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  1. I haven't looked into the new electrical powerset, but Genin run out of endurance a lot so I imagine the electrical powers might help with that. Could be a cool combo!
  2. Hi, I recommend Ninjas and Dark Miasma. There's a ton of debuffs that make your ninjas less like glass cannons, and you can fear / stun the baddies as well. I think it's a great combo and you should totally consider it :)
  3. Hello. I saw the changes on the patch notes so I came looking for some discussion on these forums. I read through all the comments y'all made here and there's some good points being made, lots of which are being lost in the discussion of "auto vs upgrade" I think the training powers should be left as they are. I'm not even convinced yet about the reduction in summon recharge time. Just my 2¢ - Here's why - feel free to skip the next 2 paragraphs if you don't care about nostalgia: I play ninjas and dark miasma. I mostly just patrol and explore, but sometimes I'll do
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