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  1. Or a base. A lot of the public transport bases, as well as others opened to the public, have trainers, tailors and the like in them.
  2. Yes. Galaxy used to be a big RP focal point, and Echo sometimes does serve that as well. I've also seen others doing so in the other zones - and I'm not the only one with a character with a tie of some sort to the old DA.
  3. First, "easy to implement" is never a good thing to assume. Second, even if the zones were switched to PVP and nobody cared, there's one OTHER thing that would probably annoy people. PVP mechanics for powers *are different* from what they are in PVE in many cases. Hell, it's one of the reasons PVP withered after the changes implemented in i13. So not only would your proposed change keep people out who are absolutely opposed to PVP (and deprive us of zones where, for instance, people can hold RP events - Galaxy used to be a very popular event for that - because they don't want someone coming by and *starting fights* for the "fun" of disrupting events,) but even those who would otherwise not care would have zones where their powers operated differently.
  4. The way the comment reads rather implies a judgement on the players, which is why I found it rather irksome. If that was not the intent, I apologize. And as I mentioned earlier, this does not end exploring. Hell, I tend to go after nooks and crannies. As I said, it's an already existing mechanic. So, let's look at early missions. The Hollows. Last Wincott missions: get artifacts, get weapons from Outcasts. One has three glowies, one has five or six. You search, you get close, you hear them, fight whatever's close, click, done. Followed shortly by Flux. Second, third mission? Rescue officers from Trolls. Find 5 officers. Fight what's around them, done. (No escort, etc.) Free them, done. Pain to find sometimes, makes no noise. Explain to me, please. What's the difference between the two that's making one acceptable and one a threat for "significant impact?" Edit: To be clear, no this shouldn't be added to something where you have to fight someone. Having, say, Maelstrom start going "woo woo woo" when you have to find him in - I think it's a morality mission - would be silly, as would having ambushes do it. But when you're essentially treating the NPC as an object to find with no real other interaction, they're not hunting you, etc? It's a minor expansion on an existing mechanic. 'nother edit: As far as expanding, I should also point out we've gone from glowies making noise to adding a mechanic to (in theory) having the last one(s) show up visually on the map - when that works - years ago. As well as (in theory) the last enemy NPCs, though patrols can also make this wonky.
  5. You say you like "exploring" in the reply to Patti. This change does not keep you from exploring. It DOES, however, mean you don't have to go over the same part of the (potentially very large) map five, six, ten times trying to find ONE NPC tucked in a corner behind a door under a potted plant. I *highly* doubt you find that "enjoyable." This is not an "explorer versus rusher" issue. If anything, this would provide some consistency, as glowies *already do this.* Do you consider that ruining your "exploring?" Do you call the people who listen for glowies "brainless" as you did in your first post in here? Frankly, what you're trying to use as a counterargument doesn't give you a leg to stand on, given it's an already existing system in the game for an identical purpose.
  6. Origins are baked too deeply into character creation that they cannot be changed. They're one of four things (the others being AT, primary and secondary) that can't be changed. Also, while I wouldn't mind more tip missions, and some origin-related arcs and such, I honestly don't think I'd want "bonuses" for origins. Finding a way to mix them? Sure. Bonuses? I'd rather have them fit the character thematically, not be a "I am going to need +acc" or whatever.
  7. Ice armor's pretty cool as is, though I know some people have issues with the graphics. Don't think I've gotten one to 50 yet. Working on that.
  8. Another surprise pickup. Rad/rad brute. Ultraviolent Ray. Seems like an obvious play to me...
  9. No "shivan plagues" in Echo:Galaxy, please. Or dropships in the RCS. Atlas exists because it looks different, pre graphical update, and there are people who didn't like it. Want a quick example? Compare city hall old and new.
  10. Absolutely not, thanks. If it were hard to get into BB, Siren's, WB or RV because of the PVP population, you may have a point, but right now you'd just be giving more people who want nothing to *do* with PVP even *more* reason to avoid the zones. There's not enough of a PVP population to even entertain the thought of the idea of this. These zones may not be *heavily* used, but they are used. On top of it, we very specifically do *not* need a level 1-15 PVP zone. There's enough of a power disparity in BB with 15-25 (even ignoring the +5 levels of powers when exemping down.) We don't need someone getting their jollies messing with people that have all of 1-2 attacks and nothing (or TOs, which are essentially nothing) in them. (Note I don't call those people PVPers. THese would be the same people who used to enjoy teleporting people off tall buildings - thus the devs adding the "prompt teleport" prompt - or into guard towers, thus prompting a redesign with a back exit. These people are known as "asses.") Edit: To be clear, this is not coming from someone anti-PVP. I used to enjoy PVP, even if I didn't build for it. Some of my fondest memories of the game on live are things like my ma/regen stalker and a ma/regen scrapper fighting for a good 15 minutes straight and getting nowhere (it was amusing,) or my corr, another corruptor and a dom holding Siren's for a good while until there were just too many heroes, or - well, multiple things with my energy/energy brute. I could go on. Even here, I go into PVP zones expecting PVP. I've even gone in looking for it, burning time on (say) the Sirens "battles" and having nobody show up for a good hour and change during prime time. Even with that, I'm opposed to this idea.
  11. A, I really don't like Diablo III and the less in this game that's like that, the better. B, I'd much rather have control over my self-rez than have it automatically fire off, thanks. C, everyone seems to have something they decide is "the most useless power in the game," so do try to state it as opinion, not fact.
  12. *shrug* THere's nothing unplayable. If you want to play it, play it. You're not forced to take an XP booster. You're not forced to do alignment changes via Null instead of running the missions. As far as grinding specific content for costume pieces instead of having them at creation, or for Incarnate salvage, that being gone is a *huge* improvement. Play what you want, how you want. You don't "lose" if someone else fire-farms on 2xp to 50 in an hour or whatever. You don't "win" by taking 500 hours to do the same journey. You *win* by having the game available to play the way you want. The game gives you *choice,* not grind. This is not a bad thing.
  13. The negative side of that is for each bump up, they go *down* one level. (Part of why I find MMs such a *slog* from 18 to 24 - you have three -2 pets, one -1, and they die so easily...)
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