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  1. Trident is in Atlas Park. Look for it on the minimap.
  2. I can't really afford full IO sets, so all four of my 50s just run around in vanilla IOs. I have no problems playing them. I guess those are pretty cheap builds.
  3. Having gotten tired of repeated, villainous attempts to flood Galaxy City, Statesman moved the bay.
  4. I love the cutscenes. Please never make them skippable. The best one is in Ghost Widow's arc where you summon and betray her. If you stand in the summoning circle before someone clicks the altar, you get to be in the cutscene too!
  5. History plaques. Wall mounted and memorial style. (Especially wall mounted.) It would be really neat if you could write a description on them that was click-readable, like real plaques you find in zones. We already have decorative exploration markers available, but how about setting them up so that there's an actual exploration badge associated with them. Say, a base can install a single, active exploration marker. If you visit eight bases with these, you earn an exploration badge. Call it... All About That Base (No Trouble). Or maybe... All Your Base Are Belong To Me.
  6. I enjoy fighting just about every faction. I think they're all cool. Different factions have really neat background stuff. Some are tougher or easier depending on what time playing. My favorites are 5th Column and Council due to the dynamic and story stuff between them. Love the Freaks, especially when they rez and offer me their XP a second time. Carnies are fun. Goldbrickers are cool. Sky Raiders are cool. I love when Council dudes turn into werewolves (I saw a vampyre turn into a werewolf once!) What I find annoying are any mob that can teleport away. Carnie illusionists are annoying and neat at the same time. Malta sappers are annoying. Knives of Artemis are annoying when I'm playing a stalker. The CoT ghosts... I love fighting giant monsters. I love fighting other named heroes and villains. Named bosses from different factions are cool. I love fighting the leaders of the Council. I wish we could fight other faction leaders as easily. The new ("new") Skull leaders you fight in the newer Kings Row arcs are awesome. The Praetorian heroes are really cool. Epic even.
  7. Try the tailor is Pocket D. In Imperial City, go to Studio 54. From there, go through the portal to Pocket D. Then head into the tiki lounge. I believe the tailor there can do body height changes.
  8. Sign me up for Villain Mondays. Heck, I'll lead it if you want. I love red side.
  9. Amazing pumpkins! (I have never carved a pumpkin. I feel like I'm missing out on one of life's achievement badges.)
  10. You do not need to download a second copy of the game on your computer. To switch accounts, simply go back to the game's log in screen and enter the second account's log in and password. If you want to run both accounts at the same time on one computer, just get one account logged in and then go back to the Homecoming window and click to log in again. It brings up a second instance of the game. And then log into that with the other account info. In game, just alt-tab to switch back and forth between games. (Depending on your system, multiple instances of the game running simultaneously can get a little choppy.)
  11. Awhile back I started working on a CoH conversion for Dungeon World. It was looking pretty neat, but I never finished it. Meanwhile, the Sentinel Comics RPG is nearing publication, and I'll be using that system. I'm actually pretty excited to run it.
  12. Something about pots and kettles...
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