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  1. This is a really cool character concept; I like it a lot. There are a bunch of ways you could go with AT and power sets. I want to know what you decide on, @Lynkon. Speaking of table top RPGs... if this was a Champions game, you could go with a variable power pool with the urban shaman theme.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I will turn off the shakes first and see where that gets me. If I still have problems, I'll check out the particles. Meanwhile, today I had my modem equipment exchanged. I ran a full Eden trial and had no hiccups at all. Earlier today, before the new modem, I was rubberbanding and lagging during a Posi 2.
  3. Help me understand this please... For the past couple weeks or more, I have not been able to stay online during MSRs. I keep losing connection to the mapserver within 10 minutes or so in the bowl. I've also been having a lot of choppy movement and rubberbanding. Is that my internet connection, or my graphics card, or what? I have reset/rebooted my modem a lot, and it doesn't seem to help. I have backed down my graphic settings some, and it doesn't seem to help. My internet speed is 100 megawhatevers and is a wired connection. My graphics card is an older model, sir, but checks out. Nvidia GTX 980.
  4. Keep leveling in Praetoria, First Ward, and Night Ward till you're at least 25. Don't make that transition at level 20 to Red or Blue side. Just realize that once you switch to Red or Blue, you'll lose access to those Gold titles. At level 20, get the mission to make the Red/Blue transition, but just let it sit in your mission list. Go into the sewers in Imperial City. All the way in the south is a door that leads to First Ward. Heck, you can get all the way to 50 as a Gold sider if you don't mind being limited to those zones. I got my dude Trauma Train to 37 in the Night Ward before I decided to take him Blue side.
  5. If you're going to roll a stone, name him Sisyphus.
  6. Please add another week to Rikti!
  7. I'd like to see Energy Melee ported to scrappers.
  8. Propel (Gravity) but without the junk summoning. The animation itself is fine, but have it draw up a ball of light or maybe a small version of the Singularity that dissipates when it hits. It's a good power, but I didn't take it on my gravity dude Knockdown simply because of the junk.
  9. How weird. I experimented with this earlier today. I had one character on one account with the Mender Tessaract mission to get the Outbreak stuff. (The same tutorial mission in which you can get the Isolator badge.) I had another character on another account who wanted to tag along for that badge. However, this character was only level 10 and would not normally be allowed into Ouroboros. My first thought was to use the backdoor entrance through Echo Galaxy. But an experiment occurred to me. I had the two form a team and I set the mission. Then I had the level 10 guy use the mission teleporter power you can get from the P2W... and straight to Ouroboros he went.
  10. @MunkiLordis this sort of mission something you'd be interested in?
  11. I'd like Energy Melee ported over to scrappers.
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