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  1. If anyone on Indomitable wants to do this, I'm game. Even if it just starts as a smaller team and grows into a full team, that's okay too. I would love to have a regular group of folks to run with.
  2. Nemesis pot? I say thee not. Nemesis thought. Nemesis bought. Nemesis brought. Nemesis fought. But Nemesis pot? I say thee not. A Nemesis sot is what Nemesis got.
  3. Awesome. I'm probably not in the toppity top toppest 20, but I just earned my 1000th badge (1001, I guess) yesterday morning on Character Assassin. I'll submit a screenshot when I get home from work.
  4. TraumaTrain

    Smaller Teams

    I agree. I play in the evenings. Red side, blue side, gold. @rich and @rich 2.
  5. I'm going to run this one at noon EST Saturday instead of 10. I'm selling all my 40k stuff and the guy wants to meet up at 10.
  6. What would be great is if the beam attack was from a pistol in the left hand and the sword attack was from a sword in the right hand. I'd buy that for a dollar!
  7. No minimum level. You just have to get to the First Ward zone. Flight power is strongly recommended. And by "strongly recommended," I mean required. However, that can be accomplished many ways: Flight from the power pool, temp power jetpacks, the temp flight power from the Seed Hunter merchants in FW, etc. I'll run it again on Saturday morning at 10am EST, and possibly again-again in the evening around 6pm EST (no promises). I'll be on either Character Assassin, or Trollop.
  8. Another successful germination termination. This time, seventeen folks came out to slay the silly Seed succinctly.
  9. Maybe just make Rage an expensive toggle. .61 end/second or something. No crash. No stacking. Slot it for end reduction.
  10. Another titanic weapon I'd like to see would be a pipe with a fire hydrant on the business end. Like what super mutant behemoths have in Fallout 3 and 4. Yes please!
  11. You're hired! Where do I send my money and character screenshots for your lovely work?
  12. Can we get a Skul or troll or Hellion as a titan weapon? Yes, I want to hit a guy with another guy.
  13. This sounds like a fun community gig. I normally play on Indomitable, but I'll transfer or create a toon here for this and join in.
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