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  1. I am from Infinity; started on Triumph and moved to Infinity. I was in a SG called Simian Defense Force while they were active, but then had my solo SG. I usually soloed and played TFs (just like now!). My characters were: Simian Stalker - Katana/Regen Scrapper. My first 50! Man, that was a slog... Lockpick - DP/EM Blaster War Shield - MA/SD Scrapper War Justice - StJ/SD Scrapper War Sword - BS/Regen Scrapper (I can't remember if he was Regen or SR) Exorcist - Ill/Rad Controller Rude Dog - MA/SR Scrapper KnightStalker - Katana/SR Scrapper Many of these guys have been recreated on Everlasting. I have way more 50s on HC than I ever did on Live. I might have had one or two maxed builds on Live where here I can max all my builds regularly.
  2. I make no claims on how good this build is as it was an earlier build. I actually pulled it out for a spin today to decide if I wanted to T4 the incarnates and tried +4/8 DA Ephram Sha missions and got wrecked, so it could use an update.
  3. It's my fault. Pretty much all my Blasters take Scorpion Shield as I try to soft-cap Range and S/L.
  4. Ok, I just created a character named Kickman and was shocked the name was available. My challenge is what AT to play. I am planning MA/SR as I had one on Live, but not sure whether to make this character a Tanker (never played one to 50), Scrapper, or Stalker. I've been playing more Stalkers on HC, but I am intrigued by the changes to Tanker. Where does MA/SR perform best nowadays?
  5. Here is a build for one of the first characters I created. He is in Pratoria hanging out. I don't think I have gotten him past 12 at this point. One day I will go back. All that being said to say: This build was created last year when the game first came back, so it can certainly be improved I would get rid of the Medicine pool The is theoretical since I haven't played it It is a starting point
  6. I saw the Lore pet thread where Banished Pantheon reign supreme, but I am curious if there has been any analysis on Lore pets and specific ATs, specifically Stalkers. I am incarnating my Stj/SR while also leveling a Stj/Inv. I usually just take Radial and take Robotic Drones for my normal type characters. With SR it doesn't seem like the Shield Drone Essence helps, but it might help my /Inv. I don't see one that grants Resist for SR, so maybe healing is best although I have that covered by Rebirth. Maybe Damage from Seers. So confusing.... Any thoughts?
  7. How about a weekly discussion topic on bug fix prioritization? There are a number of bugs out there and it might be good to get the reaction of the community to try and prioritize. Obviously, the Hail of Bullets bug is the most critical. 🙂
  8. Croax, That build is a thing of beauty. You soft-capped S/L/F/C/E/N and have capped resists for S/L. This is definitely much better than my build, so thank you! I was thinking it was going to be painful to have to rely on Shadow Meld for defense...
  9. I was looking at my build in Mids and it seemed off. I went in game and it was way off. This is one of my first characters that I took to 50 and I basically parked it and never finished the incarnates. I have a bunch of 50s and am now going back to these characters to play through the DA arcs and finish the incarnates. After looking at the build I would probably update it to the following build. I think this new build will likely provide some flexibility in incarnate selection. The endurance issues may not be as bad with the additional End/Rech IO in my defense toggles, so I may have the flexibility to take Rebirth for the healing instead of Ageless for End. I was also able to boost S/L resist to 50+, so this build should be very survivable. Once I get Blessing of Tielekku my positional defenses will all be 50+. I'm looking forward to playing through the incarnates. I will alternate this guy with my Stj/Inv stalker I am leveling, so should be a good comparison. Build:
  10. Thank you! That helps a ton!
  11. I tried to model my Stj/SR by looking at your build and trying to copy it, but I'm sure I missed some stuff and changed some stuff for my preference. Here is the build I use: Hide adds 1.88% defense in combat, so Range is soft-capped.
  12. I am working towards the build in the spoiler. I haven't played Invulnerability before, so not sure how well it will perform. I saw another thread where someone said you could could get soft-cap defense and cap resistances. I can soft-cap defense using Shadow Meld and have capped S/L, but this build is an endurance hog at 31. Ageless will sort that out and will help with the recharge on Hasten and Shadow Meld. I'm not sure whether to use Dull Pain as a proactive going into battle power (which is how I plan to use Shadow Meld) or as a reactive I took damage now use DP. Any thoughts? Any feedback is appreciated. Numbers do not include the 1.88% defense from Hide as I have it detoggled. I'm not sure how to get the numbers to show only in combat numbers, so I leave stealth powers with defense off and add it in my head. I also expect to get Bless of Tielekku for an additional 2.12% defense when I start incarnating, so that will push E/N to 40% defense.
  13. Crysis is right. On pretty much all my Blaster build I shoot for 45% defense to S/L/R which requires me to go with Scorpion Shield. I generally justify it with the "going undercover" logic.
  14. This thread got me playing my A/TA character to try and finish incarnates. The end drain was pretty bad on my previous build in longer combat scenarios and in order to keep the build I would likely need to replace Clarion with Ageless. I decided to update the build to keep soft-cap S/L/R, but reduce the end drain. I replaced Tactics and Assault with Glue Arrow and Super Jump. I'm actually liking one slot Glue Arrow, but would love to have enough slots to proc it out. I have a Res dsebuff proc in it now, but may replace it with the Knockdown proc. Not sure which is better right now. I also may have over invested in endurance, so will see how this build plays and may adjust further to reclaim a slot or two. I looked at replacing Fistful of Arrow with Explosive Arrow, but the recharge looked to high to me, so I stuck with FoA. Updated Build:
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