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  1. That's not an option for me. I already used my one global name change to correct the mistake of not recreating my namesake as my first character on Homecoming.
  2. The Preventive Medicine proc will only affect you (the caster). The good news in regards to this is it doesn't matter where you slot it. It acts as a global proc. As long as its required criteria is met and your health has dropped below 75% it will have a chance to fire off.
  3. No lie. 100,000,000 INF to the person who figures out how to make this work for those of us who's global handle uses space(s) in our names
  4. ...because the feet are partially out of frame? 😁 No, but seriously, it looks great oodadoo.
  5. New toon for a side project my SG started. Wielder of the Nevermelting Ice and Eternal Flame
  6. This whole base is brilliant! The hidden area(s) before the medbay are especially amazing. I just really love the atmosphere and feel of them. The concept is so far outside of what you would expect in CoH. It's just so great. Well done! I hope you realize many people are going to borrow this idea. Myself included. 🙂
  7. Really wanted to take a tour of this base, but upon 3 separate entries I was stuck inside the base entrance portal. 😞
  8. Every base needs a good starting point... My alien spaceships base entrance. More to come.
  9. Punchline Martial Arts/Ninjitsu Scrapper
  10. So THIS is the reason behind Speed of Sound and Jaunt making it into this update. It all makes sense now! In all seriousness, this is mildly annoying, but nothing to get worked up about.
  11. *Releases a major update where one of its 'features' is to be able to finally push Mastermind pets out of the way... A few hours later releases a April Fools update that activates an npc who follows you around, blocks doorways and cannot be moved or pushed out of the way.* Troll level: Expert
  12. Had an idea with the Cosmic Corsair hooks this morning and just ran with it. Ended up with a new alt.
  13. ...and now everything that is great about this update will now be overshadowed by this huge INF nerf. Boo! Boo I say!
  14. Then you'll rez the entire mob your team just defeated! lol, can you imagine?
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