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    I went Sonic/ Atomic, and it quickly became my main. Sonic was rated dead last in the blaster ranking thing Galaxy Brain did on here (Thank you btw, It's shit like this that makes this game so great!), so naturally I had to roll one to see why it was so bad. Running into a mob first, hitting dreadful wail, and watching 90% of the mob just die is well worth the extra animation times the other powers have. Throw in the holds that Atomic gives, and it gets very fun. Not sure how bad the nerf hammer hits Atomic, but it is coming. So, there's that to think about. PMB - Blaster (Sonic Attack).mxd
  2. dead

    Question on Rad/Dark

    Much better, thanks for the tip
  3. dead

    Question on Rad/Dark

    So, as my first tanker I went Rad/Dark. Found a build I liked and made it. It's a complete beast,, except for damage. I can withstand pretty much anything I think(still need to test it more), and that was what I wanted, but the damage just feels lacking. Am I just too used to brutes and blasters? In +4 x8, it just seems forever to take down mobs. I know that tanks are designed to pull all the aggro and survive and all that. I just figured with the changes to tank it would have been a little more. Maybe I'm slotted wrong, this is my first pure resistance build. Suggestions? FNB 1st attempt Rad.DM.mxd
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