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  1. related: consider macros to combine less useful inspirations into more useful inspirations; in other words, don’t die to defense debuffs with a tray full of break free and catch a breath candies
  2. The podcast was a fun listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-secret-world-chronicle/id211347249 Which later grew into a series: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1986356.The_Secret_World_Chronicle
  3. Retired my WP/rad tank @ 50. He hangs out at the university and builds/flips IOs. Might not have been a tough tank, but he’s made a couple billion influence for the rest of the line up.
  4. Seems to be a thematically good pairing. Might not be a top tier combo, but that’s ok, I’m far from being a top tier player. Anyone tried this out? What did you like (or dislike)?
  5. I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere, but my search efforts are failing. How to make a macro that gives an inspiration (by type) to a minion (by name)? TIA!
  6. on my namesake WP/Rad tank, one too many was unhappy with the durability performance, tried to shore up by leaning into lots of purples, ended up even worse
  7. funny enough, the blanket was a bit of a “reject” my wife didn’t like the colors after she finished it and it got stuck in a closet then last year when I was in hospital for cascading organ failure, she brought that one in (in case it had to be left behind) didn’t die, me and the blanket came home, and six months later when we adopted the pup, she claimed it!
  8. All above are correct: the direct comparison of values absolutely favors LR. But a full, or even a majority, of a team tossing daggers isn’t that unusual, where multiple LR is generally limited to theme runs. So to rephrase the question, is LR still high value when everyone can contribute to -regen?
  9. are combinations an average of the tiers or do combinations create new tiers? for example, would pairing one of the swords with a defense armor elevate both sets?
  10. Mucking about on mids with a classic f/rad controller and thinking about the timing of Posi 2 and getting LR started me wondering about the utility of -regen powers in an age of dirt cheap daggers. Do you still spend a power pick getting -regen? Howling Twilight has the rez and stun, but LR only has a minor slow.
  11. game space bookshelf office assistant what more could I need?
  12. I’m sure this is already answered somewhere... https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Dual_Pistols#Suppressive_Fire Looks like using swap ammo removes the KB/KU effect entirely. Would the +recharge proc still fire without the secondary effect in the attack? TIA!
  13. Just in case someone is just getting started: Find levels where yellow and orange overlap, with the majority of sets of that type are orange. Restrict your level search and bids to be in that band and maximize your odds of flipping to orange. For example, if there was a weather control enhancement with eight sets, and if you check the level ranges, you might find there are two yellow sets that top out at 30, and five orange sets that run from 25-40 or 30-50. Buy yellow recopies specifically at level 30, then craft and convert them, and you will *most likely* end up with an oran
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