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  1. I just typed a post explaining I had forgotten where it was located because I haven't been on the forums for awhile. I also mentioned I was making the suggestion not just to help me easily find it, but also for new people or others that might have forgotten where it was located. I haven't been on the forums for awhile because there is always someone being an ass in these threads. Sort of like this thread. 3 replies with 1 helpful reply from @twozerofoxtrot and 2 smart ass replies providing limited value. At least @Uun provided a link while being a smart ass. You provided nothi
  2. Thank you. I am aware of the LFG menu and I do know they have a thread they update. I'll just bookmark it while I'm thinking about it. I found the WST post after the suggestion I made. I just had to search around for it and it took me awhile because I have not been checking the forums much recently and I couldn't easily find it. I thought that if I was having a hard time maybe newer players would also have a hard time with it, so that is why I made the suggestion. I know it is a trivial request, but I thought it might help new players find it easily. I like to chec
  3. No, not like that. Of course the thread is there, but you have to dig around for it. I would like to see a link on the home page that links directly to the thread. More like taking this: Announcements Patch Notes Finances & Donations Events & Contests Maintenance Notices And changing to this: Announcements Patch Notes Finances & Donations Events & Contests Maintenance Notices Weekly Task Forces
  4. I can never find the list of Weekly Task Forces on the website. Any chance you can make it easy to find? Maybe a link in the Announcements section on the main page like the Patch Notes link?
  5. I was one of the guys that was complaining about the changes to TA as I felt they were not needed and detrimental. I stopped playing the character after the update.
  6. Normal and Respec mode are both allowing additional slotting beyond the actual slots available at level.
  7. Couple of questions: Is there an option to do your build with the Level Up feature? I prefer building as I level, so my slots are available at the proper level. Is there a way to change the color scheme? Having a hard time reading it as is...
  8. I don't like seeing fixes or changes to things that I do not think are broken. I believe it leads to more contention and division as some people are happy with the change and some are unhappy. Better to just create something different yet similar and give people options. I like the current Hami raid as is. I usually play it several times a week. I like that we have gotten to the point where we know the encounter and can defeat it in a reasonable amount of time and the rewards are pretty good. I just don't see the need to change the current Hami encounters, but wouldn't mind s
  9. You can usually show up 5 to 10 minutes prior and get a slot and the first Hami defeat is usually done in 10 to 15 minutes.
  10. No. At least for the current Hami in the Hive and the Abyss. I wouldn't mind seeing another zone created with a buffed Hami, but wouldn't want to see the current Hami impacted.
  11. I have at 50 (in the order I leveled them): StJ/SR Psi/EA Savage/SR StJ/Invuln Stj/SD EM/EA KM/EA You can tell I am partial to StJ. Both the StJ/SR and StJ/Inv are very strong at end game with Incarnates. The /Invuln might be the toughest of all my characters. The StJ/SD adds some AoE damage and between Mighty Judgement and Shield Charge he has pretty good AoE. Currently the hardest hitting (IMO) is the EM/EA. I think EM is likely OP, but it was fun to level and leveled really quick. I may try to create an EM/SD
  12. Savage Leap is awesome, definitely do not skip. I think it was @Frosticus who was suggesting Savage/Shield because you get Savage Leap and Shield Charge for massive AoE. He also had some interesting proc slotting that boosted damage quite a bit. I usually build for set bonuses, so not sure how well it works with the procs. I have to check this out ASAP! Thanks for the tip.
  13. Energy Aura It seems underrated to me. A number of my new stalkers are Energy Aura because of the mitigation from Energy Drain and Energize. You can soft-cap typed defense (S/L/F/C/E/N), but will have a Psi hole. The leveling is a bit smoother because you get Energy Drain at level 28, so most of your endurance issues will be resolved. Savage / EA Build
  14. Stalkers are very survivable at 50. I used to primarily play Scrappers on Live and mainly play Stalkers here. Some thoughts: Savage/SR Very strong at 50 and can clear +4/8 in DA missions Can easily soft-cap positional defenses Endurance challenges until Incarnates Savage/EA Haven't got to 50 yet, but can easily soft-cap typed defenses (except Psi) Has good endurance and heal mitigation Savage/SD I expect would be good at 50 with the extra AoE damage from Shield Charge and you will also be able to soft
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