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  1. Does anyone know if this applies for pseudopets like rains?
  2. Arcadio

    Regen 3.0?

    I like the idea of a toggle with a timer, but I'd prefer it were more like PB's quantum flight. IH could shut off a large portion of the regen after a given period of time but stay running with some +regen. And/or increase end cost after a period of time, and stay that way until it's toggled off with a moderate recharge.
  3. If it turned out that needed to happen I would want to see some other changes to make it different, instead of just a watered down Ill control.
  4. Mind is only weak on controllers because it has no pet to aid in damage, and no good way to set up containment consistently in an aoe. It's better on dominators because doms don't need a pet for damage and the aoe controls benefit from the high recharge needed for perma-dom. Dominators are in no way generically better than controllers, in fact most controller combos are much more capable of doing hard content than most dom combos.
  5. The armor sets are all quite different from the melee versions, and different in interesting ways. Allegedly sentinels aren't as survivable as scrappers and stalkers, but that has not been my experience (maybe because I love melee regen). My other favorite ranged AT with mez protection is a perma-dom, but those are pretty expensive to build. And the defenses are so much more active it leaves so much room to mess up and die. Which is not the case for sentinels.
  6. If the purpose of the character is to crit a bunch for the sake of criting then it should be a stalker, true. Scrappers are doing just fine how they are now.
  7. I really don't think AF needs to be more consistent. It may be annoying to not crit with AS every time, it's ultimately irrelevant. It still gets a large chance to crit from each stack, and it's better to just continue your rotation anyway. And we can get good numbers doing so. I would be interested in placate becoming something more useful and not almost universally skipped. Something like just reducing the cast time and recharge could freshen up the stalker attack rotation meta. But I disagree that stalkers NEED a buff.
  8. Absolutely. MC is more like a nuke to me with the damage proc. It tags almost everyone with a little damage and I can just walk away, the group's dead.
  9. Offensive opportunity adds a small damage proc to all of your attacks while it's active, and it's activated by your T1. Defensive adds a chance to heal & restore end with each attack, and it's activated by your T2. The main benefit is the res & def debuff that both have on the target you activate it on.
  10. I love sentinels... thematically. But the inherit has got to go. If you're playing with a team, by the time you build up opportunity the mob is mostly dead. Bosses half alive, and you get to choose to amp damage on one of them or not use your T1 or T2 until the next group. It feels beyond terrible to play. And these hypothetical-team-pylon numbers are... short sighted to say the least. (Most developed builds are going to have a source of -res, generally blasters and all melee ATs get much better rotations, etc) It's giving peak forum "statistics." I personally don't care if sentin
  11. /bio shouldn't be mentioned in a question of balance. We all know what bio does. (or //psi for that matter)
  12. I like reducing the taunt effect while keeping the power essentially the same, it's definitely less OP in most cases. The only problem I could see is that it's still able to permanently control single hard targets like AVs/GMs. (Whether that's actually a problem I don't think so but others might disagree) That's probably true, I was just hoping it could check for an effect and if the target doesn't have it it could use a different rule. But I'm not sure there are any examples of that in the game right now, oh well. I really like this idea, I would love to see a S
  13. I had some ideas on how illusion might be adapted to dominators 😬
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