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  1. I have a 22 Beast/TA MM and I'd say it's merely "OK" (I had both a mercs/traps and thugs/dark on live). The synergy isn't awful; flash helps survivability, glue, net, and ice arrows keeps everything in melee range. I do find myself replacing pets fairly often though, which frankly is fine due to the changes on Homecoming in regards to recharge. If you're looking for bots or demons with time or kin you'll be sorely disappointed, but I've found it fun enough.
  2. And of course the drive with all my old data is long gone. I was able to find an early build (I remember doing this JUST as sets came out, so it doesn't have much more than filling the knockback hole and IOs otherwise). Also it's not Homecoming friendly as the fitness pool was taken as my 16 and 20 powers and I could probably do better with the hover and fly slotting. That said, I really enjoyed this and I never had that big of an issue with endurance. Not great, but hopefully it's a start. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsR
  3. I need a reminder to pull up my main from the OG CoH. I played this build for about 8 years (and it's awesome). I should have the Mids file somewhere.
  4. Oh man, so long ago. I played primarily under one of my two mains, Crescent Shadow (scrapper) or Hot Zone (Blaster) but I had a slew of others. I don't know how long I'll stick around, but this is a great jaunt down memory lane.
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