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  1. any new events coming soon? summer event like last year for example?
  2. private/secret server? where is it?
  3. agreed, mm pets need customization, color options for incarnate pets also...
  4. 50caltech


  5. how do you find Shauna braun's arc in ouro? which piller?
  6. thanks very much for your explanations and details......it seems like high stakes gambling......
  7. ok kool, can any one explain with detail.....the same with super packs and or others? on average just how much stuff are in these packs? 10 ,15, 20 items? red/orange or purple recipes? or atos? etc.....its known that each are random.....but can you give some examples? if a pack costs 10 or 15 million each etc...how much did you get back from selling the stuff, to compensate for the initial cost?
  8. what is in them? how much stuff? i have never had any but have heard many players talk about them? at 25 mill on the auction house, are the goodies worth the expense? examples, details please......
  9. found glitched gift box in Brickstown, floating in the air , once opened it said ...was naughty but no snow men came out....
  10. where is the turn in spot for the halloween salvage? normally it would be atlas/mercy or croatoa? or do we wait untill this falls actual halloween event?
  11. agreed......too few times planned with the limited amount of players in one zone only.......plus the fact that with so many accounts on each server and every ones alts......many players will not be able to participate...todays first event had players fill the zone ahead of the time to start by one hour and the second zone was filling too........
  12. let me guess....the server hosts either have or are related to murphy's law....
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