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  1. I'll never argue with anyone trying it. And hey, if more colors work - the whole thing's just meant to be fun anyway. All right. Sunday, palette switch time! (Also if anyone else sees palettes they think might be fun, or just themes to search on, give them a mention. ) Here we have... Sonic Deathmonkeys. Sounds like it should be a supergroup.
  2. So, double XP. Split between two people (since, as I recall, it did split the XP) so... XP. Do it with multiple people, they all level slower. It would be more efficient to bring them all on at once and just doorsit without a pact for ... what, an hour?
  3. With 2 being an option and 3 being ignorable if you don't want to do it, I don't have any real argument against it. I'd only argue against 2 being a forced change, which isn't what the OP is asking for.
  4. Redside would need a huge revamp. More zones. More paths. Some that completely skirt Arachnos. Less "We're evil so we're also grey and dingy." Redside needs fewer "You're a lackey (and possibly stupid)" storylines. Redside has the issue of making *far* too many assumptions about your character and their motivations. Honestly, even if something happened like, oh, "Redside gets 6x reward merits," someone would just switch, run the content giving the merits, and swap back. Also, some of the Arachnos maps are just ... annoying. The "reactor" map, especially, comes to mind - most annoying in a kill all to have this 50 story high, mostly empty space with just a few elevators here and there to deal with (and don't forget the few catwalks, almost all with long drops.) One of the reasons I avoid redside - and, blueside, Theiry's arc - is to avoid these maps. I'll take layer-cake-cave maps over these any day. Honestly, I don't think the "Hero takeover of Mercy" made things any better, either. (For much the same reason I don't really like the Arachnos presence in Faultline, but it's also... just sort of jumbled and not fun.) Personally, I think revamping Redside to try to get a bigger population woul dtake a *lot* of work - and you still wouldn't come close to matching blueside, because of one common refrain - people wanting to be *heroes.* I think you'd almost have to get a "redside underground hero" path going. Me, I don't mind being a villain sometimes - I just want more to do, and not as a lackey, dupe or sadist.
  5. Wouldn't Whirlwind without the spin just be... wind?
  6. If you're looking for comments or ideas - I'm not a build guy so I can pretty much say "Yep, that's a brute!" (assuming it is) 🙂 - you may want to put this down in the Brute forum.
  7. I don't know if they stack, but several are available elsewhere (plenty of jetpacks at P2W... I *think* the jump pack too? I'm forgetting the others.)
  8. More rewarding? You mean smashing up everything in sight isn't enough? 🙂 As far as SO enhancements - meh, but I believe you can get them *depending on side missions.* I think it's pretty much done for parity with blue side (who got theirs afterward, after all.) That said, some reward merits, a reward table, something like that would not (IMHO) be out of place - on either side.
  9. ... unless I'm recalling incorrectly, their Veng still has an AOE hole. Rikti drones, too.
  10. Greycat


    To be honest, I pretty much read this and went, "...ok, and?" Call them groucho, harpo and chico for all I care. Honestly I don't worry about what's on a team as long as the people aren't jerks.
  11. Major issue - this is a text environment. We don't have our usual social cues to tell someone's being snarky or whatnot. Humor falls flat. Things are worded badly. And everyone has their own internal, subjective meters for how something is posted. Example. Live forums, for some extremely frequently posted suggestions, I made up what came to be known as "copypastas." Even had a blurb in the beginning which stated, basically, "Hi, this is suggested a lot. This post is not meant as an insult, but to let everyone know what we know about this suggestion, such as dev comments, known issues, and common pros and cons." Some people still took them as insults or belittling them, which they weren't - if anything, cutting to "this is what we know, this is what we've been told, let's see if you have something to add" should have cut old arguments off at the knees. Other people took them as intended. (And yes, they did get modified with some discussions.) Basically, it's hard to state in many instances if the person actually is being passive-agressive in an attempt to troll or if it's the way (generic) you read them. It's hard to come up with an objective proof that can be used.
  12. I still do that on occasion.
  13. Nope. THat's the binder, you can tell by the "tabs" on the side. Plus the original book was almost entirely black and white. Mine's due to arrive monday. I'll end up posting the faultline entry for the sake of general interest.
  14. I'm kind of doubting the "large teams of players to group together," at least here, and for more than a brief run. I also don't think having new content geared towards it, *here,* would be wise given limited resources - we've got a small pool of volunteers, after all. Honestly, as a "setting" in the middle of Homecoming, I just don't see it flying.
  15. But is that from the Prima *binder* or the older *book?* I think they took out references to the zone being a trial zone in the binder, since the book was being written pre-release and it hadn't been removed from the idea for the zone yet.
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