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  1. Have a bump. I would also like to know if this is possible.
  2. I would love to know how to do this. Anyone?
  3. After lengthy discussions with several GREAT people, I have decided to go through the portal. I can confirm the following - 1. My souvenirs from Praetorian story arcs DID carry over this time. 2. My Praetorian title DID carry over this time, HOWEVER... make sure you have your Praetorian title chosen (lvl 15 or lvl 25) BEFORE leaving Praetoria. I don't know if I will still have access to Praetorian titles at the Primal trainers, and I am NOT going to risk checking for fear of losing it this time.
  4. I really love the goldside content, and being of Praetorian alignment (Loyalist/Responsibility). In my opinion, the story arcs are very well-written, and I wish more people would experience them. Last week my lvl 20 character completed Provost Marchand's mission "The Rift Enclosure". I entered the portal to Paragon City and immediately lost the following - 1. access to all lvl 15 praetorian titles 2. access to all lvl 25 praetorian titles 3. mission progress with all praetorian contacts 4. all story arc souvenirs 5. my praetorian alignment They've been completely wiped, as if they never happened. I was so bummed out about it, that I rerolled the character. I spent 5 days playing from lvls 1-32 in Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, Neutropolis, First Ward, and Night Ward. It took 5 days because I had to play solo. Goldside is, unfortunately, a barren wasteland in regards to player population and there is no way for goldside characters to que for anything other than Summer Blockbuster. I haven't chosen to complete Provost Marchand's mission this time because I don't want to lose any of the above. After exhausting all of the content I had access to, I went to Pocket D and played some missions in AE. I am now sitting in Pocket D as a lvl 50 Praetorian with nothing to do. If I go through Marchand's portal, I lose all of the above. If I don't go through the portal, I can't do anything other than AE in Pocket D. I can't even go to Ouroboros and play content with the Flashback system. So I guess what I'm asking is, can we create a way for Praetorian characters to ignore Marchand's "The Rift Enclosure", keep their Praetorian alignment (Loyalist or Resistance), and have access to blue/red content like Vigilantes and Rogues can? Perhaps change the way the game recognizes Praetorian characters by allowing the following - 1. loyalist/responsibility are treated as vigilantes or heroes 2. loyalist/power are treated as rogues or villains 3. resistance/warden are treated as vigilantes or heroes 4. resistance/crusader are treated as rogues or villains My proposal would help address several issues. The first, not having all goldside characters content wiped when leaving Praetoria, and the second, allowing more integration with gold/blue/red players.
  5. Did you miss your dose of Superadine today?
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