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  1. Getting sorted after a move. Down to one bigger screen and I'm not complaining. Ryzen 7 3700 Geforce GTX1080 (was going to be upgraded with this gen of cards, but... ha, yeah, right. Maybe next year.) 32 Gb RAM Gobs of storage.
  2. Are you talking about during Rikti invasions or on MSRs? Everlasting's MSRs tackle them constantly. There's beer on them thar ships...
  3. Thank you. That feels right. Regardless, PM'd Troo to try to ease things down. (Honestly, I usually think he's all right.)
  4. As I explained in an edit better than 10 minutes before you replied - dishonest wasn't the word I was looking for. I also stated in that I didn't think you were doing that out of malice. And nothing I've said here has been dishonest, so...
  5. All for the highlight idea, but this... dear god no. :D Broadcast going across all zones would just be chaos, with people not knowing how to use local, costume contests and the like using it, etc.
  6. More data points, though the question wasn't shot my way :) Honestly, I seem to remember gladiator matches being removed, or talked about being removed, at some point. Personally, I thought those were hilarious, but lost interest after a while. (I don't remember if some of the arena kiosk issues on live were part of why - "too much hassle" if not done right or not. It's been a long time.) Hadn't heard of the other idea, but it sounds sort of like a stripped down one I'd heard elsewhere where actions or missions affect control of a zone, mission availability inside..
  7. Explained in the post you're quoting. The way you phrased it was out-of-the-blue hostile. (Thus my comment "it sounds like you have a beef there.") Also, whether she phrased it like she was speaking for *all* PVPers... eh, debatable. I read it as general, you read it as absolute, from the sound of it. That's purely a subjective, personal read, and I get where you're coming from (I'll tend to counterexample when someone *does* blatantly do that if I feel the point is needed, IE "Nobody goes into Echo:DA for anything but badges or adamastor," I'd react to with "actually I have charac
  8. Asked for before, and I still agree it needs an overhaul or three.
  9. *raises hand to both of those* I go in there "organically" as I level, as well as after passing max level. Though I suppose I'm just a "Pv" since I essentially never see another "p" in there. Just as a data point.
  10. ... and to add a twist, you can have up to three builds with very different focuses on the same *character,* not just AT or powerset. My solo FF/* build is going to have power and pool selections (and slotting) much different from my teaming build. It may have more offense and more damage put into its attacks, for instance, while the team build may have fewer attacks and have the secondary effects given more emphasis, as well as different pool selections.
  11. But did it bring *more* in, even out of curiosity? Mind you, I'm not saying that was a waste of time - every segment of this community deserves attention, including new shinies (including maps.) I think it's as worthy of time as new costume pieces, new story arcs or anything else. But if the whole point is to draw more people into the PVP community and maps - preferrably to *want to PVP,* versus just get a new badge or something... well, I don't have the answer, honestly. We're not a FPS where a gun can be balanced against another gun. We can't even "balance" within an AT because t
  12. Well, we went from XP 1-50 to Physical/Psychic iXP (which IIRC were rewarded by different things, or we went from one to the other... it's been a while) to advanced IXP, so, yeah. After all, on live - more types of "stuff" to have to earn/unlock = more grind = more time paid for a sub. I'm all for dropping Shards for Threads, personally. Simplify the system more.
  13. Well, given you started out being hostile/disparaging to AA... ... can't exactly be read neutrally, after all. It honestly sounds like you have a preexisting beef there. And yes, there are some people I *do* expect to be able to accurately speak for a larger part of a section of the playerbase or a sort of playstyle. AA or macskull for PVP, for instance, or Veracor for raids/raid management/etc. Does it mean their statements should shut down discussion? No. But it also doesn't mean their general statements about a community should be dismissed as "absurd" statements. These
  14. Other than indom, I'd kind of see that "capture the flag" bit as a fast merit farm TBH. I can't think of the last time I actually ran across an enemy player in RV on Everlasting, even with going through a full from-nothing pillbox capture. Run from one side to the other ten times for 35 merits? Sure! If there's no cooldown (or even a short one - where I'd just do pillbox captures and get my pet,) I'd be fairly merit-rich in next to no time. Honestly, I don't think RV *needs* much, if anything, added. It's got the main "zone game" of trying to control the zone before inversion, whic
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