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  1. Ok, I got it to work after going down the blind alley of trying to use Dependency Walker, Process Explore, and the Nvidia GeForce Experience utility. I had noticed that whenever I launched the game, of my 2 monitors it's always the one on the right which goes black. That one is actually #1, but is configured as #2 in windows (i.e. they're switched, I just did it through software rather than mess with the cables to get the left one to be #1 and the right one be #2). Anyway, I temporarily put them back that way and launched the game. It still started on the right-side monitor, but
  2. Under W7 I would have been at max resolution as I am now (2560x1440) (these are the same monitors I used to use). First thing I do with any game is switch to windowed (non-fullscreen) ASAP, usually 1440x1024 or somewhere around there. Just updated to the latest Nvidia drivers, didn't help. Grr. I guess I'll have to give up and try again next time a new cityofheroes.exe is released.
  3. This is a brand new Dell G5 gaming machine, high specs, so I doubt it's any limitation of the machine, but rather something with Windows 10. Not sure. I had it running fine on a dual monitor Windows 7 system, no problems. I've had to replace it with this W10 machine, which is having the problems. BTW, thanks for your suggestions!
  4. In my case, I did install .Net 3.5 at some point, whether for this game or something else. It fails after launching Homecoming (either the 64-bit or 32-bit, doesn't matter). The small "Loading..." graphic in the CoH font appears for a second, then one of my monitors goes black (I assume it's trying to launch in fullscreen mode). I have to kill it with Task Manager at that point.
  5. I just installed Tequila on a brand-new Windows 10 machine and am getting the same thing. I installed the VC++ 2015 redistributable as prompted, along with DirectX. It's installed to D:\games\CoH, no permissions problems to worry about. I've successfully run CoH on a Windows 7 machine in the past. I have a multiple-monitor setup, so I'm able to kill it through Task Manager. I'd be happy to provide any debugging information if someone can help me/us...
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