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  1. It would be nice to have a widget that shows a countdown for rewards or activities. Example: 20 hours for ITF or Ephram Shah 10 threads rewards. The timer will let you know the last time you did an activity, so you don't do it again early and not get credit.
  2. None of that is 50+ content. MLTF: 45 - 50 ITF: 35 - 50 LGTF: 45 - 50 (think it is 35 on HC) Peregrine: 41 - 50 RWZ: 35 - 50 First Ward: 20 - 30 Night Ward: 30 - 35
  3. From my perspective, 90%* of the game is 1 to 50 content. The only 50+ content I am aware of is DA, TinPex, and the iTrials. Is there other 50+ content I am forgetting? The challenge I see is that people are taking 50+ min/max builds and then are complaining there is no challenge in the 1 to 50 content. My take is we should be focused on creating that 50+ content as players. The HC team is to small to make the amount of content that will be needed to satisfy the players, so we need to take ownership ourselves. * All percentages pulled from my 4th point of contact. We have the ability to create a ton of new content via AE to the point where it will never be exhausted. We just need the HC team to focus on some minor updates, reward rationalization, and a stronger focus on community (challenges, rewards for creating content, etc.).
  4. I had 2 accounts on Live I was paying for and would have kept paying. I think NCSOFT really missed the opportunity. Frankly, I think they are still missing an opportunity. They could easily take the game today, make some updates, clean it up, and re-launch.
  5. Exactly. I create one window with 10 stats, but want to monitor more stats. I have an extra wide monitor, so I could easily add 2 or 3 windows.
  6. It was unavailable, but I got The Power Creeper, a version of the Creeper, but with more, um, power...
  7. I would like to be able to add multiple windows of Combat Attributes. For example, I would like to create one window for Defense attributes, one for Resist attributes, etc. and be able to place them in different areas of my monitor.
  8. Thanks for the explanation and the link. I had never heard the term "core" gamer before, so it is interesting the term came out in 2000 or earlier. My experience with gaming started in 2004 when CoH launched. I was addicted. Couldn't wait to get home and play. I was probably playing from 6 PM to midnight every day and probably 20 hours per day on weekends. Now I treat it more like a hobby as the article indicated. I would much rather play CoH than watch TV. I probably play a couple of hours each night as I usually logon with one character to do the 7PM Hami raid and then run an Ephram Shah mission for threads. I then do the same thing with another character for the 10 PM raid.
  9. I didn't say anything about pay, I mentioned terminology. It seems to me like you just don't agree with the definition of power gamer. If you don't like the definition of power gamer on Wikipedia, please feel free to edit it. I'm not sure why you are arguing with me about a definition on Wikipedia or terms like "power gamer" and "casual player" that have generally been used to describe players in MMOs for years.
  10. In this game, especially on Everlasting, there are players that are more focused on story and role play as opposed to maximizing their results. The definition of power gaming is what it is. I didn't make it up. It is just terminology. I usually hear the terms casual or power gamer for MMOs. I'm not sure why correlating to dancing or football helps make your point. Someone playing football to progress has different terminology that they use and a player might go from high school player, to elite recruit, to college player, pro, etc. I don't get the negative connotation myself since I pretty much agree with the definition. I consider myself a power gamer because I do, in general, what the definition states a power gamer does. I generally try to maximize my character's potential and I tend to focus on content that allows me to progress efficiently enough to suit my needs.
  11. I thought they would be more valuable on tanks for sure. My character is a StJ/SD with soft-cap M/R/AoE and S/L resistance above 60%. I have been playing with the 2 regeneration IOs and I feel as though I can tell the difference, but not sure if it more valuable than just sticking 2 Health IOs +5 in True Grit which (according to Mids) will increase my Health from 1755 to 1870. I actually find my endurance to still be challenging in long fights despite 4 slotting stamina and getting Superior Conditioning and Physical Perfection with +End IOs, so maybe I should look at endurance slotting with these 3 slots. Decisions, decisions... Here is the build:
  12. I think the term power gamer is not defined well or people have different definitions of it. I tried to define it earlier based on my thoughts, but the definition from Wikipedia is below where player focus on maximizing potential. In that context, there are probably a lot of power gamers here. I think there are negative connotations around power gaming, so people may not be comfortable being called a power gamer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powergaming Powergaming in roleplaying games can take several forms. One form is the deliberate creation of optimal player characters (PCs), with the aim of maximising the power the player wields in the game world. This is known as min-maxing, due to the practice of maximising desirable or "powerful" traits while minimising underpowered or unuseful traits.
  13. This seems to align with my experience as well. I have a bunch of characters and by 40 I will usually have a full IO set build. At 50, I will pull out set IOs that are not part of my final build as I buy the sets for my end build. Between 22 and 40 I will have a mix of basic IOs and set IOs depending on what I can afford or what drops. I guess the point I am trying to make is that the character with end game min/max builds are usually going to have set IO bonuses and have several vet levels. They will have several incarnate powers. They will be powerful. They are supposed to be powerful. The end game content needs to align to these end game builds. We don't need to change the 1 to 50 experience to make it harder when the concern is high end content for end game builds. I am also curious about the amount of time played at 50 compared to 1 to 50. I guess I can understand a bit better the issue some are having if they are focusing on one character at 50 and finding the current content easy. I focus on leveling for the majority of my play time, so for me the amount of time I am godlike is more limited. Again, I would suggest that the answer is to create harder content for the end game builds as opposed to balancing the 1 to 50 game to make it harder. I would also suggest that people that think the game is easy should try to create AE content they find challenging as Lines did. If 5 to 10 people created the high end AE content, we might be able to convince the dev team to add appropriate rewards for that content and could have a rotation of high end AE content added to the WST. That would be a win for everyone.
  14. I do this as well. If I look at Info at a Hami raid or iTrial I will see players with a lot of IO set info (and a ton of vet levels), but if I am leveling up (which is the majority of the game) I see few characters with IOs. I start slotting my IO sets as soon as I can, but I think I am rare compared to most of the community. We on the forums probably do it, but we are the power gamers.
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