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  1. I worry a bit about blurring the lines between momentary boost (which is what inspirations were meant to be) and long-lasting buff. I also worry that this would effectively require the creation of 3-minute inspirations--why not just sell those? That being said, I don't hate this idea. I'd especially love to be able to merge EoE inspirations to make 3-minute versions, since it might make inspiration management easier for Hami raids. I also use inspirations rarely enough that I'd routinely have my tray loaded with the 3-minute versions. It might also be interesting to be able to "sidegrade" a 1-minute tier-3 inspiration to a 3-minute tier-1.
  2. I still have (or had) a lifetime STO sub from beta, but it's been a few years (2012?) since I last played. I was running the Wells-class for my Science officer. It's still one of my favorite Star Trek ships, even though we only see it in one episode. I really enjoyed the starship combat in STO, but I never really cared for the ground missions.
  3. And that's a more serious reason why more people don't PvP. I don't want to be the object of your power fantasy.
  4. I think you've hit on the major difference between PvE and PvP in this game (maybe all MMOs, but especially here). PvE is, in some sense, a power fantasy. PvP cannot be a power fantasy, because then a person comes out on bottom of the power struggle. But in PvP, someone comes out on bottom anyway, usually because they have less in the way of experience, skill, resources, or teammates, which are things that homogenization will not solve.
  5. Then why not just remove damage types and secondary effects altogether? Make all powersets irrelevant, so all you can really choose are Tank, Heal, DPS.
  6. I'm currently waiting out the 7-day villain badge on my main (nominally a vigilante and gets the vast majority of my play time), and I noticed just how few SFs there are for redside.
  7. In addition to the relative lack of content, the existing content needs changes in color palette and tone. But mainly, although the whole storyline vectors the character toward becoming the #1 lackey, she's still a lackey. Some of the newspaper missions at least pretend you're starting some schemes on your own, but they don't tie a lot into the main story. If I were to be stuck playing redside as it exists now, I would switch entirely to AE after about level 20, just because a villain isn't a villain without her own schemes. It works blueside because heroes are reactive--they react to the villains' schemes--but it doesn't work redside because villains have to be proactive to provide driving force.
  8. Born a little late for Apollo 11. But I was watching Challenger--and the return to space on Discovery. I woke up early in the morning for the Parker Solar Probe launch, and I was watching today.
  9. I mostly keep playing my main, but here are my five 50s. I have only a few other characters, all under 30. Top row: Fraulein Mental (Mind/Kin controller; my main from 2006), in (left to right) usual costume, "detective mode," and "cosmic mode." Bottom row (left to right): Sunset Smash (WP/SS tanker, 2007; my homage to both Carol Danvers and Power Girl), Cosmique (human/dwarf peacebringer, 2006; my "angel in white"), Samantha-7 (MA/Nin scrapper, 2019; based on one of my Shadowrun characters), and Jean-Luc Wick (Beam Rifle/WP sentinel, 2019; based on Picard and John Wick just after the Picard poster released with the dog).
  10. Yes, it's available through flashback to the "Power Overwhelming" arc.
  11. I run Storm Elementals most of the time, and they tend not to care about positioning. That's good and bad, because I don't think they proactively remove themselves from melee but they also don't seem to fly right up into melee.
  12. If it matters, all the Candy Keeper's temp powers are actually...temporary. The Snow Beast is sometimes useful, but you probably have a bunch in your email already from the packs. The only one I regularly buy from the CK is the Renewal of Light (self-rez) at 20 canes every 8 days, just in case. If you're feeling saucy, the Duplicating Gift (25 Canes, 30,000 inf) is fun, and it's worth two badges (one for giving, one for getting). You have to be ready to roll with it when you buy it, though, because it only lasts 10 minutes. Grab one and head immediately to a populated area so you can pass it around.
  13. You can still get to the truck, since the Chalet is open year-round.
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