by another account.
  8. I was referring to the inf that would have gone towards buying a Sup 😉
  9. Nah dude, your missing the point. Seven and a half big ones, gone down the swanee. And thats only one enhancement, what if you had 4 of the blighters. Holey Moley thats a whole Superior Might of the Tanker gone, never to be seen again. 🤯
  10. That would be awesome but then the user doesn't lose so it would have to have a charge attached to it. Click here to unboost for a mere 100,000 inf
  11. Not all the inf but not none of it either. I can use an enhancement till its black and blue then I can sell it on for a reasonable loss, so why not for a booster too, lose a little not the whole shebang.
  12. Alright, I can live with the fact of losing money when I buy an enhancement, find out I've already got it and sell it back for a loss. That's life. But when I boost an enhancement and decide at some point I don't need it, I lose all 5 boosters which cost roughly 7,500,000. That's a hell of a lot of inf. to lose in one fell swoop. Can the dev's put a re-sell/sell on price on them.
  13. Has respeccing on the test server been stopped for some reason. I've tried 3 times to do it and all 3 times at the end it says "respec failed".
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