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  1. I suggest we stick to the changes being presented to us to be tested and leave the wild completely unrelated power suggestions at the door.
  2. Altered the shade of blue a bit for Mystic's new costume.
  3. That one's gotta go. It can really screw with people during iTrials.
  4. Any chance we could have this particular animation as new official emote, because if you take this away from me I'm going to be really sad. I get that this fixes the ability to perform the obnoxious gold sky beam animation that people like to abuse during big events, rightfully so. That's a good fix. However it's also disabling harmless hidden animations such as the one on display here.
  5. Fighting Falcon and Patriot America must shop at the same store.
  6. New costume for my namesake. It's a bit on the nose, but really wanted to lean into the homage factor. ...Plus I saw some fan art of Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate that truly inspired me... this was the result.
  7. A themed group that I started the other night with a couple of friends. The suit went through many changes, but we ultimately settled on this. A little homage now and again is good for the soul.
  8. I have a similar looking Demonness. A Dark/Pain Controller named Lilithana.
  9. This might need to be tweaked after the Holiday break. It's no fun when you do everything right and still lose unspent Energy Focus because the game decided it was time for your hit-streak to come to an end.
  10. My oldest character that I had on the live servers re-imagined as an EM/Shield Scrapper. The original Patriot created in 2004, was a Broadsword/Regen Scrapper. A clone from the Revenant Hero Project who's DNA is rumored to be sourced from a tiny recovered sample of Marcus Cole's blood.
  11. ...but it's an earned Accolade, since when are earned Accolades disabled under challenge conditions?
  12. I mean, according to Jimmy and a few others, LRT is the new Pocket D VIP pass so it makes sense for Pocket D to be unlocked automatically by default...
  13. Final question... and then you'll see where I'm going with this... Since it is technically an Accolade, does Long Range Teleporter and its 'Supergroup passcode' function work on 'Master of' challenge TFs?
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