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  1. Assuming I can get my freshly-created character up to 20 for Penny Yin, I'll bring Aluminum Patriot, Energy/Devices Blaster.
  2. If you're below level 50, the WST bonus includes a pile of XP rather than the Notice of the Well. It's somewhere around half a level, modified for the TF like the merit reward.
  3. Love it. Missed you guys this week! I've never played Devices or Traps, so I have some work ahead of me!
  4. Alas, I'm working this weekend. But I'm interested for next time!
  5. I don't assert people to be fragile. I just have no desire to be the object of your power fantasy. But if every PvP zone is empty, what makes you think making every zone a PvP zone will magically make people like it?
  6. If you want to obliterate the server population, this is a way to do it. Plenty of people on Indomitable have little interest in PvP.
  7. I really love the Shadow Shard TFs, but I'm working next weekend so I'll have to skip. 😞
  8. Steampunk Pirates! Sling your backpack! Aw, did you want to teleport, Sorcerer? Chi Master is quite flexible. We finally got Colonel Duray inside the ship! I think we talked about this last time this SF came up, and then we just ended up killing him where he spawned.
  9. There's a big difference between Dominators and Controllers using the Mind Control set. A lot of it has to do with how Mind powers interact with the Controller Inherent--too many of them don't. Dominators' Inherent makes them way better at control than Controllers, especially if you build for perma-dom.
  10. Nice! I thought about y'all when I got a task 10 minutes before the TF. 😞 I hope to be there next time on my Rad/Rad Corruptor, Quantum Quantum!
  11. Oddly, I've only done Tin(Pex) a couple of times (my main has everything except Army of Neu, and that seems to be the standard run). The most crucial thing is to have your Alpha slotted, not just unlocked. Each of the TFs requires Alpha unlock, but if it's not actually slotted you fight at -4 levels, so everything is +8 to you.
  12. I'll bring Cosmique (Peacebringer) to Tin Mage this week. Alas, it looks like I'll be working this Saturday. Have fun!
  13. My default is my main 'troller, but I have a few characters who are eligible. I could bring Controller, Tanker, Peacebringer, Corruptor, Scrapper, and maybe Blaster or Stalker.
  14. I do have some characters who are definitely one side or the other--for example, Coffee Ring will never be mistaken for a hero. My main, however, takes a longer view of things. "What do I care about being a hero or a villain, when the very fabric of reality could tear loose at any moment?"
  15. The Respec Doubleheader! Oddly, I played the blue side trial with a red side character, and vice versa. Blue side starting lineup! Sky Raider fools, about to suffer! Entering Terra Volta Reactor, so we can enter the Terra Volta Reactor! A few Sky Raiders more or less...who'll notice? Mission Complete! For the second trial of our doubleheader...Bark at the Moon! HAHAHAHA! We had a spot of trouble clearing vines that didn't want to stay cleared, but we finally found our
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