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  1. I was thinking of this thread a couple of days ago because I had an idea for a Strength Manipulation secondary for Blasters. I recall an early CoH beta video where Super Strength was a secondary for Blasters so now I am kind of curious if such a thing could be made into reality on our server. Admittedly my power selections and level placements are sloppy so I am very interested in hearing feedback 🙂


    Strength Manipulation

    SuperStrength Punch.png - Punch: From Super Strength


    Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png - Resist Physical Damage: from Invulnerability


    SuperStrength Haymaker.png - Haymaker: From Super Strength


    SuperStrength HandClap.png - Handclap: From Super Strength


    SuperStrength Rage.png  - Rage (??): This one I am really torn on because I don't think rage would work for Blasters? But I do also feel the set needs to differentiate itself and I am not sure what to put for the Build Up power.


    EnergyMastery PhysicalPerfection.png - Physical Perfection: from Energy/Body Mastery. The "sustain" for the set.


    SuperStrength FootStomp.png - Footstomp: From Super Strength


    PainDomination AnguishingCry.png - War Cry: Anguishing Cry from Pain Domination (same animation) but with -dmg instead of -res (so PBAoE -dmg and -def)


    SuperStrength KnockoutBlow.png - Knockout Blow: From Super Strength

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  2. I'd rebuild Force Fields and Regen from the ground up with the absorb mechanic in mind. These sets should be way cooler than how they actually play out (as in like, I can skip most of the powers lol)


    And before anyone says it, yes, I would nerf Regen. Thank you.


    More dynamic combat. At the very least, less animation rooting. Obviously, keep the game from being twitch based but make it more action-y.


    A more measured Incarnate system and invention system. Still get cool end game bells and whistles but you gotta make tough choices on how you want to be powerful.


    Make mezzing more interesting and useful. And on the player end less annoying to deal with.


    I'd make all the archetypes designed around an inherent power, more like the Villain ones.


    Make power proliferation less a choice of modifiers and more a choice of powers.


  3. 2 minutes ago, Andreah said:

    The main one I can think of is it would have to maintain the legality of the character. I.e., it would let you move a slot in such a way that you make a character build that couldn't have been made the hard way via respeccing. 


    On the other hand, we know at which level we took powers, that's essential to exemping effects on power availability and such. So, for example, the power taken at level 49 can't have more than four slots in it, because it comes with one, and we get three slots at fifty, so no matter how we slice it, that power can have at most four slots. Maybe that's the only hard limit?


    Otherwise, the Slot Mover would also need to unslot any enhancement that was in the slot, or be limited to a slot that was empty. 

    I believe respecs are already level agnostic on slots and I believe you can 6 slot something at 50 because you have all powers available to slot at once.

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  4. I have a certain fondness for the Hollows. Yes. Even when you got travel powers at lvl 14. Really that just made it better back in the day cause you could really take in all of the detail of zone.


    Cap au Diable. So much variety and character in one zone.


    St. Martial looks like how most of the Rogue Isles should look?? A good mix of glitzy and gloomy. Also some of the best zone music.


    All of the Praetorian zones look super nice. It makes me wonder what the game would look like if all of the zones were designed with a similar philosophy.

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  5. 20 hours ago, Greycat said:


    Given this is one of my "I wish they'd limited it *there* to begin with" items (in the inevitable "what's breaking the game/making it too easy" threads) I'd frankly love to run with this. Just to see how big of a difference it makes.  It'd likely have to be with a set group of people, but still.

    You are exactly the person I had in mind when I was thinking of this 🙂

  6. This is a cool idea. I am all for more novel forms of introducing difficulty than simply adding extra numbers to enemy levels or spawn sizes. I however, would add a sliding scale like:


    Max 3 set bonuses (Rule of three)

    Max 1 set bonus (Rule of one)

    No set bonuses (Rule of none)

    No set bonuses, procs or global enhancements (Classic mode)


    Considering how the game considers set bonuses, global enhancements and procs and the like as powers I imagine it wouldn't take too much tweaking to limit them in any capacity. Plus, you're going to have to categorize all of these powers to limit them for no set bonuses, you may as well allow for a full range of options.

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  7. On 3/15/2021 at 1:41 PM, Luminara said:

    Travel power combat sets.  Flight could circle an enemy and swoop down for one attack, pick up a critter and drop it from a height for another, etc.  Leaping could perform multiple types of kicks and attacks involving parkour.  Combat which actively utilizes travel powers, rather than simply exist in the same game with travel powers.


    Unfortunately, I suspect most of the attacks would be slow, in terms of animation time, and extremely unpopular.

    I'd love to see melee sets based around Super Speed and Teleport. My own rough draft of Super Speed Melee is built around "building speed" with attacks. Certain attacks give you a stacking recharge bonus, which can then be expended on two attacks in the set to give them a higher target cap or more damage. Overall, would love to see more melee sets that creatively use range and teleportation.

  8. 23 hours ago, Nightmarer said:

    It's been a while since I've seen Pool powers discussed on the weekly discussions and I think it would be a nice place to input a few things to make the game more interesting:


    • Presence Pool: Does anybody at all take it? Is it worth trying to revamp it again or better just get rid of it? I don't think it's in a good place as it is
    • Pool power pre-requisites: Incarnated characters are overpowered, would it be such a difference if we had extra power choices by removing pre-requisites? I personally would love not having to take Boxing to get to Tough / Weave or being able to take Acrobatics straight away. Same for Patron / Ancillary, is wasting one or two power choices necessary?
    • Pool limit: Is it really important being limited to 4 power pools? Why? Is it really game breaking if we can choose any power from any pool?
    • "Must have" Powers: Any chance that certain powers being treated as Fitness Pool? I think we all know a couple Pool Powers most of us get for most if not all our chars, Hasten and Combat Jumping spring to mind. Also, travel Powers, why not detach them from Power Pools and unlock them at a certain lvl? 

    Presence Pool could use some adjustment. I'd make it so you could take Intimidate without any prereqs but that's about it. Inherent Stamina and no prereq travel powers have already made the game pretty easy. No need to make it easier but removing any real sense of choice for power picks.

  9. On 2/14/2021 at 12:12 PM, arcaneholocaust said:

    Not a horrible concept but I think you can generalize the name to fit more characters by just naming it “Luck” or something.

    Wikipedia describes both Longshot and Scarlet Witch's power as Probability Manipulation and considering this is an attempt to make that into a powerset I'd say probability should be in the name.


    As far as the powerset, it looks really novel and I totally support it but it might be overtuned and could still use a little work. Mainly I am not certain about the Roulette power and where it is versus everything else and what it can do and how it does it. I think a more consistent buff may be better. I'd hate to be hit with Roulette and not get the boost I wanted.

  10. On 2/15/2021 at 6:54 PM, ineffablebob said:

    Got a few missions in tonight with @Mysterious J - only 3 bars to go to 40! Might get that tomorrow night, if the real world doesn't conspire to keep me away from Paragon City.

    Glad to hear it! I got Medic to lvl 40 soloing the rest of Colleen Nelson's arc. I had no idea references to the Imperious TF and Nictus/Warshade existed in I0 story arcs! After I hit 40 I switched over to do Ghost Widow's arc (then switched back right after) and then I did a nearly all Scrapper/Brute ITF.


    Here's Medic with Lord Recluse.


  11. 6 hours ago, cranebump said:

    Looks like I will not be available Friday eve for TF runs.:-( Will be running some on THU night, if anyone's interested in teaming. Was thinking about some Redside action.

    If we have enough peeps we could do Tarikoss but I am definitely down for some missions.

  12. 12 minutes ago, DougGraves said:

    I have just tried Beam Rifle vs Assault Rifle.  Everyone says the numbers for Beam are better.  But in play, assault rifle feels so much better.  The sound, the knockdown/back. 

    Beam Rifle sounds effects don't have nearly enough punch to them. I wish they'd use some of the Pulse Rifle/Robots sound effects. Those are much more satisfying in comparison.

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