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  1. 15s are cheap as well, and better than 10s, plus worth holding on to into the 20s. 10-12 goes really quickly even without trying. And who needs to *buy* trainings? Unlike DO and SOs, they're not origin (or otherwise) restricted. One drops, use it or sell it. And I said the terminology could be confusing. I'd only ever heard ATo as the "AT Origin" enhancements, here or on live. I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to attuned enhancements that way - most of the time I hear them referred to, the person specifically says "Attuned."
  2. We'll have to agree to disagree on that, then. I don't think this community, as it's historically been, would tolerate that very long.
  3. Hmmm. Content. New, and revisiting some abandoned "because we want new people to make their own stuff" content (Blood of the Black STream comes to mind. Even if it's not an AT - since that's a lot more work - getting some payoff for all the Gadzul Oil hints, worldwide-computer (tying in to that eye of horus by the Oakes tanker,) etc. would be nice.) Graphical update, if possible. Redoing the engine behind everything is too much, I know, but more tweaks, updated costume options, etc. And fingers. If it ended up a "new new" server, importing the characters from here. I guess just "continual development" is kind of a given...
  4. How about cross-map bugs? Only one I can think of let you fly... I think it was from the edge of the PI map to Talos. Or maybe it was the other way around. Had to find the specific spot, though. (I think I had gotten outside the map a time or two, too...I seem to remember floating buildings beyond the War Walls.)
  5. On the flip side, I'd hate that. Wasn't a fan of the idea on live, not a fan of it here, and honestly haven't seen it as needed. Hmm. Wonder if I can find my old copypasta and see how relevant it would be... 🙂
  6. I think the reason people speed through them is having done them a few million times (plus Incarnate powers so often being just ridiculously over the top, especially in a group.) I'd be for this, since I don't think it'd be any *more* difficult than creating other story arcs (not saying that's easy - I don't have the toolset and the like, and we don't have dozens of new arcs currently, but still.) It would essentially be, what, Maria Jenkins 2.0.
  7. "I don't have them turned on." Besides, nobody's beholden to any specific group. If someone does that, one-star, leave team.
  8. Just because mention of showing up in someone else's mission brought this to mind. Over all the time we've had COH (live and here,) which ones stick in your mind? (I don't mean exploits like monkey farms and such. I mean actual bugs.) The one that brought this to mind: Newspaper missions. If you held on to them when a new issue dropped, especially as a lowbie, you could head into the mission only to find that "skullcracker" or whatever the boss used to be had turned into BOSS_NAME - and in my experience, was usually a highlevel storm elemental.
  9. I think it was a little later than that, actually. It was affecting paper missions as I recall (there was some discussion from people who wanted to make it a "feature" and hunt cross-alignment.)
  10. I think there are three types. There are two I know of, one easy to deal with, one... not. One type runs to where you are when it spawns - which is a very sensible ambush. "Evildude spotted in room 7! Get him!" Also can be easy to avoid - I've just stepped into a side hallway and watched them run by. (I *think* there's a type that waill run to wherever you've gone to when each wave spawns. So you get a trail of breadcrumb-ambushes behind you standing around.) The other one homes in on you regardless of stealth or movement. (Remember the Longbow Death-from-Above Eagle squads when heist missions were introduced?) These are just annoying and, for some characters, nonsensical, but... eh. I can't honestly say right offhand if/how they divide or who they go after, since it seems like (at least for TFs) they'll hit the first person in the zone instead of spreading out.
  11. I think it was Sean Mccann who was doing a lot of content at that time and was a *bit* multi-ambush crazy...
  12. I've actualy had characters go into fighting specifically for the attacks, not tough/weave. Personally, I like things having costs. Tough/weave can be quite powerful - forcing a pick of something else (which, really, just means you get to put slots elsewhere if you're not going to use it) to get there is perfectly fair to me. If tough or weave were available with no prerequisite, I'd want to see them nerfed somehow. Then again, I thought losing T9 crashes was a shame. *shrug*
  13. I'd go for this - as a self-exemp, rather than the invasion mechanics. Simplest way. Oh, if someone wants incentive, well, badges. (On top of the kill badges.)
  14. I just remember (a) the decidedly (and deservedly) negative feedback when some Epic (or was it just patron?) pools were tweaked after the fact back on live - and some of those changes were rolled back, and (b) how badly some things broke when the pools were updated on test (again on live.) If I remember right, it broke Kheldians and Dominators *badly.* Admitteldy both have slightly odd mechanics (both having essentially "click inherents," with form shifting and with Domination,) and I think that was the issue in general. I would not mind seeing TP getting the "reverse Mystic Flight" treatment. That would be useful. Flight getting a wind power? I think Wind would be broken. >.>
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