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  1. Yeah, I don't mind spending the expense to get what I'd like! Thanks for access to your build for comparison! Am going to give it a once over and see if I can integrate as you suggested! Really appreciate it! 👍
  2. So, I'm looking for a bit of help rebuilding a toon that I used to have as my main for PVE on live. As far as powers go, I'm only really married to the "most common" primaries & secondaries, although for my playstyle Superior Invisibility is pretty important. All the pools including Epic could pretty much be switched up if they'd help, but I REALLY would love to keep teleport. Anyone think they could lend a hand with helping me smooth this out a bit? Edit: I did see my MIDS was woefully out of date, and have updated since. 😉 This Hero build was built using Mids Re
  3. A LOT to think about from both of you! Thank you both VERY much! When I get back to my PC I'm going to take another stab at improving what I've got going on in that build. It's a shame there's no "mobile MIDS", but I likely would never get anything else done. 😄 TBH, I'm pretty excited about playing a Sentinel, as it looks like the type of balance that I always wanted out of Corruptors back on live. I never could get the hang of the "glass canon" dynamic that some people thrive on with their Blasters. Once I hammer on it some more, I'll drop it back in for further feedba
  4. Underfyre, gah! That kicks mine's butt! I knew I wasn't great at builds like 10 years ago, and have forgotten almost everything since then... but why must you make me look SO BAD! 😂 So, the LotG's in hover & afterburner for the recharge is a better idea than the fear/imm w/ chance of psi that I had. That makes sense. I guess using all these procs are throwing me & what little understanding I have of putting a build together. Was I building for too much regen/recov?
  5. Then you've got me beaten, because I don't know it. 🤷‍♂️
  6. To start off, here's what I've been tinkering with... TBH it's a bit of a mess IMO. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1480;699;1398;HEX;| |78DA65944B4F135114C7EF74A64029E5FD1428505E2D85A103A84BA3A2260612228| |92E9B06C652AD85B42C70E9C20FE0CA95CFF83671A37E074D7CEE7C919898A88901| |34D1A851AC67E6FF173073D3E637739EF79C73EF4C2E8D57DC39706A97D22AF7665| |3854272DACE2D667276D63F994A676694ACC091D4A29D1F4FE58F97CA5BEB3F83E4| |A1542E6DCF9AAE36B9479C173775E3F6513B57
  7. I've searched through every build on here for Sentinels, and I haven't seen a WB/Dark build mentioned much (Possibly for a good reason), but I've got a concept stuck in my head and I'm dying to play one. I don't really care how much the build costs, but I'd like to see if something so unlikely could be made to kick some serious butt. Unfortunately, I've yet to stumble on the correct formula to do so... So I ask the experts out there to take a stab at putting together what they think might be the optimal build for this combo. My only stipulation, is that I would like to use fly as the
  8. As a longtime Virtue player, as well as moving her to Champions and playing her there for years as well, I'd love it if someone could give Allie Khazam back her name. 🙂
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