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  1. yes, but once you start changing over to attuned, do you slot an attuned quickfoot run speed in sprint in order to have uniformly unnumbered enhancements?
  2. defensive stance activates bodyguard https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mastermind_Strategy#Bodyguard aggressive stance means your summons will automatically attack targets within their aggro radius, rather than only responding to a mob attacking you or them (and maybe your team)
  3. Which is a bummer, but probably good game balance. Thanks!
  4. This thread moved me to try a tank yesterday and it was way big fun! Just hit 22 and loaded up the level 25 plain IOs before I signed off for the day. He’s a WP/Rad, which doesn’t have the best aura, so I have taunt with a perfect zinger proc and /Rad has a damage toggle in a few levels. Hopefully the WP aura improvements on test survive and get promoted up soon, but it is a great “beginner” set to learn tanking tactics. Thanks to all the excellent advice on this thread and to solid teams yesterday. Also apologies to the Posi team. I didn’t see a spawn before smacking Rollister, spotted the team getting beaten, so headed back and unintentionally pulled Rollister and his group back into the giant scrum, and almost wiped the whole team. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Cool, thanks! That one I already picked up and it is solid. Just the thing for the “stop 30 pumpkinheads” mission. The Avalanche proc is pricey—wanted to check before dropping that cash.
  6. Seems like a good match, but I have read that procs in toggles fire so infrequently that they are not a good value.
  7. presuming you are fighting things that can be knocked back and will stick around for a while, a good tank will try to pull spawns to a wall or a corner and turn knock-back into rebound
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