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  1. ... to the "engine," or a base game system (not "fix this AT this way, but to the game world or the way we see/interact with it,) what would you do? As tempting as multiple different selections might be, I think ... "environmental awareness and interaction." We have a *little* of this right now, with things like ice/water powers affecting (some) fires, but making this more widespread could be interesting. Have an Electric based character, with enemies happening to be in water? The results can be shocking... until an Ice character freezes that water, just by using their powers. (Or turns it to slush first, to freeze later.) Have a mission with an area lined by torches? You might think twice about using hurricane or gale close to them. (Then again, as shiny as some powers - or even auras - are, it might not be a problem. Fire armor characters, for instance, could light the way. Or just relight the torches.) More things could be destructible - perhaps with unwanted (or surprisingly wanted) consequences.
  2. Not sure why this would have to be P2W. Maybe just a /stuck2 command (for "I tried stuck and I'm still stuck") that just moves you randomly to a valid location in some short range.
  3. Though with that there may need to be a lower leg color/texture option (so pants/bottoms/etc don't just end suddenly) .. but yeah, these would be nice
  4. To be fair (did I mention not sleeping particularly?) they *did* raise the cap around then to 50... for villains. 🙂
  5. Having trouble tracking it down, but I'm fairly sure they did say that specifically on a few occasions, yes. That was their intent.
  6. Or, you know, this can just stop, you can take my post as it was intended and fairly clear about (again, pile on tending to indication multiple people - it's hard to be a pile of one - sounding like they're going after the OP versus discussion of the suggestion itself) and move on. Unless you really want to argue with me specifically, in which case I suggest we take it to PMs. Edit: Let me be *perfectly* clear on my intent here. Go out and get impressions on what the suggestions forum is like. It has a reputation of somewhere *to be avoided.* So when I'm seeing what looks like a thread go from "I like/don't like the suggestion" to "The OP is stupid/greedy/smells funny" (in other words, goes from the suggestion to the person and a pile on there,) I'm saying something. Period. Yes, I'm guilty of doing it myself at times. I'm working very hard at catching *myself* - or if I'm criticizing the OP for some reason (see a recent post to Purrfecshawn about how they were posting - and why they were getting certain responses) I'm trying to make it helpful to *reduce* misunderstandings or problems. I, for one, want this area of the forum *not* to have that reputation, *not* to be somewhere where, if someone suggests posting an idea, the reaction isn't "Ugh, there, no, never mind." And I, for one, would rather have us *self* regulating instead of having to have this forum considered a problem child for the GMs.
  7. Hmmm. I'd suggest re-reading the thread, because it doesn't sound like it starts with the OP. Tone is important. Whether it's tone you (generically) intend or not. Me, I'm saying something to *keep* GMs from getting involved. Because, as mentioned, this is starting to sound more "pile on the OP" than any discussion about their suggestion.
  8. That's not how it looks like things went when reading through this. (It also doesn't sound like English is the OP's first language, given some of the wording choices. It's also why I said "that's what it sounds like" in my reply to him.) I'm not a mod, but the tone of several of the last responses would definitely ... not be looked on kindly, I'd say. Thus my post. We went from talking about space to people basically calling the OP selfish, and have several pile-on posts that are just turning into an argument, not a discussion. I'm an ass. I'll freely admit it. I'm blunt. So, when I'm saying this is starting to look like an argument and personal attacks instead of having anything to do with the suggestion? ... Yeah.
  9. Have to keep the "no name" name. *nods* Not sure I'd use it - don't think I've ever had a concept for this - but I wouldn't argue with the set being there for people to use.
  10. Let's not turn this into a pile-on of the OP. Disagree (or agree, if you want) with the suggestion, but this is sounding more like "attacks on the poster." (And/or their PC.) He made a suggestion. That's what this is here for. He didn't have the information he has now. Whether the suggestion's good or bad, popular or unpopular (and the two are not the same,) no need to attack him - and that is where this is going, folks.
  11. I'm sure somebody will come up with a reason they only want 2 or 3 in some specific situation. (I pretty much don't use them as anything other than something to throw on the auction house.) About the only thing I'd do differently is, instead of having 5 copies of it, just do a +/- button, or series of dots on the bottom, to pick from 1-5. But that's just me. Don't take it as "nobody's interested" or that the idea needs to be improved. There are times that nobody really has anything to say to it, just reads it, says "yeah" to themselves and moves on. Not everyone who likes (or is indifferent to) it is going to comment or bother doing more than a like, if that. There's nothing much to argue with or refine here. It's just a simple, straightforward "hey, this," and that's fine too.
  12. I'd have to agree, if I want attention, I'll grab provoke. There are times enough that I *don't* want to pull attention from my minions - such as when you actually start playing a MM and have one weak minion sitting there. Not enough to really use bodyguard effectively, and *you* don't have any way to boost your survival. Plus there are attacks (I'm thinking necro specifically - if I'm using life drain, it's likely because I need health half the time, not aggro. Aggro would be the exact opposite of what I needed.) Necro attacks need ... many things, but this wouldn't hit the top 10 for me. At most, along these lines? Let them take taunt enhancements, but start out with no taunt itself. You want it as a ST that deliberately taunts, you put a taunt enhancement *in* it.
  13. Not to mention it leads to teams either not *knowing* what you bring - or expecting you to have things turned off that you find helpful and know how to use. Just bad ideas all around.
  14. I don't *think* Martial will fit the look you're going for, but it's been a while since I've looked at the animations. You may want to look at them (and the alternates) and see if it fits the feel for the character.
  15. They're different from the normal game experience we've probably all done to death. So it makes sense.
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