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  1. @Croax Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the post! You are right I had the numbers mixed up on Glads Armor and forgot to add in Steadfast Prot so I updated accordingly. I really like the idea of +Procs on DNA Siphon and using it everytime off CD for the extra End/Dmg/Heal combo would be nice. How do you slot it out? Is it 6 slots with dmg/debuff procs? You would lose out on the 5 piece bonuses with +heal/+recharge how do you find the tradeoff? I'm currently testing some more expensive builds (thx to all the fire farming) with purples in there so I'll be sure to add that in
  2. Thanks! @aetherealthat's a really good call out and I've updated the content to reflect that point.
  3. The reason I'm writing this is because Stalker is probably my favorite class and I wanted to have a build that would be diverse and satisfying to play in any in-game content (TFs, Missions, AE Farms, Events) as well as be built relatively cheap but have you feeling strong and powerful. A key point I was trying to achieve this flexibility of play styles to be fun for all players and affordability of IO sets to get you there without having to sink all your Inf into the build if you just want to try it out. My primary 3 others stalkers are Elec/Shield, STJ/Bio and Psi/Energy and my bi
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