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  1. This sounds fun. I'm down as a sitter. I'll edit this post for my three potential builds as I think of them.
  2. It varies wildly for each player. This is mine... I have four enhancement bins. One for level 40 vanilla IOs. One for level 50 vanilla IOs. One for holding crafted set IOs. One for swapping IOs from one character to another. (The vanilla IO bins each have 12 accuracy, 12 damage, 12 defense, 12 resist, 6 end mod, 6 end reduction, 6 health, 6 recharge, 3 stun, 3 defense debuff, 3 to hit, 3 hold, 3 immobilize, 3 fly, 3 run, 3 jump, 1 slow, 1 stun, 1 to hit debuff, 1 range, 1 taunt, and 1 confuse.) I have four salvage racks for common salvage (a-c, d-i, k-r, s-t... no more
  3. Never have I ever... ... been involved in a Master of... TF. I don't want to be a hindrance screwing it up for everyone. ... done an iTrial (since live). I don't want to be a hindrance screwing it up for everyone. ... been a successful farmer. The grocery store provides me the fresh veggies I want.
  4. No SWS this week. Got other things going on this Sunday. We'll plan for something again on the October 3rd.
  5. It's one of the French benefits of having such learned people (personren?) like @srmalloy participate on the boards.
  6. Number Six is in the Rikti War Zone base. He hangs out on the back wall by the SG porter. He's a contact that unlocks when you unlock your alpha slot. Cool story arc in which you help some folks in Praetoria.
  7. Man, that was rough! The Mako patron arc (through Ouroboros) had a bugged beginning, but we persevered through it. The Barracuda went fairly well except for Mueller of the Comb-Over getting lost in the elevators. Then there was Reichsman. And the never-ending adds. Almost never-ending anyway. I have to admit... When it looked like SL II dropped out, and the ambushes kept spawning, and I was super hungry, I lost hope that we would succeed. Then she came back on (bad internets), and I saw there were no more ambushes materializing... That ending was
  8. If you cannot, we can do another of the patron arcs on a Sunday that you can make it! No worries.
  9. It does not. That's totally a blue side badge. It doesn't even change names for red-sider best-siders.
  10. An Arachnos invasion of Paragon would be a really cool event. Fliers dropping off troops. At four locations, Recluse's big lieutenants appear at the same time. You have to defeat all four of them within X amount of time and then Recluse shows up for the finale. In his party are Red Widow and Arbiter Daos, and he keeps spawning bane spider soldiers. Fliers can always be taken out like one in Grandville.
  11. Something Wicked Sunday 8 will be a double feature! Like the two circles of an 8! Stick around for one! Stick around for both! Villains do what they want! Part 1: Captain Mako's patron story arc as run through Ouroboros. Meet up in Ouroboroborobobro. There is like a level minimum here because of stringent Ourobro protocols. Is it 35? Maybe! Also there may be an alignment minimum here as well. So be either of Rogue or Villain alignment. Part 2: Barracuda's Reichsman's SF! This one is a bit different from the Dr Kahn version. This one feeds on a variety of archetypes. Try
  12. @TrixieKixx put me down for Devil's Workshop for Kahn. He is an Arachnos Crab Guy. With Arachnopets! If you're lucky, he'll wear his "Third World Country General" costume!
  13. At high level they should have Praetorian Resistance guns and occasional Resistance advisors.
  14. I use powexeclocation for Spring Attack and Shield Charge. (And Caltrops and Lightning Rod.) I use them pretty much at point blank range to smash those around me. 0:5 or 0:7
  15. And speaking of Crimson Revenant... If you do his arcs before all this, he'll join you in that mission instead of fighting you. It's quite a thing having both Leonard and CR help you tear up that street.
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