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  1. Tried searching and googling but couldn't find anything that wasn't bio armor for ninja blade. Does anyone have a build for this pairing? It would be for my girlfriend who knows nothing about builds, hell she literally just bought her first IO today not counting merit archetype ones. The big thing she wants to be able to do is stealth to the boss, assassinate it and then survive to kill the pack so she can finish the mission. Normally this isn't a big issue with what she has but i imagine with a real build she could be worlds better. Thanks
  2. I ran a beast / nature for a while to 46, cant remember why i stopped playing it. Probably just got distracted but i do recall really liking nature. Have you tried any other sets with nature? Curious if any of the others besides thugs, bots, and demons would do well with it. In the mean time i think i'll roll up a thugs nature to give it a try.
  3. I really enjoy my Fort Widow but i hate melee in groups. Just ran my very first I-trial and with 24 people, it just made the melee even worse. So many spell effects and then the mechanics on top of that. Not something i really enjoy. I could respec my widow to be more ranged but i like the build i have for solo so started thinking about more ranged characters i could try instead. I've always enjoyed the MM playstyle but i get really annoyed with my pets dying. With a good build do they stay alive better in incarnate trials and or ITF? I've never had a 50 mm let alone incarnates. So it's something i'd like to try but i just don't know if it's worth the effort. I've heard good things about some people being able to solo masters ITF with some but i doubt i'd be doing that. Mostly just want them to stay alive through the fights so i don't spend more time resummoning them then actually attacking. I hate bots so they'd be out but demons are cool or necro if they do ok. I've heard necro isn't the best but i like the theme. Thanks
  4. I tried googling but never found anything specific. Is thee a story arc of missions or anything that explain the incarnates and why we're able to use them? I was going to start working on the dark astoria missions but figured i should a bit further back if it there's anything. If there is, who's the contact?
  5. I like demons on paper. But man i hate demons in game. So big and so much noise. That's one of the reasons i like beast. The dire wolf is semi large but the rest are pretty small and they dont seem to howl as often as the second tier demons do. With thugs, would you say, aiming at soloing higher difficulty, would it be better to go with dark or time? Seems like it would be similar, time has the defense but dark has the to hit debuffing. The other one i was thinking about is rad but that's a lot of toggles on mobs. All the set up time might get annoying.
  6. I played a storm thug for a while and they did seem pretty strong but that could have just been storm. I'll have to give thug / time a try. Heard alot of good things about time.
  7. Back when CoV first launched i played a necro/dark mm and then recently i've been doing a beast/nature and i enjoy it but i get a lot of dead pets and having to resummon. So i'm curious if there's something better. I'd like to be able to run missions on at least x8 if not +4. It's possible that i just suck at mastermind though. I'm not 50 yet so that could be part of it also and have no idea how to do a build so i'm just using normal IOs plus a few basic sets. Right now my current mastermind is 46. I've been trying to find that class that speaks to me the most. One that's fun in groups and solo but also ranged as while i enjoy melee while solo, i hate melee in groups. Plus i've always been a pet class person so mastermind has always seemed like the best fit. Thanks
  8. So i ran the new vigilantly and rogue story arcs, and i'm wondering how much of what was done in those can be done with AE story arcs? The extra clickies i image can be done but what about different endings, and clickies changing dialog and stuff like that? Also some other things i would curious about: Can we have one map be the first part of the mission and then while on that map transition to a new map? Or is it one map per mission? I have never made any missions with the AE, just played around a lil today. I did however do a few back in star trek online, which was considerably different.
  9. I've gotten this Mastermind to 40 and it's alot of fun. The knock downs are great. But I have a massive issue when fighting avs. I don't feel like I can add much to any fight with an av or gm. Is there anything I can take to help with those? Be it patron powers or incarnates. So far my only example has been summer bb where every av fight has been a huge mess. And then an itf where the group gave up. We couldn't even put a dent in the last fight. Which I know wasn't 100 percent my fault but I felt like I could have helped more.
  10. I have gotten to 33 now and finally realized what knock back to knock down enhancement people are using. I always thought it was the overwhelming force one. So with that in mind, does it matter what level i use? Looks like they are all the same price anyway but wanna make sure. Sounds like i will need at least two, gale and tornado. When it comes to a build beyond that i have no idea, doubt i could afford it right now anyway though.
  11. I have never really heard anyone talking about a ranged bane build. Any idea how they play? I have heard the damage is less but that may not be a terrible thing as long as they can still pull their weight. I ask because i really like the bane but i just cant get into melee and huntsmen wasn't doing it for me. (Although i did really enjoy the aoe chain on the huntsmen, that was pretty fun.)
  12. So i have a beam / bio at 42 i think and it seems like my damage just took a huge dive. Feel like i cant even solo very well now. I recall reading people saying that the damage slows down around then but what i'm wondering is if it gets better as i get closer to 50 and after with incarnates / sets.
  13. Would it be wise to slot KB to KD into the storm powers? In groups i always worry about the knock back being annoying for melee. I hate it too. I wonder what hurricane would be like if it had knock down, assuming it can take the enhancement.
  14. Curious about these two sets. I have a character theme I've been working on for the last couple days and I've tried a number of archetypes but so far, while they fit the theme I just can't get into the character. Im not really a role player, but I do like to build themes and at least think of a backstory. My goals are to be able to solo well with little fear of death at decent difficulty settings. But also be able to group and do good damage/ be helpful. Farming would be nice but I'm more interested in steamrolling normal missions. I intend to do all content but pvp so I expect to be exemplared alot. Using oro to hit missions I missed out on as well as older task/strike forces. For those curious, my theme isn't fleshed out completely yet. But my character is a praetorian clockwork that through random events has gained sentience and escaped. And some how (haven't figured out yet) has become a space pirate captain. Thugs seems to fit that well. If storm is the way to go, she uses a magic cloak. Eventually once I nail down the character I plan to do an AE mission to help bring the backstory to life.
  15. I'm trying to build a dominator around a theme for a costume i came up with and i have always wanted one at 50 as it's the only archetype i never did anything with on live. I have played around with elec and so far i really like the end draining side of it but i've been having trouble figuring out a secondary. I plan to take one or two melee skills for when something gets close but in general i wanna do ranged attacks (i understand elec plays close to the fight for the aura but that's fine.) So far energy looks neat in the character builder, however how do people deal with the knock back in groups? I have heard of the knock back to down IO but is that an invention or the overwhelming force thing? Do you slot it in all your attacks or just one? I just remember on live all the melee classes hated energy blast for knock back and i don't wanna be pissing off people.
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