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  1. How about traps + something with a built in heal, e.g. water?
  2. I had a collection of macros with the historical information to share with folks on badge tours. I remember if you put the recall friend target just right, you could zone a fare on landing. good times
  3. sometimes you get a little gift
  4. Overwhelming Force--Knockdown works pretty well too. It's not a normal toggle; it drops patches that give new chances for the proc to fire.
  5. Getting groups in and out of the Hollows was an oddly enjoyable thing to do when hanging out and playing City of Chat, back in the day. My main still proudly wears the yellow checks. 🚕
  6. 😁 yes, exactly that It’s strange, but all the melee AT feel the same to me. Tank, stalker, whatever.
  7. That makes sense. I am not fond of the crab backpack, and my bane is @ 50, so I don’t see rolling another, but I have multiples of other ATs. Except tanks. One was enough of those.
  8. Have never had the pleasure of an all widow/soldier TF/SF. What’s the toughest? Not ITF, I would think.
  9. Everybody is a tank at triple digit defense. That’s all 😎
  10. Giving Traps a modern make-over into a mobile drone fighter would bring it closer to the current style of play. The recharges are all high compared to newer sets, but it is the lack of mobility and range that punishes the set as a whole. Web Grenade ok as is; short cooldown immobilize comparable to other T1 immobilizers Caltrops ok as is; surprisingly good with procs Triage Beacon change to mobile drone; cut recharge, but restrict to single instance like FFG Acid Mortar change to mobile drone; cut recharge, but restrict to single instance like FFG Force Field Generator ok as is; could use better pathing, but that is true for mobile summons in general Poison Trap make throwable Seeker Drones debuffs are weak for cooldown; reduce recharge or increase debuff values Trip Mine make throwable Time Bomb replace with Gun Drone summons (or Omega Maneuver)
  11. yes, but once you start changing over to attuned, do you slot an attuned quickfoot run speed in sprint in order to have uniformly unnumbered enhancements?
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