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  1. How are you feeling about this build after the changes to sorcery & Rune of Protection?
  2. The answer is to pick a different power. There are plenty of sprint powers that go roughly half the speed of Super Speed already - Ninja Run, Athletic Run, the new Infiltration travel power in the Concealment line, etc.
  3. This is a minor thought - since you added the flight animations to Hover... is there any chance you could add Hover animations to Peacebringer's Combat Flight?
  4. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I'll mention it here, too. Losing Invisibility is fine from a mechanics point of view (being rolled into Stealth makes a lot of sense, those powers were always weirdly redundant), but aesthetically I'm going to miss being actually invisible. Is there some way we can get Invis levels of transparency added to Stealth's tailor options?
  5. These are the new movement speed caps (without Afterburner or anything) To achieve the running speed cap, it took 1 Run speed IO in Swift 3 Run Speed IOs in Super Speed To achieve the flight speed cap, it took: 1 Flight Speed IO in Flight Turning on Evasive Maneuvers (unslotted) To achieve the Jump Speed & Jump Height caps, it took: 1 Jump IO in Hurdle 2 Jump IOs in Super Jump With Afterburner on, the flight speed cap goes up to this. This is using the same slotting as mentioned above.
  6. It's been about a year since the last time we got new base builder or tailor items. I know making new art assets isn't easy, but are there any plans to bring in more of the existing assets?
  7. What about getting tailor options for Invis levels of transparency again? Is that possible?
  8. From my testing, both Super Jump and Mighty Leap hit the same caps (101.8mph, 200ft height) with just 2 lvl 50 IOs (plus a level 50 in Hurdle) So they're exactly the same in that regard. Takeoff increases the speed cap to 110.39, so only a 9 MPH speed increase. And it doesn't increase the jump height at all. And that speed increase only has a 25% uptime. Compared to Superjump, which now as a power that increases your jump height to infinity, with a 25% uptime So I don't know if I'd go calling Mighty Leap 'better' per se.
  9. I just tested it - the unenhanced speed is the same as before. They increased the caps, but not the base speed. So if you never put a flight speed enhance in the power, your movement will be the same as on live. 🙂
  10. Can we get the new Stealth to have the old Invisiblity's visuals? I really liked being almost impossible to see out of combat, for RP and aesthetics Edit: Maybe as a power customization option? Which I also notice, they're missing the Minimum FX settings they used to have
  11. I don't think it needs to be immediate, that's pretty extreme. Shorter would be nice, though.
  12. So my first thought: I like these changes. I'm sad to lose the GM command, but I honestly think what we're getting in place of it (the new beacons, the VIP power to place my own portal, etc) is a really really good addition that makes losing the command feel a lot better. And honestly, I think the droppable portal power will be a lot more immersive, too. I will say - the Accolade Long Range Teleport? Fantastic idea. Buuuuut having to collect the badges from every single zone in order to unlock each zone? On every character? That's a hell of a grind. And there's really not much in
  13. The Protectorate is a large, highly active, heavy RP supergroup, and we're looking to add new members to our roster! We put a lot of focus on storytelling, and giving our members the tools to get involved, or tell their own stories if they wish! Heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are always looking toward our next big adventure, and how we can shake up the status quo. In Character, The Protectorate is based out of the top floors of the largest skyscraper on Peregrine Island, known as the Monolith. From their headquarters, they work closely with Port
  14. Totally fair! Just spitballing ideas 🙂
  15. If it's worth anything... I might actually recommend range instead of endreduc in that one? Extra range on buffs is a quality of life thing at best, but likely more impactful than endreduc would be, considering their low cost already
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