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  1. When choosing to customize warshade starless step, the animation completely goes missing regardless of colors picked. Same behavior as live currently.
  2. Some of the powers for peacebringers are using the dark pallet. Luminous Blast: Bright Nova Blast Bright Nova Scatter Bright Nova Detonation Solar Flare Luminous Aura: Energy Flight Combat Flight White Dwarf Strike White Dwarf Smite White Dwarf Flare White Dwarf Sublimation White Dwarf Step Quantum Flight Also I just noticed that the WS version of combat teleport when set to the dark theme has no FX at all regardless of color.
  3. No one has ever bothered to address the reason given for the change in the patch notes, that the set is too safe. Instead people just make up what they think the reason is. Unless you want to address the central point you're not making an argument, you're just saying "I don't like it." That's not something to have a conversation about. But somehow a couple of people have managed to go 20-something pages repeating that sentiment over and over. Which is actually kind of aggravating when I want to read how people feel about the other changes, but it's drown out by "TA has no melee attacks."
  4. Arcadio

    I Can Haz Guns?

    I've always wanted a weapons assault set, maybe with a LRM clone snipe. It's only martial and maybe savage that have a natural theme right now. I would also love a devices-like control set, like being green goblin with the hysteria gas.
  5. TA still is still "lacking in incentives to get into melee range," the problem that is being addressed according to that statement is "the sets being a tad too safe."
  6. You get free accuracy in the sustain. There's kb protection, +rech, and +def in a toggle. Basically a second nuke in OSA. And again, everything can be used at range. Is there a reason it needs a range buff as well? Is it underperforming?
  7. I've been thinking about Sonic Resonance a lot recently, it's so across-the-board outclassed. It's a shield/debuff set like cold, but cold is amazing while people forget sonic exists. Now part of that is that defense buffs affect everyone essentially equally while squishy people get less out of resists, and part of it is that the set bonuses for resistance really don't compare to those for resistance. But the biggest part I'm disappointed with is how sonic debuffs resistance by such a middling amount given that's just about all it does. Maybe most of my problem is with the Achille's Heel proc doing a whopping -20% on any power that has -def, but in something like sleet specifically, with just that proc it out does sonic in an aoe. Whereas sonic can debuff half the aoe and then the rest on one target. Maybe if Liquify were something that could be used every spawn like sleet there would be actual competition between the sets, but now it's just pathetic. Also, I need to know in whose imagination does turning into a granite golem make you punch softer? I can accept the movement and recharge debuffs, they make thematic sense. But -damage on top is just too much. I used to love Stone Armor, but then I started making builds 😞
  8. 1. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I feel like fly and SS are both almost as difficult to use in closed maps, but TP is by far the fastest travel option outside. 2. The +tohit is stronger than tactics, which is still a pretty popular power. I've been playing around with combat tp and I've seen almost constant uptime (on a medium recharge build), often double stacked. I feel like it would be especially helpful below lvl 50 and on SO's where missing is more frustratingly common. Edit: Although I will say this is much easier to do on a melee character where they just want to jump to whichever enemy. 3. TP is still the fastest crossing the zone, but it definitely is annoying in the last few jumps to get to an obscured door. It is a little annoying that it needs both range and end enhancements to be great though, whereas others just need their movement enhancement.
  9. Oh I see, ya it's level 50. The patch notes just said ~80% of base damage so that's what I thought I was getting.
  10. It looks like shinobi skills is critting on inferno for a measly 17.33 damage.
  11. Wormhole is a Birkin, FS is a ziplock IMO. There's no stepping on Wormhole because FS isn't seeing the degree of control you have over enemies' positioning, nor is it disabling them. And if you can't take 16 mob aggro, why are you soloing missions where they spawn in groups of 16? Also, does hover not benefit range classes more? Group fly? Unleash Potential, Rune of Protection, Acrobatics? They're all more useful to some archetypes.
  12. I see there's a lot of opinion in this thread, so I'll add mine. I do enjoy travel in this game. I like navigating the city, and something about the mundaneness of waiting for the train is refreshing. Even though I have LRTP on (one of) my main character, I almost never use it because I'd rather run or TP to the train. So I don't necessarily care what happens with these dozen or so portal options, I'll just continue not using them, but I will say that that uninhibited access to portals at all levels absolutely affects perceived liveliness of the zones. Of course there's still intra-zone travel after TPing to a zone, but that travel is one-way. That's half the travel cut out of each zone, and it's noticeable, especially when every low level character can do it with little to no investment.
  13. I still do wish BU could generate focus, just so the added functionality can be used occasionally before getting TF.
  14. In what way is barrage, or any power, becoming less "skippable" a con?
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