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  1. When you start /logchat it will start outputting the data in your selected window (which should be the combat window) out to a file in your CoH installation folder somewhere. Then you can just link to that.
  2. I visited the house over the weekend and I just wanted to say how amazing and well done everything was 😍. I was real-life jump scared in a particular maze by one of the actors.
  3. It's the cell shading experimental setting. It's somewhere in the graphics options.
  4. The Syndicate. Friends in high places, and a bad ass biker ninja uniform too. Also, goldside is pretty safe for the opposition if you know what I mean.
  5. I've been playing around with a Psy/MC blaster on the test server: 2:40 - 3:20 -> 367 - 320 dps Musculature Core, Degen Core , Assault Core (untoggled) Varries on how often I get RftL/get KB'd(the build could still use some work). Fun combo though.
  6. They don't stack from the same player it replaces, but the debuff does only last 10s so having it in multiple powers will help keep it up.
  7. Arcadio

    Better Burst?

    I think all the blast sets are mostly even on damage before secondary effects (like dot), but maybe psi blast is what you're looking for. Its snipe has a slow-ish projectile and TK blast has no projectile, so if you time it right all the damage gets there at the same time. The damage on the nuke is also front loaded on the animation so that hits instantly too and can feel nice and punchy.
  8. Arcadio


    I use combat tp with a gaussian on my DP sentinel. If you use all three charges it's about a 30% chance to activate and you can do it every 6 seconds, so it's not that unreliable.
  9. The real game changer for arctic air is the purple confuse proc which can only be slotted at lvl 50. With that, when someone gets confused, there's a chance for several enemies around them to get confused as well. My ice dom keeps most enemies around confused for a good amount of time. While leveling AA is still somewhat useful, but more so on a team or against small groups. The confuse and slow are not quite effective enough to keep you alive by themselves unless you have some good defenses by yourself.
  10. I love seeing all the costumes in this thread. It's about time I posted one of my own: Dark-Sider, the psychic with a night terror problem
  11. Ice/Dark 1) Rains spam scourge. 2) Great ST damage 3) Stacking slows 4) Strong hard and soft control between both sets 5) Spooky ghost and it's Halloween season
  12. But there’s already content that is intrinsically more difficult. Players cannot do all content the same already. So why should this be different?
  13. I use smoke flash. It's not just one crit like I thought it was, it's all crits for the duration. So it's a great up-time buff for one or two of your pets.
  14. I think they mean broken as in OP with the kb->kd
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