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  1. I have now ran into this bug enough times to realize it is not a one time thing, but not enough to be able to figure out how to fully force it to happen on command. It still has happened enough times that I have begun to suspect what might be occurring but I will leave it to others to figure out if my speculation is correct. Anyway, I /petition reported it and was asked by the responding support GM to post the bug here on the forums as well. I meant to do so sooner but did not have a chance before now. Basically the bug is that instead of sending the buy or sell order once, it constantly nonstop sends the code when the bug triggers. This can result in dozens or hundreds of duplicate buy orders, or in the reverse case dozens of attempts to sell items that were in your storage. Eventually the code hits the spam limit and starts to send back messages about the auction house being busy and unable to handle the order. The first time I ran into this bug I ended up purchasing 73 units of salvage at an inflated price when I was only trying to purchase 6 total. Luckily I was able to cancel the rest of the 136 copies of the order before it bought the salvage. The second time I ran into this bug it attempted to purchase several copies of the exact same enhancement at several million inf each. Luckily the character I was on at the time only had enough money on hand to purchase a few copies of it. The third time I ran into this bug it placed a dozen enhancements from my stored to my selling tabs - luckily I planned on selling them anyway. The fourth time it again tried to create dozens of salvage purchase attempts but this time the duplication was for a bid of just 1 inf each so they clogged up my AH slots without actually purchasing anything and it only took a few seconds to clean up all the entries. The actual bug is based on the selected listed AH object in the upper right list of the AH. Occasionally it gets bugged, no clue how, and if I left click on a specific spot in that entry it instead sends endless duplicate attempts of whatever was the last thing I sent to the AH code before clicking there. It is like an endless "back step, enter, back step, enter" loop happens. If it helps I am running the Tequilla version of the 64 client, and so far it has only happened while I had 2 copies of the client opened but one of them logged out and sitting in the account login screen.
  2. I am very concerned by that highlighted post from Jimmy. I honestly feel like he has gotten the bug completely wrong about what is going on and has no clue. It is leaving me with less than positive belief that it will actually be fixed. A little testing of my own as a spines/fire brute showed me that it had absolutely nothing to do with toggles failing to apply taunt. This issue is far worse than simply a failure to taunt. Burn is actively de-aggroing everything it hits with every tick of damage but only if another active DoT exists. Apply any non-Burn DoT power but never touching Burn and the enemies stayed on me practically forever. Apply burn by itself with no other DoT powers and again the enemies more or less would stay on. But if you apply a non-Burn DoT first and then afterward apply Burn very shortly there after enemies go running away by the dozens. If you apply Burn DoT first and then afterward apply a non-Burn DoT second you can actually keep the enemies on you if you time the second power right. Tested Burn with Quills and Blazing Aura on. Resulted in eventual de-aggro but only after more than half of the Burn was over. Tested Burn with Spine Burst used first. Resulted in complete de-aggro after just 1 or 2 ticks. Tested Burn with no other attack / counterattack powers used. Resulted in eventual de-aggro but only after the power almost exhausted itself. Tested Burn with Spine Burst used second. Resulted in some de-aggro but some enemies stayed on. Tested Quills and Blazing Aura but no active powers including Burn. Resulted in enemies staying on. Tested Spine Burst used along with Quills and Blazing Aura but not Burn. Resulted in enemies staying on. Conclusions: A) Burn (and other powers that were changed by the same coder in this patch) is actively de-aggroing but only if another DoT exists already. B) If you apply any other DoT right after the Burn DoT the second DoT power returns the aggro which slightly overcomes the de-aggro effect until too much de-aggro builds up to be overcome. C) If you apply any other DoT right before the Burn DoT then the total amount of de-aggro seems to be equal to both which causes instant disengage. D) The problem is Burn and any other power that was changed in this patch to stop causing aggro - the code almost surely fails at simply turning off extra aggro but instead adds negative aggro each tick. THIS is where the bug is in personal opinion. Instead of simply not adding aggro, Burn and other changed powers actively de-aggro.
  3. I just for the first time ever had the game crash and received a crash handler popup as a result. I have had times where the game client closed on itself, but this is the first time I saw this crash handler thing. Has it always been there or is this something new they are testing out? It happened as I was exiting an AE solo mission. It claims it occurred at relative address 0x25af68. Errors in gaming are nothing new to me, but since this is the first time I've ran into this in half a year of playing CoH on Homecoming it leaves me with a question regarding its origin. Is it just a normal crash but now there's a handler for it? Or is this a new crash I have never encountered before? If it is new then does this sudden error mean my game is starting to become corrupted and needs to be reinstalled? Or is it caused by the recent patch I had to download and should be cleared up in the next patch? Or was it just a random one off that I should not worry about?
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