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  1. So, the Shield Wall set is a purple set in the merit terminal, but shows as an orange set in the recipe list. I know purple sets are already attuned, but is it orange or purple (rare, very rare). If it's attuned already i can go ahead and use boosters :D, if not i will catalyst it for set bonus at lower levels.
  2. How do i use this badge tracker? Is there a way to scan my character ingame, and dump the badges i have in the badge tracker. ?
  3. Hehe, thanks guys.. Good to know the proc and/or mod stays with the power, even if exemplered down below the level the slot was given.
  4. I've always slotted procs to the far right, for the sake of order. But started thinking, maybe they will be available at lower levels if slotted to the far left. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Thanks for sharing this build, i've been fixing to respec my ice/storm controller. Looks like a fun build with all the storm powers, and well slotted too i think. 🙂
  6. Would you still get Fiery Embrace ? I'm considering throwing out Fiery Embrace and Barb Swipe, for Impale and Throw Spines. (How to get slots thou?)
  7. BTW, Fiery Embrace only works with fire attacks, i overlooked that in the beginning. 🙂 So only Burn and Blazing Aura for Meruks spec, loving the build thou. 😄
  8. I love this build, was just wondering why it's showing as lvl 30 in the planner.
  9. Why use lvl 30 Red Fortune in foresight and not a lvl 50 one ?
  10. Thanks for the replies, it clears it up for me now. I made the mistake of using catalysts on the armageddon and ragnarok sets a while back (both purple sets).
  11. Should i +5 boost all my sets or just attune them with catalyst?, i thought sets where already attuned while exemplaring to lower levels. Is it even possible to both boost and attune the same set IO?.
  12. Rikti War Zone: - Accolade: "They Are Still Among Us" Vanguard Operative Unabashed Trespasser Lifesaver Base Jumper Homewrecker Luscious Junkyard Dog Echo Rikti Crash Site (Ouroboros, portal behind building): - Accolade: "Crash Landed" Powerful Under Fire Ace Asunder Scarred Eyewitness Shielded Communications Specialist
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