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  1. Super Strength for Scrappers, please!
  2. SS Scrapper please and thank you.
  3. Have another bump. Still can't play my character.
  4. I haven't played in months. All I want is my SS scrapper.
  5. Did you miss your dose of Superadine today?
  6. Thanks for the update, and all of your work 🙂 Whatever you need, just ask. The sooner I can play my SS Scrapper the better 🙂
  7. This. The whole "but, but, muh cottage rule" needs to evolve.
  8. Have a bump! Our time will come 🙂
  9. If there has to be anything at all, this would be good. An option to hide any and all text would also be nice.
  10. >issue a cease and desist to private servers Go be a lawyer somewhere else, Benny.
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