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  1. I have this one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01798WKTY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is older and the price has tripled. The newer model is: https://smile.amazon.com/Razer-Naga-Trinity-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B0788MCRGC/ref=dp_ob_title_ce I also have the Razer keyboard (bought in 2012 and still going strong). https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004H1R6JQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Between these two items I have 24 programmable keys for CoH. My powers in tray 1 map to the keyboard, powers in tray 2 to the mouse, and powers in tray 3 to 1 through 10. Quite helpful! Edit: I saw the comments from others about the Razers Nagas, but I have not had any issues. I bought 2 keyboard and 2 mouses (mice?) in 2012 because I had one for home and one for work and both sets are still going strong.
  2. The Dream Doctor story arc gives a choice at the end of the final mission of a temporary power. You can choose either Blessing of Tielekku or both Aura of Mot and Magical Burst. My question is if you do the story arc through Oro do you get the temp power again? It looks like Blessing of Tielekku gives 2% defense, so if I could get this power every time it expires by running the arc it would enable me to adjust my builds. Anyone know if you can get this power after the original grant? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Dream_Doctor#Finale:_The_World.27s_Final_Gambit Edit: The link shows Blessing of Tielekku gives 2.81% defense, but I just got the power and it shows 2% in game. Updated the percentage from 2.81% to 2%.
  3. Ah, now I understand where you are coming from and I agree with you. Very nice write-up and I like your suggestions. I would really like changing the dart to a shuriken, what ninja doesn't throw shurikens...
  4. You may be missing out on some very good content. There are some very good missions in AE; they are not all farms.
  5. I'm not sure these comparison align. Storm Kick is a tier 2 power, so would align with Charged Brawl (Electricity) and Energy Punch (Energy). SK and SotW are lower recharge than CB and EP, so the damage should be lower. I do think it looks like the damage for SotW should be boosted at least up to SK. Secondary Tier 2 End Recharge Range Cast Effect Mag Damage Atomic Negatron Slam 10.19 10 7 1.716 KD, -Def Def: -10.5% 109 Dark Smite 10.19 10 7 1.188 For -ToHit ToHit: -5.25% 109 Devices Taser 10.19 10 20 1.188 Stun 3 109 Electricity Charged Brawl 10.19 10 7 1.056 Sleep 3 109 Energy Energy Punch 10.19 10 7 1.056 Stun 2 109 Fire Fire Sword 10.19 10 7 1.584 DoT 124 Ice Frozen Fists 8.53 8 7 1.584 Foe -Rech, -SPD Rech: -10% 91.2 Martial Storm Kick 6.86 6 7 1.32 KB 0.67 86.76 Mental Ninja Sting of the Wasp 6.03 5 7 1.32 Foe -Def Def: -7.5% 64.51 Plant Skewer 10.19 10 7 1.848 Foe -Def Def: -14% 122.1 TA Temporal Dragon's Tail is a tier 3 power, so would align with Havoc Punch (Electricity) and Bone Smasher (Energy). Those 2 powers are single target, so a true comparison would be against other AoEs like FSC and Thorn Burst. DT and TLD are lower damage, but their recharge is lower. Secondary Tier 3 End Recharge Range Cast Effect Mag Damage Atomic Dark Soul Drain 15.6 120 10 2.508 Self + Dmg, +ToHit Dmg 10%, ToHit 2% 55.61 Devices Electricity Havoc Punch 13.82 14 7 1.716 Sleep 3 144.6 Energy Bone Smasher 13.82 14 7 1.716 Stun 3 144.6 Fire Fire Sword Circle 18.51 20 10 2.904 PBAoE 97.05 Ice Ice Sword 10.19 10 7 1.584 Foe -Rech, -SPD Rech: -10% 109 Martial Dragon's Tail 13.52 14 8 1.716 KB 0.67 65.62 Mental Psychic Scream 11.86 12 60 2.804 Foe -Rech Rech: -50% 65.06 Ninja The Lotus Drops 10.19 20 15 2.112 Foe -Rech, Disorient Rech: -50% 68.82 Plant Thorn Burst 16.02 17 15 3.168 Foe -Def Def: -21% 65.96 TA Temporal Thunder Strike is a level 26 power and the powers for NT and MC are utility powers, so not really equivalent IMO.
  6. I usually just play sets I think will be fun and don't normally check the numbers for comparison to min/max, so wasn't looking at these sets in comparison against the AT. However, I just looked at all the tier 1 and 9 powers in Mids and put them in a couple of tables. Tier 1: Ki Push and Power Thrust look equivalent, and Ki Push has lower End and Cast and Higher Mag, so is definitely better than Power Thrust. Immobilizing Dart is clearly lacking and looks to be the worst tier 1. Secondary Tier 1 End Recharge Range Cast Effect Mag Damage Atomic Electron Shackles 5.2 4 50 1.32 Immobilized 3 71.95 Dark Penumbral Grasp 7.8 4 80 1.848 Immobilized 3 62.56 Devices Toxic Web Grenade 7.8 4 50 1.584 Immobilized 3 62.56 Electricity Electric Fence 7.8 4 50 1.32 Immobilized 3 62.56 Energy Power Thrust 6.85 6 7 1.188 KB KB: 16.62 44.49 Fire Ring of Fire 7.8 6 50 1.32 Immobilized 3 96.34 Ice Chillblain 7.8 4 50 1.32 Immobilized 3 62.56 Martial Ki Push 5.2 6 7 1.056 Repel 4 44.49 Mental Subdual 8.53 4 80 1.848 Immobilized 3 62.56 Ninja Immobilizing Dart 5.2 4 50 1.716 Immobilized 3 25.02 Plant Entangle 5.2 4 50 1.452 Immobilized 4 62.56 TA Electrified Net Arrow 5.2 4 80 1.188 Immobilized 3 62.56 Temporal Time Wall 5.2 4 50 1.848 Special: -Spd, - Rech, -Regen Regen: -25% N/A Tier 9: I'm not sure the tier 9 powers are that out of whack. Golden Dragonfly damage looks low, but it can also hit multiple targets and has lower recharge. Secondary Tier 9 End Recharge Range Cast Effect Mag Damage Atomic Positronic Fist 18.51 20 7 2.904 Foe -Def, Disorient Def: - 14% 198 Dark Midnight Grasp 11.95 18 7 2.244 Immobilized 3 180.2 Electricity Shocking Grasp 18.2 15 7 1.188 Held 3 100.1 Energy Total Focus 18.51 20 7 3.432 Stunned 3 198 Martial Eagles Claw 11.85 18 7 2.772 Stunned 3 180.2 Ninja Golden Dragonfly 11.85 12 10 1.98 KB Def: -7% 126.8 I might look at the other tiers and add later.
  7. I thought I would do a comparison between Martial Combat (MC) and Ninja Training (NT) as it may help players who are trying to choose between them. The comparison is based on my experience and opinion and, of course, your opinion and experience may be different. I have always felt Ninja Training was lacking based on just looking at it in Mids, so never really played it. Recently I started a DP/NT Blaster and have been leveling it and was surprised to find it was better than I thought. My experience with MC and NT is with Dual Pistols as a Primary. I am only level 32 on my DP/NT, but I became curious as to how MC and NT stacked against each other, so decided to do the comparison. Once I am level 50 and incarnated out I will revisit this thread and provide updates, but at this point some of the analysis is based on experience of the power outside the set and using the numbers in Mids. I tried to be objective by using the numbers, but the reality is this type of comparison is subjective. Some players may really like the slow in Reaction Time or may really like Burst of Speed and I do not like those powers / effects. That being said, going in I really thought MC was a much better set and I was surprised to find that I scored Ninja Training higher than Martial Combat. Ninja Training = 5 Martial Combat = 4 What does this mean? Nothing really. I was bored and thought I would create this post in the hopes of generating a conversation and hearing other perspectives. At the end of the day I really enjoy playing both my DP/MC and DP/NT, but I feel like these two secondaries could have been combined into one secondary. It would have really been cool is if they had created one secondary with 2 powers at each tier where you could pick the power of your choice. Example: Tier 1: You could choose Ki Push or Immobilizing Dart, but you couldn't take both. Tier 2: You could choose Storm Kick or Sting of the Wasp, but you couldn't take both. Feel free to provide feedback as I am certainly interested in hearing any feedback, Martial Combat: Ninja Training MC vs. NT Comparison
  8. The new Devices is a really good set now. If you haven't tried it you may want to give it a whirl. Field Operative is an extremely good power.
  9. Shinobi Toggle: Self Self +DEF(Melee, Ranged, AoE), +Run Speed, +Jump There doesn't seem to be any +Run Speed, +Jump added to Shinobi in Blaster Ninja Tools. I have checked the Combat Attributes and do not see any +Run Speed or +Jump. The Detailed Information tab on the power also shows no +Run Speed, +Jump. I was expecting the +Run Speed, +Jump to be similar to Shinobi-Iri in Sentinel Ninjitsu.
  10. Nice costume, looks like Wick for sure! I'll take another look at MM. I actually had MM on this character for a while (which caused a costume glitch when I specced out of it), but I found that I had to many active powers, so wasn't using them a lot. I do like the idea of pairing Suppressive Fire with Cryo Freeze Ray because it allows you to hold a Boss. It just seemed to me that MM was a weak pool overall. I originally always built for only Range or only S/L defense, but after being able to build for Range and S/L it seems to make a huge difference in survivability. Pretty sure to get soft-cap Range and S/L you need Scorpion Shield though. On another note, if you can build a Blaster to soft-cap Range and S/L it makes me wonder how valuable Sentinels are. I have a DP/Ninjitsu Sentinel that is very survivable, but the damage on my DP/MC blaster is much better and I would say the survivability is pretty close with soft-cap Range and S/L.
  11. Not really. I think I had read somewhere that the Gun Drone was pretty weak and were easily destroyed and later as I looked at variations I thought as a Hover Blaster I would never use it, which is what is happening with Trip Mine. I did just do a quick look and if I took Gun Drone I would have to drop Trip Mine in my build and would lose the soft-cap S/L defense, so probably not a trade off I would take. It looks like my build has changed a bit from the build I posted, so will add that below. Updated Build:
  12. I did a previous thread about my Beam/Devices blaster and have recently gone back to my DP/MC blaster. I thought I would post the build and commentary, so other players can see a view point on why certain powers were taken and why others were not, so it may help in their build planning. My builds are not for everyone and as always you should play what you like. My DP/MC blaster was my 2nd 50 on HC and is currently Vet Level 8. Using some of the build planning from my Beam/Devices build I wanted to see if I could soft-cap Range and S/L on my DP/MC character (the answer is yes). One of my mains on Live was a DP/Energy and I always wanted to try a Martial Arts secondary. This was my first time playing Martial Combat. I do not power level, so I played solo and task forces to level up my character. I had no backstory for this character that would impact build, so I was free to choose the powers I wanted to meet my goals. My characters are not what I would consider min/max, although I tend to use pretty good sets and can afford to buy the high end sets. My builds tend to focus on decent recharge, a stealth component for stealth missions, good defense, and good offense. This build has gone through numerous revisions to the point that I have used all my free respecs and and one paid for respec (so far), which is a first for me. Hopefully, this build is close to my final build. The Build: The Commentary: Final Thoughts: I have played Dual Pistols on several characters and while I think the set is under powered compared to some others I keep playing it because I like the animations and some concepts require a natural like character. It is a fun set, but may not be the best choice if you want to min/max. I really wanted to like Martial Combat, but some of the powers seem hokey to me and the entire set could likely use a re-tune. That being said, I really enjoy my DP/MC character, so please don't let my critique push you away from the set. The combat powers (Ki Push, SK, ES, and DT) synergize well with DP and the sets look very nice together.
  13. Dang, now I am even less sure what to pick! I initially planned on the +Dam, but wanted to check on the Doublehit and it seems we have a split of opinion as to which is better.
  14. Is there a consensus on whether Radial or Core is better for the Hybrid Assault power? I need one more Empyrean Merit and I can finally finish all my T4 incarnates, so don't want to make a mistake. This is for a Beam/Devices Blaster.
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