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  1. I was playing a new stalker last night (DM/SD) mainly solo and was starting with AS from Hide on every new spawn. Probably just a phase, but that is likely where the disparity of opinions come from in this thread. Some like to just scrap it out and aren't worried about AS from Hide and some like the AS from Hide play style.
  2. Do you have a DM/SD build you would be willing to share? Haven't got far on my DM and trying to figure the primary powers...
  3. Got defeated twice in the first 8 minutes on my EM/EA Stalker. I thought it was going to be easy after the first group, but while working on the 2nd group I aggroed the 3rd group. That was all she wrote...
  4. Stalkers were designed to play with the AS from Hide while Brutes were designed with Fury. The Stalker has evolved to be more of a Scrapper with limited incentive to play with AS from Hide, which was a core feature of the original design. The OP making a suggestion to have the Stalker work more as designed is somewhat different from suggesting the Brute AT play the way you want. OP is merely suggesting there should be some options to make the Stalker have a reason to AS from Hide. I actually like the suggestion because it would be nice to have equivalent options. Option 1 you d
  5. Do you have to set your notoriety to +4/8 before setting the mission or does the mission basically do it for you?
  6. I'm not really a Bio fan, although a lot of people love it. I did a KM/EA to 50 + incarnates and when compared to my EM/EA the KM/EA was weak. Somewhat surprised you didn't like the StJ/SR since that character performs very well for me, but if you didn't like the them it is what it is. What kind of theme do you like? Maybe we can help with a build... I am working on a MA stalker that I shelved because it felt weak, same with Ninja Blade, Staff the jury is still out. The good news is there a lot of combinations, so you will likely find something that aligns with your theme and
  7. It is probably the DB / EA build in the DB / EA thread. It is no doubt a good build that hits hard and is survivable. I'm only in the mid-30s with it and it performs well, although endurance is an issue as with most stalker builds at this point. I find that most of my stalkers perform well although some are better than others. Do I think Stalkers are OP? No, I don't. I agree with your point "hidden assassins strike is a strong identity of what a stalker was supposed to be but nobody wants to use". Not sure I agree it is trash, but I agree it is less than stellar. Even solo I am about 5
  8. There is a huge difference between providing a dissenting opinion in a civil way and being a dick about it. You were definitely one of the guys being a dick about it. It's your right to act that way, but some people are just going to tune you out. A lot of us have to deal with unsavory people in the real world. I can't imagine many of us want to deal with it in a game, where I would expect that all of us want a good experience to take us a way from reality for a bit. Haijinx has a dissenting opinion, but he is engaging in a civil manner. On another note, Madae didn't ask for
  9. He clearly articulated the the challenges with AS, so he knows what he is talking about from the AS standpoint. Not knowing the aggro modifier is a minor point (which I admit I didn't know either), but that does not indicate that Madae does not understand the base game, That is a ridiculous statement to make. I've been playing the game since launch and I still learn things on a regular basis. It doesn't mean a lack of understanding of the base game. Dismissing the entire argument over a little known mechanic and replying in an uncivil manner makes it seem like you are only inte
  10. Read through the thread and it seems this post has some people up in arms. Not sure why since it is just an opinion. You are articulating my experience with Assassin's Strike especially in teams. I wouldn't mind seeing some fix there. I don't agree that stalkers are terrible at everything else. On Live I played on Scrappers; here I am playing more Stalkers. I do think Stalkers have gaps compared to Scrappers, but I like the stealth aspect of the AT and they can be built pretty sturdy with the right investments. I don't agree with some in the thread that Stalkers ar
  11. Here are some builds I am working on, but it is mainly theory as I am only level 32 right now. I generally take the Body Mastery pool because I usually need the endurance powers. This time I have decided to go with Mu Mastery for Zapp and Ball Lightning. I will likely also look at adding Electric Shacles in a future build because I can imagine that is pretty good with procs. In both of these builds I was priortizing soft-cap defense and then S/L resistance. I would like to proc some of these powers out but unfortunately I need the set bonuses for defense. Build 1 -
  12. When I join a PUG for radio missions it is usually because I am trying to get a few bars to level, so I will only generally join for a mission or two. Once I get my level I move on to other things...
  13. I generally start with a concept and backstory because I find it keeps me engaged with the character. I make a build in Mids for the character and will create the character and costume. I have a bunch of alts that I play and I often will rotate the characters at the lower levels. I generally play about 70% solo story arcs and then 30% teaming for TFs and raids. I work on the 4 passive accolades as I level. Once I get to 50 I work through the incarnate system and get to Tier 4. Then I focus on getting day jobs and $100M influence. Then I move to other characters that are in th
  14. Sorry to revise an old thread, but I was playing my Savage / SD and was feeling that Hemorrhage was not working as I expected. I have a Savage / SR that I had leveled to 50 / incarnates and felt that Hemorrhage hit like a truck with that character, but was not strong at all comparatively on the new character. I checked the boards and found this thread on the nerf. Pretty disappointing... Anyway, I respecced out of Hemorrhage and got Savage Strike with the idea of just running a single target chain of SS - MS - AS and using the AoEs as needed. This burns endurance pretty quickly
  15. I like this idea and will probably do it. I was using it more for the 7.5% speed boost, but the heal is likely much better value. I was hoping to find a way to cap S/L. I have an /Inv stalker that caps S/L and also soft-caps all types except Psy and I was thinking this was going to be the one to get S/L capped and soft-cap all defense, but just cannot see it.
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