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  1. They do spawn...in the Kheldian arcs, Cimeroran missions, and in ITF. Seriously, though, I remember saving quite a few teams from wiping on Live because I kept my head on a swivel, and I kinda miss that. On the other hand, on Live the spawning of Cysts made a lot of groups not want to team with Khelds. Void/Quantum mobs are one thing, since they only have special effect on the Khelds responsible for their spawning. But Cysts tended to blend pretty well especially with cave terrain and could cause team wipes if you weren't paying attention. Back in Live, people understood that Khelds were supposed to be more challenging and all of this built into it. But now, people see "epic" AT and think it's supposed to be easy mode.
  2. Heh. That's the first time I've ever been accused of melee AT preference. Granted, I main (it's not even close) a mind/kin controller, so I do what I'm supposed to do. I have fun confusing Sappers. 🙂 But I've heard way more people complain over the years about Sappers than any other mob in the game, so I'll stand by my statement.
  3. I've had to deal with more than one, but I think it was because someone aggroed multiple spawns.
  4. Malta Sappers and a few other End-draining foes have been discussed: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/19560-reducing-end-drain/ Sappers are the only mobs remotely threatening from Malta, so I don't mind that you have to be careful about them. Without Sappers, Malta are basically Council with different uniforms. I also like that there's a hint of content people can't solo-faceroll at +4/x8.
  5. I think MCU changed course for Doctor Strange when Disney got rights to mutants. DS2 was originally going to be all about Nightmare's realm, which was appropriate for horror, but now WandaVision and DS2 look like they're going to try some adaptation of House of M.
  6. Now I'm remembering back in the day there were people who were well-practiced in using the geyser network. I was not one of those people. 🙂
  7. Thank you. 🙂 There's a LOT of back-and-forth between the City and the Shard in Dr. Q, which most people skip using TT. The TUNNEL system does make those trips way more convenient since there's one in FBZ.
  8. The biggest upcoming draw for me is Doctor Strange 2, since I've always been a DS fan. But I have to admit I'm somewhat less enthusiastic about the rest of Phase 4.
  9. My main has the prestige power Return to Battle and the winter power Renewal of Light, and they have separate timers. I've used one while the other was on recharge, and it's the only thing I spend Candy Canes on any more. My WP/SS tank has Resurgence in addition, and all three have separate timers.
  10. It's not that hard to get to the contact any more, since you can LFG-port to them. I'd prefer to see a Master badge for Dr. Q (no temp powers and no deaths) that perhaps granted a Shard-flavored Team Transport power. Let's see who's willing to do an 8-hour TF again. 🙂
  11. I think the licensing agreement had a fair amount to do with that. The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_Heroic_Roleplaying) didn't even have a chargen system built in, so you either played the licensed Marvel characters or you used a third-party mod to do chargen. Seemed odd for a game that won as many awards as it did. I tried running a GURPS Supers game back in college, but quickly discovered that GURPS breaks down as characters depart from human normal. GURPS worked well enough for a long-running game I ran during grad school that included wizards, telepaths, and near-ish future technology (investigators running around with laser rifles and throwing spells).
  12. Has anyone else noticed an unusually long click range for the obelisks in Cavern of Transcendence? In my most recent run, five of the obelisks had guards, but I was able to click the obelisk from outside of the guards' aggro range each time (maybe 75 ft in total), sometimes from the bend in the tunnel.
  13. Marvel did have an advancement system, just a very slow one. It was slow because you'd like to spend Karma for advancement, but you always needed to spend Karma in large quantities to swing percentile dice rolls.
  14. A decent narrative game is Worlds in Peril, which uses Powered by the Apocalypse. Because it's so rules-light, it depends a lot on GM and player narrative (and trust), and it's harder to replicate the issue-long super fights you may be used to seeing in comic books. Masks is similar (also PbtA), but is meant to replicate Teen Titans. Mutants & Masterminds was popular among my friends back in the 90s and early 2000s, but I personally didn't care for the d20 adaptation. It just didn't feel right to me. My understanding was that Silver Age Sentinels handled the d20 adaptation better. For being an 80s RPG with random chargen, TSR's old Marvel Super Heroes system (FASERIP) was ahead of its time in terms of balancing mechanics vs. narrative, handling comic book action, and handling multiple power levels in the same game.
  15. Or the firefighter badges, which at least warn you that the progress bars only track one criterion.
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