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  1. "Don't stand in stupid" applies here. She's meant to be pulled (or KBed) off the catwalk. If your tank has her taunted, your tank needs to learn about positioning. The hardest part (by a lot) of a DFB badge run is reining in the faceroll.
  2. I'm down if there's still room for the Fairy Tales. For now, it's an energy-winged (and mesh-suited) Fraulein Mental, but I may throw fairy wings on an alt if the mood strikes.
  3. Tyrannical's suggestion might work, but I think putting every power on recharge would be way too powerful. There are some long-recharge powers out there, plus all those 30-minute-recharge temp powers that I would be annoyed to recharge like I'd used them all.
  4. I'm not referring to Elseworlds, Earth-XXX, or fanfic (however well funded). Just in DC Comics mainstream, Superman's powers have varied widely based on what the writer needed for a given story. For that matter, it's not unique to Superman (he's just a convenient example) and it's not even unique to DC. Character power levels vary so widely that (to paraphrase an old NFL saying) in any given issue, any character can beat any other character.
  5. I love the Chantry, and I want to use parts of it for my SG base.
  6. I also keep forgetting about the Empyrean Merit -> Reward Merit conversion, but it's mostly that I resolved never to use it. Because it's a one-way conversion (you can't convert Reward -> Empyrean) and there are relatively few ways to get Empyrean Merits, I've tended to hoard them a little.
  7. If you have a lot of spare inf, you can get a lot of merits from opening Super Packs. I average around 8-10 merits per pack (usually opening 50 packs at a time and getting 400-500 merits). It's a little less than directly buying merits from the Merit Vendor (1M inf -> 1 merit), but there's all the other stuff that rains when you open packs. I run into mail system lag if I open more than about 50 packs in any given day. Hami drops 80 merits (40 on subsequent runs), 4 empyrean merits, or an HO. But it requires a coordinated league effort. On Indom, raids are run for 90 minutes nightly, typically yielding 5-6 runs per night. (Usually doing the zerg approach, where you only clear mitos once and then pile on Hami.) The Dr Q TF is decent now, though it can be hard to recruit because there are several defeat-all missions and a lot of travel back and forth between the city and the Shard. A full team (at least 3-4 with Team Transport) can run this in 90-ish minutes. 122 merits (it's worth running when it's the WST). Cavern of Transcendence is pretty easy to solo if you have a stealth character (or Stealth IO + Grant Invisibility empowerment from base). Not many merits (only 7), but it's soloable in less than 10 minutes including the LFG teleport to Karsis.
  8. That's what I thought. I hadn't even thought about doing that until yesterday, just went with tighty-whities. 🙂 I do remember playing around with the mesh top on another toon and being disappointed I couldn't find anything matching for bottom. Congrats!
  9. There was private internet service available at Camp Victory in 2008, but it wasn't fast enough (or stable enough) for me to log in. Its speed was more like 'load a web page in 60 seconds' fast. 🙂 On the other hand, I lived in CHU-land with all the T-walls I'd ever want to see. But no, I would never have asked for an exemption for this. (Maybe I'm the wrong person to comment on this, since I'm not exactly an altoholic.)
  10. I created one a while back, based a little on my main's backstory. Arc ID: 22504 Title: Paragon Lost Number of Missions: 3 Description: While on a Portal expedition, your beacon goes inactive. You're on your own to discover why you're stranded.
  11. Depends on what the story needs, who's writing it, and whose book/show it's in. Just like every "Who would win?". There are no objective measures of powers or power levels because writers (especially comic book writers) rewrite them whenever the character either needs a new power or needs not to have a power to further their story. Even Superman's vulnerability to kryptonite varies widely by writer and story (as does his weakness against magic)--sometimes there are entire story arcs built around it, sometimes it's barely a nuisance.
  12. Hi there! Here's my submission for the AE Contest! Arc ID: 34453 Arc Name: Winter’s Champion Author: @Fraulein Mental Number of Missions: 3 Description: It’s getting hotter, not colder, as winter approaches. So hot that I’m afraid the Ski Chalet might start melting! There must be a plot afoot. Can you turn down the heat?
  13. I tend not to panic about it. It took about 6 hours, even dropping later in the day and on Halloween proper. I was online, but most of my friends had other stuff going on Saturday night. 🙂
  14. I started in 1984 with the red box D&D Basic Set, which I'd seen advertised in Omni magazine. I then found a group playing AD&D. I've played each subsequent edition, and I was playing in a 5e game before our group went on hiatus in March. I GMed Marvel Super Heroes (the FASERIP system by TSR) in high school and, for all it's problems, it's still one of the best adaptations for balancing multiple power levels. I played Shadowrun when it first came out in 1989, back when being a mage hurt. I ran a 2e game in college, and I joined the Missions team during 4e and 5e. I've GMed a long-running GURPS game in grad school, which spanned the 3e/4e transition. I still have extra copies of the 4e slipcase on my shelf. More recently, I've played a fair amount of GUMSHOE, with the Dracula Dossier (Night's Black Agents) campaign and most of the Eternal Lies (Trail of Cthulhu) campaign. More recently, I've GMed a couple of short-run games with Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, including a Torchwood-based campaign. I'm also a big fan of Star Trek Adventures, though I haven't gotten to play it as much as I'd like. (And I've spent way too much money on the Eaglemoss starships.)
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