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  1. I have the TF available on my toon, if that helps.
  2. On Indom we call that a Kaze (or Kazi or Hamikaze). Ideally, we do a Kaze with a league of 40+ dropping Lores and being TPed in, and even then it's risky. If you fail, you've probably left Hami with a triple-bloom and that zone is useless for the night. It really doesn't take much to fail: Take too long coordinating after the Lores and buffs start flying? EoEs start to expire while you're in Hami. Too many people without Lores (or not yet level 50)? Not enough damage. Tanks can't hold aggro on mitos, or people start getting stunned out? That's a league wipe. (The Indom league doesn't always succeed even with a league of 40--last night, we wiped on a failed Kaze and followed that up with a nearly-failed Zerg in our backup zone.) A Zerg is one round of mitos, as opposed to the designed method of successively clearing each round of mitos. In case people complain that the game is too [email protected]'s accomplishment is an example of what a well-coordinated, well-built, well-equipped, well-prepared team can do, and not an ordinary thing. Well done!
  3. I'll be there with Fraulein Mental (mind/kin CTRL) in green witch gear.
  4. Yeah, on my main, most of power tray 8 is macros for commonly-used emotes (Hovr = Villain Stance 2, which is my go-to hover stance), with the last three slots being costume powers. Tray 9 is a costume change emote for each costume slot. (I've been meaning to change them around because I've changed a few of the costumes.) And I have my base passcode in Tray 4 (Base). Everything else is actual powers. Tray 4 is mostly travel powers (I still keep TT, MT, and ATT in the tray just so I can see their recharge timers). Tray 5 is mostly rezzes (3 rez-other powers from Day Job and temps and 3 rez-self powers from prestige and temps). Tray 6 is buffs from accolades and temps. Tray 7 is mostly summon temp powers. I have a lot of temp powers I've never used up. 🙂 Just in the last week or two, I put Sprint back in my tray (Tray 3, slot 1) because I pulled my stealth IO out of Mystic Flight and put one into Sprint, so I can toggle stealth without landing. Oddly, on Live I'd never learned any of the macro or keybind stuff. Here's one where we can see your violet--and Lady Stygia's black.
  5. Double MC! Two theme teams for the price of one--what a bargain! 🙂 Our starting lineup. Or is that the usual suspects? First run complete. Second run, faster than the first!
  6. You have to enable Team and Dual inspirations to drop before they'll drop during play. You'll find those options at the P2W Vendor.
  7. That kinda happened in Man of Steel (maybe not refugees, but I don't recall seeing a whole lot about the incoming fleet/ship). Marvel played with it a while back with the whole New Asgard storyline (and they're laying groundwork for it now in MCU).
  8. It's not that you're not allowed to play someone who acts like an edgie asshole. It's that--acting like an edgie asshole--you have to expect that some people will react to you like you're an edgie asshole. Expecting people to treat you according to the brief exposition in your bio while you're acting like a different person pushes the bounds of even reality-warping spin-powers. Sometimes, you have to actually RP the character you wrote.
  9. As far as I could tell, indigo in this game is one of those really deep blues. Maybe only slightly deeper than the blue in my avatar picture. Indigo is kind of an interesting color, since I thought about using it: Indigo - Wikipedia. Apparently, Issac Asimov thought indigo wasn't distinct enough from the other colors to merit its own rainbow entry.
  10. I'll bring Sunset Smash, my WP/SS Tanker, wearing Red.
  11. I only got start/end pics, but I did catch the Dead Peppers:
  12. To quote David Tennant's Doctor, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." All the accounts, characters, supergroups, bases, etc., from Live are long gone. It is relatively easy to rebuild. There's a P2W Vendor in each starter zone and Pocket D who sells all the veteran powers from Live. There's no Prestige, so base-building is free. And the Community is still pretty supportive.
  13. I'll bring Sister Lyra (Fire/Willpower Sentinel).
  14. Thanks again, @TrixieKixx, for setting up the TF and herding the cats! It was a hard-fought victory. Those green mitos really gave us a run for our money. Also, thanks to the people in Help chat who gave us suggestions! I removed Taser Dart from my tray at around level 10, and I'd never used Day Job: Tear Gas. I only got two pics: Bots, Bots, Bots! Completion!
  15. I'll bring Jean-Luc Wick (Beam Rifle / Willpower Sentinel) in Locutus costume for LGTF next week.
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