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  1. There are lots of little inconsistencies like that. For example "Deep V" pattern isn't available for males "Kheldian belt" isn't available for females. I assume it has to do with development focus in other areas of the game that need attention more than costume commonality. Now that the community is running the game a lack of talented modders putting in the time to costumes and Homecoming's reluctance to implement some of the costume mods that are already out there. It is possible that no one has cataloged all the inconsistencies either. *shrug* just kind of speculating on all this.
  2. Or what if we could modify the throwing disk power to be some fancy beer. Give it a range of melee and you could buy drinks for people.
  3. Interesting. Okay so lets leave the blue bar that 90% of the RPers use alone but what about some love to the red side. Tiki room and the barkeep upstairs. I rarely see anyone at those locations. At the least there would be a merchant at either extreme end of pocket D that way.
  4. This reminds me of the gang customization in saints row.
  5. Is there any way ALL the bartenders in Pocket D could be merchants selling inspirations? The bartender in the AE section is already a merchant.
  6. The carnival of shadows must have just had a shift change. I always get a laugh when I see groups like this. Anyone else find strange occurrences in the D?
  7. I just got it to work on Manjaro as well. I used the Lutris installer for Homecoming 64bit. I have not tried the tequila or island rum installers yet. /home/**YOUR USERNAME**/Games/city-of-heroes/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/screenshots/ I found my screenshots here. I had to change the default key binding in CoH though. I am using KDE and prtscn opens Spectacle by default.
  8. I had a 50 PB back in i5. I have to say voids were an absolute nightmare. They would kill you in 1~2 shots. Now they are just annoying. I do think they are kind of an outdated mechanic but after reading the comments I see that lore reason for them resonates more than I thought it would. Some ideas to mix it up: So all Khelds are team orientated right? so what if voids did something similar. Not so much unresistable outright damage but instead a mega debuff. Maybe an effect like Venom Grenade but longer duration or 1.33x the effectiveness vs Khelds. This would enable the mob to do more dam
  9. Not a huge number story but some interesting tactics: Back on live a buddy and I made stalkers as our first villain characters. I went claws he went ninja blade. We developed a tactic where we would run at an enemy from opposite sides, jump over them and activate Focus or Soaring Dragon on alternating passes. We called it "Jousting" and we made many a boss flop around helplessly as we poked them. Efficiency: Medium Risk: Low Fun factor: High
  10. I was able to get CoH HC to work on both Pop_OS! 20.04 and KDE neon 5.20. Both are Ubuntu based so installation went smooth. Glad this guide was up! We need more support for us Linux newbs.
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