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  1. Did it not give you the Midnight Squad badge? I just noticed the awarding this morning. My farm alt is meandering through the DA Incarnate arcs, and upon getting Sister Solaris as a contact I was awarded the Midnight Squad badge. (Since the farm alt soloed 1-50 in AE, and I'm just doing the Incarnate arcs for Incarnate salvage.) I'd forgotten about it, but you do kinda need to access Cimerora to continue the DA storyline. (Maybe it ought to point you to the Uni and make you do the Midnighter arc?)
  2. Missed y'all today! Next week, I'll bring my Widow, Princess Grace.
  3. LRSF sounds cool. I think I have an alt or two who have just finished the Time After Time arc.
  4. Yeah, I got caught a few times in the blue stuff with rooted powers or travel suppression. I got out most of the time being quick on the draw with Mystic Flight's teleport feature. Alas, I'm scheduled to work next weekend so I won't be able to join for Braaiins.
  5. The Saga of Battle Maiden, aka Apex TF: Our starting drink-up! Hail Hydra? The War Walkers keep on walking! Taking a moment to realize just how many swords stabbed that helicopter. About the usual amount of trouble with Battle Maiden. That fight is just a giant ball of chaos, with all the swords and minions and blue patches of doom.
  6. Yes, remember Apex penalizes you a -4 Level Shift for not having your Alpha slotted. (Alpha unlock is the bare minimum for being able to join.)
  7. I'm not that organized, but I only care about badges on my main.
  8. No, thanks. Badging is its own reward. And there's a lot of grinding behind some badges that shouldn't be the gatekeeper to powers.
  9. Yeah, I had to make a second attempt to get this badge on my main. The first time through I died during the final AV fight, and when I rezzed I forgot to reactivate my costume.
  10. It's a new badge within the TF, for defeating The Black Whip outside the mansion. We'll probably know more by the time Theme Team runs it, but here's what's on the wiki now:
  11. A new badge in Dr. Kane's House of Horrors, so watch out for those contacts before entering the mansion!
  12. With a name like Fraulein Mental, this ought to be my holiday. 😎 Mind/Kin CTRL, just needs a costume change before Saturday.
  13. IIRC, most of the issue with Big Sur is actually with the M1 chip, which was incompatible with just about everything when it first came out. If you're running Big Sur on an Intel chip, you're probably okay by now. I bought a shiny new MacBook Pro (13") last November and found out the hard way that the M1 chip broke everything I wanted to run that wasn't basic home/office apps. Daz Studio, for instance, just released their M1-compatible update last month.
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