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  1. ... God, I haven't been in Aion in years. I think I'm in the "I probably wouldn't use it, but I'd be for it" camp. (Especially with how some of my ranged characters are - seeing them reading while casually firing off a blast with one hand would be amusing.)
  2. Oh god, please no. I enjoy running characters through the Hollows. This would make me avoid it like the plague. If there was *any* consideration given for "Where should we put permanent events," I would sincerely hope they'd do the sensible thing and *put them as echo-type zones in Ouro.* Or use Null. Ouro would make more sense.
  3. ... heck is a CharOper? Sounds like one of those newfangled Pokey-mons. Now git off my lawn! *waves cane.* Also this just sounds like rumor to me. I can go through right *now* and make enemy groups that are a royal pain to fight, even without being "all bosses" (anyone want to fight a group that's 100% Time using?) I can also make mobs that are complete creampuffs. Yeah. To my ear this sounds like a "Punish the farmers" rumor going around somewhere.
  4. Are you counting characters or players? The two are quite different. I'm one player with several pages of characters - should that give my preferences more weight when it comes to creating content? (Your choices for answer here are "No" or "Hell No.") Want to create some roge/vig content for level 5? Great! More Incarnate content? Go for it! New Redside content? Yes, please! More Blue or gold? Yep! I will not turn more content down, regardless of the range, even if I can't play it yet for whatever reason. The only time "Add more content" has been annoying to me was when Incarnates came out and the devs sounded like they hadn't considered having a non-trial path to build them up.
  5. Good people to play with. Decent RP that lets players build off/play off of each other. Not asking me to lead it.
  6. Skimmed a little. Personally, my reactions to this are: 1. Ship's sailed. Ship's saIled, docked elsewhere, picked up more passengers, been around the world several times over and had major maintenance twice. 2. If it had been up to me, yes, Alpha would be at full power regardless, the other powers only at "full" power in Incarnate content and still-there-but-less-powerful in 45-50 (more recharge, lower damage, etc.) so you still have *something* but it's not as nuts as it became. 3. Any changes now would have to be done *very* carefully and I think would still result in an increase in pitchfork sales. I'm also, as I've mentioned before, part of the probably small crowd that misses crashing Tier9s and the like. I *like* "Extreme power comes with a cost" versus "Perma all the things!" I don't have a permadom, perma-lightform, perma-anything, and didn't on live. I remember a bunch of the stuff speed-run now actually being challenges, and kind of miss it. But the game now is the way it is, I play the way I play, and if others are playing a way I don't find enjoyable, I'll thank 'em for the team and move on.
  7. I made one once. Deli owner in FF whose business went south after Devouring Earth attacks. Hammy Don's Deli just couldn't last long after that...
  8. Character slots? Sure. AE story arc slots? Sure. Enhancement slots? No. Besides, it would probably break something silly, like suddenly trying to use Brawl makes you fall down.
  9. Personally, I'd be fine with a "less invisible" stealth. I probably wouldn't use it, but I *would* want to be able to see that one of my teammates is "stealthy" (see also "Don't follow the stalker.") That's pretty much the only balance I'd be concerned about with it (balance between "I want to see my costume" and "show I'm invisible/stealthy," that is.)
  10. Something learned: My notebook, at half and across the room, is louder doing this than my desktop two feet from me...
  11. So how much of a reduction in strength are you willing to give for that big of a cut in recharge?
  12. The ship on these incarnate powers sailed *Long* ago. Personally, I think after Alpha they should've been much lower powered outside of Incarnate content, but... *shrug* It is what it is, and 5 minute ITFs are a norm.
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