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  1. Most of my enhancements were pack openings, though a bunch of them were from crafting common IOs to get the Field Crafter accolade, and later the Fabricator badge. Much of the salvage is indirectly from pack openings, crafting rare salvage 100-200 at a time from Brain Storm Ideas and selling what I didn't need for around 500k each. Most of the inspirations were EoEs left over from Hami raids (I'd usually have 10-20 left over from a given night), some sold as high as 15k, lately selling for no more than 100. But I did make a little profit selling Ambrosia the last time the Woodsman Trial was the WST.
  2. My least favorite is Sister Jocasta, in "Your Life Story! Wait, What?" (Extract Sister Jocasta from the Knives of Artemis). Sister Jocasta is literally the only character on the map who can't see through stealth.
  3. I also have to keep reminding myself that it's the MLTF. And my favorite memory of the TF (Confusing Ghost Widow) was when it was still called the Statesman TF.
  4. I tried really hard to like DCUO. I even tried to remake my main. I just couldn't get used to the UI.
  5. Same for Ambrosia, which don't have the volume of use, and for Ultimates, which perhaps aren't as widely used or as crucial. There used to be ways to put timers on your buffs, but those may have been mods. I'm not sure I'd want to see stacking of inspirations for duration, as the argument can be made that it takes away from the buffing ATs. On Indomitable, the raid leader (or someone they designate) usually reminds everyone at the proper interval to pop an EoE. The raids in which reminders haven't gone out have tended to wipe more frequently, just like any other part of the raid process that goes sideways. It's part of the skill challenge of Hami.
  6. I'd rather have a stealth debuff applied (call it Clingy?). After all, you're dragging someone around with you who doesn't have stealth. The only time I have major issues is when I'm on a team with people running AoE stealth and refusing to turn it off. (I can turn off my own stealth powers, but I can't turn off someone else's.) It seems like some of the combative NPCs already have quite an aggro radius.
  7. Sure, I'll bite. I just hit 1300 a few nights ago. Just hanging out in The Chantry. 🙂
  8. Most of us aren't dealing in the volume OP is, which is definitely a limiting factor. Another limiting factor is that AH prices for the stuff that comes out of packs has decreased markedly in the last few months: ATOs that sold within a day for 10M now sell in several days for 8M, Catalyst and Booster prices are down 20-30% and take days to move. I used to make around 2-3M profit per pack plus merits; now it's just the merits. More people at home for lockdown means more people are doing the pack opening trick, which means profits are leaner. I did make around 3B profit in the last week opening winter packs, but I'd been saving those since buying them at the winter prices. If you have them saved from winter you can make bank, but profits are lean if you're buying them at summer prices.
  9. Some of us still fight even-conn minions from time to time, contrary to current meta. And the change you're proposing hits those characters harder than the one you hope to balance.
  10. I just object to the rhetorical device. You say it isn't meaningful and then outline a meaningful change. Not everyone has an awesome enough toon to run +4/x8 right now.
  11. There's rarely an argument for extra reward from the "nerf incarnate" advocates--the usual argument is something like, "Make the game harder for everyone because my build is too awesome but I want street-level minions to feel like they had a shot." But if you want the option, I have a couple of suggestions: -- The time benchmarks would have to be rebalanced, because some TFs are shorter than others. If you fail the time check, you fail the TF. -- Any team wipe with a challenge fails the TF. -- A "no macros" challenge that disables all macros and slash commands while you're in the TF. Maybe even include that automatically if you include any challenge setting.
  12. Not a bug. Mask of Vitiation has been like this forever, and it's working as intended. Sounds like it's time to turn down your Notoriety, at least long enough to finish the Carnies arc.
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