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  1. @Ravenfrost and Dan Petro said I could use anything on his account as well since he will be out of town that day. So lots of characters. Blasters, 1606 offense, debuffers, and lots of support characters. No captain since my mic doesn't work. Willing to roll a new character if needed. Qualifications - I made Hot Heals top 10 emp list multiple times ❤️
  2. I think the most fair is definitely leave RV as is and make a separate zone with alpha only. As much as I personally think incarnates kind of break certain stuff in PvP, those who enjoy it should be allowed to play what they want. The issue I think would be is there enough population to justify splitting the zones? If people want to take the time to though, by all means anything that lets more people enjoy stuff is a positive change.
  3. Hi! Does pain domination work okay for a support character? My main on live was a magical empathy ice blast defender and I wanted to try something different.
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