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  1. Like I said, overinvesting in Hand Clap for the memes is something I do. It just doesn't solve the major problem. I love my Hand Clap for the soft control and space-filler attack it provides, but it doesn't help with AoE damage in any significant capacity. Also I'm not asking for a combo system, I'm basically asking for SS's lamest moves to have "chance for AoE damage", in addition to/instead of what they have now (whatever works better for overall balance.) I have no problem at all with there being ST and AoE focused sets - in fact I really like the balance and gameplay
  2. So, SS has AoE Problems (tm). Foot Stomp aside, it really doesn't do much unless you're fighting a single target, or you're like me and overinvest in Hand Clap for the memes. And it's also a really old, dusty set that could use a little life injected into it in any case. Not that I'm biased - my super-strength/invuln Brute says so. I've seen a suggestion here or there about moving powers around or changing powers entirely, but I have my own idea; one which could maybe solve the problem while retaining a good feeling of "SUPER STRENGTH" with heavy hits and thunderous impacts. That b
  3. Honestly I'm all for it. I have a couple of female characters who're way too masculine to be sashaying her hips like a runway model. I'd love to be able to Walk and not feel out of character.
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