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  1. Seeing as there's a travel boost Hami-o for most of the other travel powers (General movement speed), what about a range/recharge and Range/End Reduction Hami-o's for TP power users? 😛
  2. I've come to the realization that the majority of my deaths resulted from me being MEZ'd but not noticing the small little notification in time. Being able to have it displayed larger and elsewhere on the screen or even better yet, a coloured and/or styled screen/boarder effect as a warning would be awesome. A few people I talked to about this idea also suggested the coloured screen/boarder effects could be used to indicate low health, low end, or even debuffs. (P.S. LOVE all of you who are working on keeping this game running and improving it. You're the best!)
  3. I have a DP/Martial Blapper on Indom named KILLSHOT. He's pretty damn tanky (I generally herd mobs with him too using Reaction time aura) and can clear maps pretty quickly. Accolades and Incarnates help push him over the top to a point here I can herd a lot of mobs together and stand there eating taking no damage for a while. If on a team he can herd a lot of the map together, and I often try to do that for my team so we can have one fun big battle and utilize all the AOE effects. Easily my favorite build, though idk how things will work after the new update. 😕
  4. until

    Could you guys perhaps do something in the evenings sometime where other people can attend? Some people have to be working at 3pm on a Saturday and consistently miss everything you guys every do.
  5. until
    DAILY HAMI RAIDS IN THE ABYSS! (Indom) There will be a Hamidon raid happening every evening from 6:30PM to 8:00PM (EDT) in the Abyss. You can get to the Abyss from the Smugglers submarine in Peregrine Island or in Grandville. You must be Level 45+ You will be given 3 choices of rewards upon defeating Hamidon. - 4 Emperian Merits (You can only pick this option once per toon) - A random Hamidon enhancement (You can only pick this option once per toon) - Reward merits 80 the first defeat, then 40 every time after that. This is per toon so you can alt to get 80 merits again on an
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