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  1. You're welcome. I'm glad it helps. Also, you will have to /suppressclosefxdist 0 when you go to the tailor 🙂
  2. Hmmm... I'm certain I've seen something like this before.
  3. Hi PK. I know where these are 🙂 The problem was they referenced something that they misnamed, which caused a lot of confusion not only for myself but also for other posters in this thread. Instead of "Sound tab" it should be referenced as "Graphics and Audio tab", and instead of "Music channel" and "Effects channel" they should be referenced as "Sound FX Volume slider" and "Music Volume slider". When I couldn't figure out what they were talking about, I did an ingame search for the "Music channel" in the Channel Search, and there IS a "Music channel". Obviously joining it didn't help 😄
  4. Where? Where EXACTLY are these found?
  5. What "Sound tab" and what "Options"? I see neither in the game menu (just like your screenshot), nor can I find a "Sound tab" in the base editor. This thread references "Music channel" several times. Where is it?
  6. That worked for the first one! Thank you 🙂 Where would I find a list of incarnate sounds?
  7. I've tried for two days to track down two sounds so I can silence them. It's driving me nuts 😞 They're both Incarnate abilities. The first is from Interface and is called Diamagnetic Radial Flawless Interface. When I hit a target, it begins this looping sound that lasts for approximately 8 seconds. The sound is accompanied by a golden glow around the target's torso. The second is from Hybrid and is called Melee Core Embodiment. The power emits a weird sonar sound around me. Can someone please help?
  8. You're welcome. It will suppress most FX. I wish it would suppress all 🙂
  9. I agree with the OP. Please add it as an option. In the meantime, I use the following - 1. click Menu 2. click Options 3. click Graphics and Audio tab 4. click Advanced Graphics Settings and change to Enabled 5. click Suppress When Close and change to Enabled 6. click Apply 7. type /suppressclosefxdist 99 in the chat bar and press Enter The number 99 can be anything you want, from 0-max camera distance. For reference, I found them at the links below. Hope that helps 🙂 https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/SuppressCloseFx_(Slash_Command) https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/SuppressCloseFxDist_(Slash_Command)
  10. Bump! Still looking for a way to get gold instead of red, blue, or purple. Thanks.
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