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  1. For regen, your passive regen isn't that important. Recharge is the stat you want to focus on since it lets you use your active regen as much as possible. As far as defense, it's pretty difficult to get to the soft cap without seriously hurting your other areas. One thing you can do to add a little more defense is split the stalker's guile into two powers with 3 each, since that'll give you a total of 10% S/L defense. Also, shadow meld is a great mitigation power but it can never be perma. The best you can ever hope for as far as recharge reduction is dividing the base by 4.
  2. Is there a reason the to-hit damage scaling can't just go all the way back to the original damage scale? Speaking as a dominator enthusiast, it is notably difficult to get that high to-hit permanently. And for builds which can make that happen, to be rewarded with a 2.76 damage scale power instead of a 3.56, it feels like a slap in the face. Dominators need something to build towards besides perma-dom which, since it no longer adds damage, just doesn't interact with most of the secondaries.
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