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  1. I haven't played in months. All I want is my SS scrapper.
  2. Did you miss your dose of Superadine today?
  3. Thanks for the update, and all of your work 🙂 Whatever you need, just ask. The sooner I can play my SS Scrapper the better 🙂
  4. This. The whole "but, but, muh cottage rule" needs to evolve.
  5. Have a bump! Our time will come 🙂
  6. If there has to be anything at all, this would be good. An option to hide any and all text would also be nice.
  7. >issue a cease and desist to private servers Go be a lawyer somewhere else, Benny.
  8. As a matter of fact, a SS port for Scrappers was confirmed by Captain Powerhouse in one of the many Rage threads 😄
  9. Have a bump, Super Strength Scrappers 🙂
  10. Again, an excellent suggestion. Jab and Punch need this help, with more damage and longer recharge accordingly. As for the thread in general, we're talking about perma triple-stacked Rage now? Really? In my opinion Rage should be a toggle. Do you want your character to "rage"? No problem, click the toggle. Don't feel like "raging" right now? No problem, unclick the toggle. No more stacking. No more penalties. Just a simple "yes or no". If necessary, increase the damage of other powers to compensate for the lack of stackability. For the recharge junkies, a Rage toggle would not penalize you. Your Foot Stomp, Knockout Blow, and other powers still benefit from your recharge bonuses. Just replace your Rage recharge reduction enhancements with endurance reduction. People that already have an IO set in Rage should be fine. Finally, the "cottage rule" was superceded on other occasions for the sake of game evolution; I see no reason to cling to it in this case.
  11. This. This, so much. Also, I wouldn't mind it being a toggle.
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