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  1. Is this legit a percent change to confuse per tick of damage, or is it just a lower accuracy threshold then the damage? I would like to know so I can make a more informed decision as to whether to slot it with a damage set, confuse set, or leave it unslotted. If it's a percent chance to confuse per tick, what's the percent, and how many ticks per second? This will help me gauge how many, if any, confuse duration I'll need to make it near constant for at least a few enemies at a time. If it's just accuracy, then how much lower is said confuse accuracy?
  2. Go illusion/forcefield controler. Plenty of mashing when solo, but in teams, you just bubble up, apply more bubbles to self, then flash people while throwing minions. spikes of activity, maybe an occasional press to force bolt someone, but mostly passive. Alternatively storm summoning is a decent passive support set. Be expected to run around a lot, but not much in the way of pushing things as actively.
  3. Trying to make a trio build with human warshade focusing on CC and buffs. anyone know of a viable enhancement spread for this type of build?
  4. looking at the damage readout, it seems kind of lacking, but I'm wondering if I should still slot and use it. I intend to trio build with human form focused on melee and AoE/support, so would slotting Orbiting death be worthwhile? Worst case, I can always respec, but I'd still like some opinions before I commit.
  5. Yeah, and here I thought I managed to last until just before it went down. guess I missed a major update. 😛 Still, would love for more to be given to the scrapper inherent some time.
  6. Right, so the Inherent power for Scrappers, Critical hit, seems to still be as it was in the original CoH, meanwhile stalkers get an expanded inherent with added crit chance. Am I the only one in thinking that with the changes made since live when down, that the Scrapper inherent could use a bit of love, to?
  7. That is very helpful, thank you. I still feel like the whole mechanic could use work, since it tends not to last long, takes too long to build, and goes against the idea of focusing one target like the description says since you can just switch targets and not have it effect your meter. Still nice to have, nice to understand how it works, but I believe it could be easily adjusted to have more of an impact on more fights. without it getting too terribly strong. Mayhaps if the dev team is open to suggestions, I'll make a post detailing some.
  8. Rolled a Sentinel not too long ago and just curious what the difference between these is supposed to be. All the tooltips say is that Opportunity lowers defense and resistance of the target.
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