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  1. Probably tomorrow, October 1st. But who knows for sure...
  2. October 24th: Operatives Report! All VEATs Operative Renault SF The roster so far... @TraumaTrain- Devil's Workshop, crab spider @socom242- Kampfbereit, bane spider @EmmySky- GoldenSky, widow @TygerDarkstorm- Lola Huntress, night widow @TrixieKixx- Evil Godess, night widow @Midnyte- Midnyte Widow, night widow @Jaxman100- @VerseGuy-
  3. October 17th: Bird is the Word. All bird motif Silver Mantis SF The roster so far... @TraumaTrain- Hooded Crow, night widow (wingéd crow flies through the night) @socom242- Rahonavis, claws/regen stalker (clever girl!) @EmmySky- Nest Egg, psy/regen sentinel (sometimes you gotta break an egg to make an avian) @TygerDarkstorm- Fire's Embrace, fire/savage tanker (some kind of flamingo maybe? get it? *flame*ingo!) @TrixieKixx- Birdie Dreamz, ice/psy domintater (a dreamz within a dreamz within a dreamz) @Midnyte- Aviana, (Aviana Grandé) @Bananiac- From the Ashes, fire/regen brute (a phoenix?) @VerseGuy- Cy-Bird, street justice/electric brute (cyberred up and flappin' for action)
  4. Awesome! Happy to have you join us, Mental! Your spot is reserved with the maybe.
  5. Good news is PvP is completely optional and not really indulged much. Indomitable has a small PvP crowd. They'll hang out a bit in Recluse's Victory or run duels in the arena, but that's about it. You and your buddy can find just about anything you're looking for in game play on just about any server. Transfers are free too. I'd say pick a server and start playing. You can always move around as you like. Make characters on multiple servers if you want. Enjoy!
  6. How about this theme for the Apex/Tin Mage..... International Supers, since it's in the RWZ. October 10th - Bring your level 50 (alpha slotted) super patriot/nation themed toon! (If you don't have one, it's a fun opportunity to use a costume slot and maybe a temporary name too! But don't forget to save that real name so you don't lose it.) @TraumaTrain - Red Armor: dark "hero" of the Soviet Union - energy melee/invulnerability brute @socom242 - Pax Americana: heroic hero of America - invulnerability/super strength tanker @EmmySky - Texas Teas: vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, gin, triple sec, sour mix, and a splash of cola - water/fire bartender @TrixieKixx- Winnifred: - dual pistols/regen sentinel A maybe @TygerDarkstorm- Sarah Falin. the Gub'ner of A'l Ask 'Er - demons and cold
  7. October 3rd.... GLOOMY BOOMY! (There are exploding crystals, you see.) Ice Mistral SF. Level 35+, St. Martial @TraumaTrain - Mr. Crude, dankest dankmeister @Midnyte - Midnyte Wytch, none more dark @EmmySky - SunshineSky, Darktoberfest @socom242 - Blackrazor, so dark:30 @TrixieKixx - Dar Kness, it's in the name! @TygerDarkstorm- Tyger Darkstorm, it was a dark and stormy night @VerseGuy- Poultrygeist, the #1 with all dark meat Maybe @FrauleinMental- Coffee Ring, the venti iced latte of darkness
  8. All fire Ernesto Hess was hot! We lit Burkholder up! Super fun as always. Next week is the all darkness Ice Mistral SF! Be dark! Be level 35+! Be a vigilante, rogue, or villain! For October 10th, we have Apex and Tin Mage (level 50 plus alpha slot), but no theme yet. Throw out your idea! All tankers? All ranged? All melee? All purple (controllers and dominators)? All cat motif? All ice and cold?
  9. Welcome! We usually end up with an open spot come game day. The thread here is very useful to get a feel for how many will be showing up. The very first post in the thread is where I have a quick summary of upcoming parties. Hope to see you soon! An all archery gig was our first theme. I like archery characters
  10. I don't mean visual aesthetics so much, I mean setting aesthetics. The world and the NPCs and things in it. The stuff that makes up the place.
  11. What in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles would you change just in general set up or aesthetics? Tony Kord. Instead of having him hide in the bushes in Atlas Park, I'd put him on the roof top in Kings Row where his helicopter pad is. And have an assistant or two nearby. and put a helicopter on the pad too. He's got meetings to make and deals to deal. His primary missions all take place in the best row anyway. Obviously, you'd have to remove that pad as a spawn point. (Mechanically, unlock him as a contact so you can simply approach him in the correct level range.)
  12. Instead, let's buff Malta. I want incarnate-grade Malta, please.
  13. You know when you're doing stories from that time traveling joint with the floaty crystal bits and you enter a mission and for a few moments the world is sepia toned? Yeah, I'd like a graphics option that allows me to play in that shade all the time. Like, an optional clicky option that people who don't want the world of beige filters in their world don't have to click if they don't want. I really dig those sepia tone moments at the beginning and end of a mission.
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