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  1. Pulp Heroes are my absolute jam. I freakin' love these!
  2. So my friend printed up some of my miniatures and decided to start painting them. Here's what he did with Ricochet Racer.
  3. I'll bite. "Maulnok once found Big Shiny "technology". Bright light come out of Big Shiny and grab Maulnok. Next Maulnok know, Tiny Green Man staring at Maulnok. Maulnok grunt in anger! Grunt turn to word... word to sentences. Tiny Green Man smiled. Since, Maulnok continue to make sentences, makes Tiny Green Man happy. And when he happy, he let Maulnok smash!"
  4. You could probably cheese that inside of a base with a bunch of wall banners colored green. Though the indoor (base lighting) is not ideal for screenshots.
  5. Huh, I had a toon with that exact same costume back on live! She was a Martial Arts/Shield Scrapper though. Great minds do think a like!
  6. I was already not completely happy with Ghost Man's pose and his lack of muscle tone, but now he's been compared to a Scooby Doo villain twice. That seals it! He's getting reworked in the future. In other news! I've successfully printed another miniature! Another caped hero, and a female to boot! Watchcat
  7. Made this outfit for an SG member for his Mind/Dark Dominator, Ghost Man.
  8. It's a momentous occasion! My first time printing an actual cape. Also, some creative liberties were taken with the chest detail. Ghost Man
  9. As much as I wish I could say I've cracked the code with porting CoH models over to STL files, that's simply not the case. What I've done here is meticulously recreate the look of the City of Heroes characters to the best of my abilities in DAZ Studio, pose the models within DAZ and then exported them into OBJ files which I then take into Lychee Slicer for correcting, rescaling and attaching a miniature base. This is partially why I've chosen characters with 'simplistic' character designs as opposed to some of the more extreme designs possible in the character creator.
  10. It hadn't really occurred to me at the time of converting the model from DAZ Studio to be sure and remove his atomic wedgie. I'm fairly certain once painted it will hardly be noticeable.
  11. I recently acquired a resin printer and had the crazy idea that I wanted to take some of the 3D recreations of my characters made in DAZ Studio and convert them into 2 inch miniatures. It took a few days to work the kinks out, but I now have 3 successful miniatures Ricochet-Racer The Sculpture Crime Fighter I have plans for at least 5 more miniatures. So stay tuned! Thanks for looking.
  12. I suggest we stick to the changes being presented to us to be tested and leave the wild completely unrelated power suggestions at the door.
  13. Altered the shade of blue a bit for Mystic's new costume.
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